Whatever It Takes

Chapter 3

Back at the Navy base…

Once they arrived back at the base, Gibbs told McGee and Ziva to bring Abby the evidence that they collected from the crime scene. He told Tony to follow Ducky and Palmer down to autopsy to get his arm looked at and taken care of. Tony tried to make excuses for not doing so, but Gibbs made it an order. Tony never turned down an order from him, except for when Tony felt that his boss' life was at stake.

Gibbs never liked to involve other people in his problems, just like the time that he went off alone to save Maddie, his daughter's best friend. If it weren't for Tony, he'd be dead because he was too proud to involve his team. This was one trait he had instilled in Tony that he wasn't so proud of. Tony was just as self-sacrificing.

Gibbs walked through the bullpen and up to the Director's office to let him know what happened. As he did, Vance pulled the toothpick from out of his mouth and stood up to face Gibbs.

He spoke up saying, "Do you think that the shooting has something to do with the Governor candidate wanting to keep his affair a secret? If word got out, then it would ruin his political career."

Gibbs answered, "I'm not really sure if it is or not, but before the shooting happened, I was planning on taking DiNozzo to go question him."

"Even though I warned you not to this morning," Vance asked?

"I think you knew that I would do it anyway, Leon," Gibbs replied with a smirk on his face. "I understand discretion, but I do whatever it takes to bring down a killer. I don't care about a person's political career. If he didn't want to screw it up, he shouldn't have been sneaking around having affairs in the first place. He screwed it up himself."

Vance nodded and said, "I agree. Try to keep it discreet, but do what you have to do. For the record, I did know you planned on questioning him anyway. I just needed to give you the warning in order to save myself in case this gets out of control. By the way, how is DiNozzo?"

As Gibbs was about to leave the room, he responded, "He'll be just fine. His shoulder was only grazed. I'm still going to take him with me when he is finished being checked out by Ducky."

Vance replied, "Very good. Keep me in the loop."

Gibbs walked out of the Director's office and down to autopsy to check on Tony and then talk to Ducky. Gibbs sensed that something was bothering Tony and wanted to see if Ducky knew what it possibly could be. Ducky was more in tune with sensing people when they were troubled. He doubted that Tony would tell him.


As Ziva and McGee entered the forensics lab, loud, heavy metal music was blaring as usual. Abby was hunched over one of her machines trying to get it to work. McGee stepped up next to her and tapped her lightly on her back. As he did so, she spun around and smacked him on his shoulder.

"Timmy, don't sneak up on me like that," Abby said in a surprised voice as she quickly turned down her music. "You know better. What do you have for me today?"

"Sorry, Abby," Tim replied. "I was only trying to get your attention. We have some evidence from a crime scene for you to take a look at. It is kind of important that it gets analyzed as soon as possible. Whoever killed this petty officer, just tried to kill us as well and Gibbs is on the warpath."

Abby cried, "What do you mean somebody just tried to kill you guys, McGee? Are you all alright? Why didn't you tell me?"

McGee stuttered as he answered, "Uh, I just did tell you Abs. We are all fine. Gibbs is just on edge and angry. You know how he gets when this happens."

"Then, why is there blood on your shirt," the Goth asked as she looked at Ziva? "Were you hit, Ziva?"

"No, the blood is not mine," Ziva said. "It's Tony's. Do not worry, he is fine as Tim said he was. A bullet just skimmed his arm. There was only a little bit of blood. I suppose it got on me when I checked him out."

Both Abby and McGee chuckled as she said that and McGee replied, "I think you mean when you checked his wound out."

Ziva nodded and responded, "Yes, that is what I mean. Besides, I checked Tony out when we first met and I was not impressed. I also checked out McGee. I was not impressed by you, either."

"Very funny," McGee said as he turned back to Abby. "Let me know if you need help with your machine."

Abby and Ziva laughed together as McGee left the room and Ziva quickly ran after him to catch up. Abby turned back to her computer to finish fixing it so that she could begin on the evidence.

In Ducky's lab…

Gibbs walked in and over to where Tony was sitting on one of the slabs in the middle of the room, getting his arm looked at by Ducky. Apparently, the bullet grazed his arm bad enough for him to need a few stitches, but it definitely wasn't serious by any means.

"I told you that I was fine, Gibbs," Tony said. "It is just a few stitches. No big deal."

"This may not be serious, young man, but you mustn't think that just because you are fine now, it means that you do not have to take it easy," Ducky replied before Gibbs could.

Tony jumped down from the table and answered, "Relax, Ducky. I'm not going to do anything stupid. Besides, Gibbs and I are only going to question a witness, or a suspect. The manager of the motel said that the politician was a regular there and had been staying in that room for a few days already. The petty officer may have been the husband or boyfriend of the stripper."

Tony left the room as Gibbs walked up to Ducky and asked, "Hey Duck, have you noticed anything strange about how Tony's been acting lately?"

"You mean, have I noticed that he seems to be a bit nervous and comes back to the office after everyone goes home," Ducky answered? "My answer is yes. He is not getting much sleep either. Something is troubling the poor lad."

"What can I do," Gibbs asked as he sighed? "You know Tony as well as I do. He won't tell me the truth about what is bothering him. I've rubbed off my weaknesses onto him."

Ducky responded, "Just be patient with him, Jethro. He just needs you to be there for him when he falls. He will tell you when he is ready.

Gibbs nodded and thanked Ducky as he walked out of the room and followed Tony back up to the bullpen. After a few minutes, they were both back in Gibbs' car and on their way to go see Roger Timmons, candidate for the new Governor of Maryland.

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