Whatever It Takes

Chapter 7

When Tony awoke, he found himself in a room that was similar to the one where the bartender Vanessa had put him when he dug into the disappearance of Marine Sergeant, Bill Atlas years ago. It was definitely in another sewer. The room was dark, wet, and it smelled awful.

Tony was hanging from the ceiling of the room, his arms tied directly above him to the pipe that ran through two of the walls. His bare feet hardly touched the ground. Tony didn't remember removing his shoes or his jacket when he entered his apartment, which meant that whoever took him, removed them. Maybe they wanted him to freeze to death. If he stayed in this room, that is exactly what will happen to him.

His head was aching from when his kidnapper hit him over the head. The coldness of the room was eventually going to affect his lungs and bring back the pain from when he had the plague. It terrified him to go through that again. He was lucky that diving in the river twice to save Gibbs and Maddie that day at the docks didn't affect his lungs. He's escaped death dozens of times. Eventually, his luck was going to run out.

Tony struggled to get loose from the cords that bound his hands, but it didn't do him any good. They were too tight and the pipe wasn't going to budge either. He was in serious trouble and his team wouldn't discover that he was even missing until tomorrow. Tony allowed his head to drop down on his chest as he once again lost consciousness.

Back at Tony's apartment….

The forensics team had been searching Tony's apartment for clues that would lead them to whomever it was that took Special Agent DiNozzo for about an hour now. So far, they found nothing that would help them out right away. They found blood on the floor, as well as on some of the broken furniture, but they would have to run blood tests to figure out if it belonged to Tony, or one of his abductors.

Gibbs, Ziva, and McGee did as they usually did, as if it were a normal crime scene. McGee concentrated on taking the pictures of the scene, while Ziva bagged and tagged the evidence. Gibbs searched through the apartment, hoping to find something that might explain why someone would want to kidnap Tony, but so far nothing was coming up and when Gibbs looked at the mess that was made, the angrier that he got.

A few minutes later, someone walked into Tony's apartment that Gibbs did not expect to see; Agent Fornell. Gibbs stopped searching and walked over to his friend from the FBI. McGee and Ziva followed after them as they all exited the apartment.

Gibbs looked at him and asked, "Tobias, what are you doing here?"

The agent replied, "We've been building a case against a man by the name of Rich Conway for a number of crimes from robbery to murder. We finally caught up to the man an hour ago as he checked himself into the hospital for a concussion, broken ribs, and a broken arm. When I asked him what happened to him, he claimed that some crazy guy attacked him. Eventually, I got the truth from him. He and a buddy of his attacked and kidnapped Agent DiNutzo. I came here right away. I am sorry that we couldn't find Conway earlier."

"I take it that the reason why you are here and not wherever these men took Tony is because they refuse to tell you anything else," Gibbs said.

Fornell said, "I'm afraid so. I'm sorry about your man, Jethro. I take it that you want to work together on this investigation then, am I right?"

Gibbs nodded and answered, "We can work together, but NCIS is now calling the shots, seeing as it is Tony who's in trouble. His life is first priority. I hope you got plenty of sleep in the last few days."

Tobias showed a small smile and replied, "Don't worry about me. I know what it takes to find a missing agent. I'll keep up. Now, did you want to talk to Conway? Maybe you can get something out of him that I couldn't."

"I do," said Gibbs. "Is he still at the hospital, or did you already escort him to your office?"

"He's still in the hospital," Tobias answered. "Your man busted him up pretty good."

"At least Tony didn't make it easy on the scumbags," McGee responded. "Good for him."

Gibbs grinned as the four of them left Tony's apartment and headed to the hospital. When they entered the room where Rich Conway was handcuffed to the hospital bed, Gibbs and Fornell were the ones who stepped up to the bed first. Ziva and McGee went around to the left side of the bed and waited for Gibbs to begin the interrogation.

Conway just starred at each of the agents until he focused on Gibbs, who began to talk saying, "We know that you are partly responsible for kidnapping Tony DiNozzo. I want to know who it was that hired you and where you and your buddy took him."

Conway turned away from the agents stares as he replied, "I am not going to tell you anything. I want a lawyer. You can't treat me this way!"

"The man you kidnapped is a special agent," Gibbs responded. "I can treat you whatever way I want to. Tell me where he is, now!"

"I don't know where he is," Conway answered. "Frank dropped me off here and drove off on his own, taking your man with him. He never told me where we were planning on taking him. He didn't trust me too much, so he kept the hideout a secret."

Ziva asked, "Who hired the two of you to kidnap Tony?"

Rich replied, "I don't know who it was. Neither did Frank, but we weren't actually hired to kidnap your man. We were hired to kill him for ten thousand dollars, as were a bunch of other people. However, Frank got greedy and came up with a plan to get more money from the mystery man. Frank figured that since the guy wants Agent DiNozzo dead badly enough to hire whoever can get the job done, that we would blackmail him into paying us even more money to finish the job."

"How did you plan on contacting the man who hired you," Fornell asked? "Did he leave you a contact number to reach him at?"

"When you find Frank, you'll have to ask him," Conway responded. "I was only hired by Frank after he was contacted by our employer; I swear."

Gibbs reached down and tightened the cuffs around Conway's wrists and then turned to walk out of the room. Fornell, Ziva, and McGee followed after him as they all left the hospital and headed back to the base. Thankfully the ones who were successful in carrying through with the contract, decided to keep Tony alive long enough to get more money to finish the job. Gibbs wasn't sure if he should be comforted by that or not. He had no idea what kind of man this Frank is.

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