Whatever It Takes

Chapter 6

Whatever It Takes

Chapter Six

Back at NCIS…

Gibbs watched as Ziva and Tim brought their suspect, Gary Finch, past his desk and down to their interrogation rooms. He stood up and followed after them. As they stepped out of the room they had placed him in, Gibbs nodded at them and entered the room, staring at the man who looked angry to have been pulled from his home.

Gibbs sat down in front of him and began the interrogation by saying, "So, Gary, I am assuming that you know why you're here. Am I right?"

Gary replied, "I don't know what you are talking about. I have nothing to say to you."

"We found your fingerprints on the bullets that you shot at one of my agents and then at the rest of us as we came out of the motel," Gibbs responded. "We know that it was you because you were pretty sloppy. My question to you is why? Why did you return to the scene of the crime to shoot at my agents? Did you forget something in the motel room after you finished killing the petty officer?"

"Killing the petty officer," Finch replied with a very confused look on his face? "What are you talking about? I didn't kill anyone. Not yet anyway. I followed you guys to the crime scene this morning. I don't know anything about some soldier being killed at a motel room; I swear."

Gibbs looked at him for any sign of deceit and realized he was telling the truth. Gibbs has seen this look on a number of men and women who have been pulled into this room when they are asked why they killed someone.

Gibbs spoke again as he asked, "So, then why were you following us and why did you want to kill us? You don't seem to be a person capable of killing four NCIS agents and certainly not alone."

Finch answered, "I didn't follow you to kill all of you. I was only there to kill Tony DiNozzo. I only shot back at the rest of you so that I could run away while you were taking cover."

"Why were you there to kill Agent DiNozzo," Gibbs asked as he grew much angrier knowing someone was trying to kill one of his agents, again?

"Because if I was successful, I would have been rich," Finch responded. "I'm not the first person who's tried to kill him. There have been other attempts, but they have all failed. He isn't easy to kill."

As their shooter revealed that Tony's life was in danger, Ziva quickly pulled out her cell phone and dialed his number. However, his phone went straight to voicemail. She looked over at McGee, who also had pulled out his phone and was working on calling his partner too. Like Ziva, he had no luck reaching him. They turned back to the window, as they watched Gibbs stand over Finch and pull him close to his face by his shirt.

Gibbs replied, "Who put the contract out on Tony's life and why? Answer me right now!"

Finch answered, "I don't know who wants your agent dead, I swear to you. I didn't see the man's face and he certainly didn't give me a name. I only know that I wasn't the only one hired. A couple of others were too."

Gibbs shoved Finch against the wall and rushed out of the room. He met up with both Ziva and McGee in the hallway and the three of them ran to the elevator, hoping to get to Tony before his life is put in further jeopardy.

As they did so, Ziva said, "McGee and I both tried to call Tony. He is not answering. It is possible that he is sound asleep and unable to hear the phone ring."

"No, Tony hasn't been sleeping well lately," Gibbs replied. "He's been attacked before, which explains why he's been coming into the office. It was the only place he felt safe and I forced him to go home."

"Why didn't Tony tell us he was in trouble," McGee asked? "I mean, we're his friends and it's our job to look after each other."

As they got out of the elevator and entered the parking garage, Gibbs responded, "Because Tony has been blaming himself for the strain that has been put on the team since Jenny's death, especially with what happened to Ziva in Africa. Tony didn't want to risk something else bad happening to us because of him."

Ziva stopped dead as Gibbs said this and said, "I thought I made it clear that I was the one who was wrong for what happened between him and Michael. I do not blame him."

As Gibbs pulled her to the car and the three of them got in and sped off to Tony's, Gibbs answered, "You know how Tony is, Ziva. We all do. He doesn't forgive himself very well, no matter how hard people try to reassure him things are not his fault. A part of him blamed himself for Kate's death."

"Kate was killed by Ari, who had targeted her from the very beginning," Tim said. "Even if he could have seen Ari on the roof and taken that bullet for her, Ari would have killed her eventually. Tony has nothing to blame himself for."

As the three agents arrived at Tony's apartment, they saw that the lights were off and his car was parked in the driveway. Gibbs had a sinking feeling that they may already be too late and that was not something he was ready to face.

As they got out of the car, the three of them pulled out their guns and stepped up to the door. Gibbs kicked the door in and as he turned on the lights, they all saw that a major struggle had taken place. Tony's living room was trashed and practically every piece of furniture was broken. Gibbs called out for Tony as they searched his apartment. He was nowhere to be found.

Tony was missing, which meant that whoever it was that broke in, came here to kidnap Tony and not kill him. This gave them hope that they would be able to find him in time to save him.

"Why would someone want to kill Tony so badly, that they would hire multiple people to do it until the job is done properly," Ziva asked? "And after more than one shot at trying to kill him, why kidnap him now?"

"I don't know, but we are going to find him, whatever it takes," Gibbs answered. "Tony will give them hell, which will buy us the time we need. Whoever is responsible for putting a contract on Tony, will not live to see a prison cell if he dies."

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