Whatever It Takes

Chapter 18

The next day back at Bethesda Hospital in Washington D.C…

Jackson had left the hospital about nine hours ago to get some sleep, while Ducky and Abby came back to watch over Tony. Jackson just returned and began to head down the hallway leading to Tony's room. As he did, he saw a man in a dark jacket and baseball cap walking from the other direction and stop right in front of the security officers with a gun pointing straight at them.

Jackson stopped and watched as the man with the gun ordered the security officers to lower their weapons and walk slowly into Tony's room. Jackson was about to run back to the desk around the corner when he saw one of the security officers walk right back out and run down the hall toward him and the desk, as he called for help over his radio.

As he finally reached the room, Jackson found the second officer bending over the man in the cap and jacket, who was now lying face down with his hands cuffed behind his back. Ducky was standing next to Tony's bed, consoling Abby as she cried softly on the doctor's shoulder.

"What on earth happened," Jackson asked?

"Oh, Mr. Gibbs, it is just awful," Abby replied as she turned toward Gibbs' father. "I just knocked this creep out as he tried to kill Tony. It is terrible! I can't believe another person just tried. When is this going to end? Tony doesn't deserve this. If I hadn't have walked out of the bathroom when I did, Tony and Ducky would have been dead now. I could have been too late."

Ducky responded, "Abigail, slow down. Tony is all right and so are the rest of us. You did well."

Jackson said, "I can't believe that this man was crazy enough to walk into a hospital room guarded by two security officers to try to kill a federal agent. Why would he do that?"

"The human mind is a puzzle," Ducky responded. "The greed for money can sometimes overpower a man's common sense."

Just then, the other security officer ran back into the room, followed by Dr. Pitt, who ran over to where Tony lay on the bed and with Ducky's help, checked Tony's vitals and made sure that all of the machines were still working properly.

Dr. Pitt turned to Ducky, Abby, and Jackson and said, "Thank goodness you all were here. It looks like this man didn't even have a chance. What happened?"

"I hit the guy with the plunger from the bathroom," Abby answered. "I heard a voice order the security guards to walk slowly into the room and to get down on the floor. I knew that I needed to do something, or whoever this guy is would have killed Tony. So, I grabbed the plunger, came out of the bathroom behind the guy and hit him with the plunger. The security guards finished him off. You're going to prison for the rest of your life, you scumbag!"

About an hour later, Gibbs, Ziva, McGee, and Director Vance walked into Tony's room to find Jackson reading a book out loud, while Ducky, Jimmy, and Abby listened. They saw the four of them sitting on both sides of Tony's bed. Abby jumped up and wrapped her arms around Gibbs, who hugged her back. Then, she quickly did the same to Ziva and McGee, who responded in the same manner.

"How is Tony doing, Ducky," asked Gibbs? "Is he going to be all right?"

"He has made it for almost three days," Ducky replied. "But, I am afraid he is not any better than before. However, he is certainly fighting it like he did years ago. Dr. Pitt put him into a medically induced coma to help with the pain so that he can get more rest than what he was getting. I still can't tell you if he'll be ok yet. I'm sorry."

Everyone looked down at Tony, who was in a very uncomfortable sleep. His lips and finger tips were blue, his eyes were closed tightly as if in pain, and his body trembled as it fought through the raging fever. He looked terrible.

Abby looked at Gibbs in the eyes and asked, "Did you get Prince Sayif, Gibbs? Please tell me you got him."

McGee answered first saying, "We got him Abs. He will go to prison for the rest of his life, along with Tony's father and everyone else who tried to kill him. They are already on their way to their new homes. We just have one more person to track down."

"Who else is involved," Jimmy asked? "How many people are really involved?"

"Trent Kort was the one who Sayif hired to kill Tony and Frank," Gibbs said. Apparently, Kort owed Sayif a favor and asked him to finish the job. Kort told him that he killed Frank and then killed Tony, but instead he left him to die slowly and painfully; revenge for whatever happened between them during the La Grenouille disaster."

Director Vance responded, "I have already contacted SecNav to see about locating Kort, but as I am sure you all know, Kort will not be easy to find and it won't be easy to convict him for murder and whatever other charge we can stick him with for leaving Agent DiNozzo alone."

"We already know that," Gibbs replied. "It doesn't mean that we aren't going to do everything we can to do so, though. I want his head."

"We'll do what we can," Vance responded. "By the way, the head of the Baltimore Police Department stepped down after getting pressure put on him from many sides. One of the detectives who joined you in the search, Garrett Swint, is the new captain as of a few hours ago."

Gibbs looked at the director and said, "Thank you, Leon. Detective Swint deserved it for what he did."

After the director left the room, Abby walked over to Gibbs and said, "You will find Kort and make him pay for hurting Tony, won't you Gibbs?"

"Yes, Abby," Gibbs answered. "I promise you, I will no matter what happens."

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