Whatever It Takes

Chapter 20

Four weeks later…

"Agent Gibbs, is it true that Agent Anthony DiNozzo had a contract put on his head," a defense lawyer asked the NCIS agent on the stand inside a courtroom?

"Yes, as I have mentioned before, Prince Sayif Ibn Alwaan was the man who put the contract on is head," Gibbs answered. "If you are going to ask why Anthony DiNozzo Sr. is sitting in that seat, it's because he is the one created this entire mess. He stole…"

DiNozzo Sr.'s lawyer interrupted, "Please just stick to my questions, Agent Gibbs. Now, is it true that you here to testify against my client on behalf of his son, regarding the indirect attempted manslaughter charge against him?"

Gibbs replied, "Yes. Mr. DiNozzo was indirectly responsible for my agent nearly getting killed three times, then being kidnapped and left to die in a cold, dark, filthy sewer for almost four days. Because of that, Tony once again came very close to dying from a relapse of the pneumonic plague. DiNozzo Sr. found out about his son being kidnapped and failed to report it to anyone. We were lucky that we found Agent DiNozzo in time to save his life. If we didn't, we would have had to bury him and your client would be facing a manslaughter charge instead. Although, I would have fought for the charge to have been murder instead."

"So Agent Gibbs, you admit that my client had no idea until days later that his son was in any danger," the defense lawyer asked?

"You heard what I said and so did the jury," Gibbs said. "Your client belongs in prison for the rest of his life. He is after all being charged for a number of other crimes as well."

The lawyer replied, "Yes, I am aware. If I may be bold, why isn't Agent DiNozzo here to testify himself? From what I understand, he has been home over a week now, am I right?"

The prosecutor cut in saying, "Objection, Your Honor!"

"Does he disagree with sending his father to prison, or is he too much of a coward to face his father after trying to charge him with this ridiculous crime," the lawyer finished.

Gibbs stood up with fire in his eyes and was about to yell at the man who stood in front of him for the things he just said about Tony, until suddenly someone else spoke up before he could. Gibbs became worried, but also very impressed with his agent, who slowly approached the front of the courtroom with help from Ziva.

"I don't disagree with sending my father to prison, Your Honor," Tony said as he reached the front of the room. "And I am not a coward to face him either. My father's actions, not only put my life at risk, but also those of my team. He shamed Prince Omar and his family when he conned them out of a lot money for a new business, which never took off. My father stole from them after they graciously invited him into their home. I do not condone Prince Sayif's actions, but I do not blame him for being angry with my father. This is not the first time my father allowed his cons to become out of control either. He deserves to be punished for the pain he has caused."

Gibbs and the rest of his team, as well as the Director, all smiled when Tony finished speaking. Tony looked away from the judge and jury to look at his father sitting down in the defendant's chair. The man looked angry, but Tony knew he was doing the right thing. Gibbs was right. His father needed to be stopped from doing something like this again.

The prosecutor smiled as well when he looked over to see the disappointment on the defense lawyer's face. He knew that the man had just realized that he had just lost his case. Neither one of them was expecting Agent DiNozzo to walk in, but the Prosecutor was glad that he had.

"Thank you, Agent DiNozzo, for your comments," the judge said after a few minutes. "Do you have anything else you would like to add?"

"No, Your Honor," Tony replied as he began to feel dizzy and lifted his hand to the bridge of his nose. "I don't… I…"

Before he could finish, Tony suddenly collapsed and Gibbs ran over to him, as did the rest of his team. Gibbs knelt down and placed the upper half of Tony's body across his lap, while Ducky knelt down on his other side to look him over. Tony lifted his hand to his head again and then looked into the eyes of his friends.

"I am sorry, Gibbs," Ziva said. "I know that I was supposed to make sure he was at home resting, but he insisted that he needed to be here. He said he was all right."

"Tony always says he's fine, no matter how he really feels," Gibbs responded as he looked up at Ziva. "You know that."

Tony lowered his hand and replied, "Don't be angry with her, Boss. I asked her to bring me here. I threatened her I'd quote Napoleon Dynamite over and over until she did. She hates it when I do that."

Gibbs laughed as he turned to Ducky and asked, "How is he Ducky?"

"He will be fine as long as he gets the rest that he needs," the doctor answered. "He just overworked himself. I suggest someone brings him back home, or better yet, it may be a good idea for him to stay with someone who will actually make him rest. I doubt he will do it on his own."

"DiNozzo, you're staying at my place until you're better," Gibbs replied.

"But, Boss, I…" Tony started.

"No buts, DiNozzo," Gibbs cut in. "I'd give you a head slap if it weren't for you feeling like crap, but know that I will if you don't listen to us from now on. Now, up you go. Tim, Ziva, I want the two of you to escort Tony and Ducky there. Abby and Palmer, you should go with them. I will be home as soon as I am done here."

Everyone nodded as they helped Tony stand and Abby replied, "Sure thing, Boss Man!"

Gibbs watched as they all left the courtroom and turned back to the judge, who then asked the agent to take his seat back on the stand. Gibbs did so and then returned to his seat behind the prosecutor's chair to wait for the jury's verdict.

About three hours later, Gibbs and Director Vance walked in to find Ziva, Tim, Abby, Ducky, and Jimmy sitting down eating pizza. They turned to look at Gibbs, who nodded and walked into his guest bedroom where he figured Tony was resting. Tony was lying down on the bed, but Gibbs could tell that he was not asleep.

"Did the jury decide what was going to happen to my dad," he asked as Gibbs sat down on the edge of his bed?

"Yeah, Tony," Gibbs answered. "They found him guilty on all charges because you were brave enough to tell the truth. Your father will be in prison for the rest of his life. I'm proud of you, Anthony; as I always have been."

Tony looked away and replied, "Thanks, Boss."

Gibbs nodded and asked, "Did you have some pizza with everyone already?"

"Nah," Tony responded. "I'm not exactly hungry. Not even for pizza. Who would've thought?"

"You're going to be back to normal in no time," Gibbs said. "And once you are back at work, you need to try not to get sick again. Ducky said that your lungs are even weaker than they were before."

Tony looked at his boss again and begged, "Gibbs, please don't take me off of being senior field agent. This job is all I have. You guys are all I have. Please!"

Gibbs answered, "Tony, you're the best young agent I have ever worked with. I told your father so the first time we met. I don't plan on taking you off of my team or demoting you. I'm not going to allow Vance to do it either. However, you need to make sure that you don't take as many risks. I won't lose you."

"Thank you, Gibbs," Tony said as he smiled at the man who was his mentor. "Can I call you Leroy or Jethro like Ducky?"

"Not in this lifetime, Tony," Gibbs responded. "It's good to have you back!"

Gibbs patted Tony on his legs, stood up, and walked out of the room. Tony rolled over and fell asleep a few minutes later. Gibbs walked back out to into the kitchen, pulled out a beer from his fridge for everyone, and sat down. Things were finally starting to get back as it once was. Even though he had a father, Gibbs had no one else besides his team. Tony was right that they were all a family and he intended to do whatever it took to make sure that they stayed that way.

The End

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