Whatever It Takes

Chapter 9

Gibbs, Fornell, and McGee were all starring at the facts on the screen inside the bullpen, as McGee used his computer to bring up Rich Conway's background information. Gibbs had ordered both McGee to check him out and find anything that would lead them to who this Frank was; Conway's partner. They searched through his phone and bank records, his DMV information, as well as his school information. McGee also found that Conway had a criminal record, which wasn't surprising since the FBI wanted him for several recent crimes.

Director Vance walked down the stairs from his office and joined his agents and Agent Fornell in the search as he said, "Jethro, after we got word that DiNozzo was taken, I assigned Petty Officer, Tom Willey's death to another team so that you three can focus on finding your man. I am now free to help you in any way that I can."

As Gibbs was about to respond, Ziva suddenly ran into the bullpen and said, "I think that I just found Frank. If it is the same man, his name is Frank Jefferson. When he was eighteen, he tried to enlist in the Marines, but was denied because he had too much of a temper. Years later, he was arrested for allegedly shooting two employers he had within one month. However, he was never convicted because the prosecutor and police could not find enough evidence to link the deaths to him. Frank learned how to become a sniper from a gun club here in DC."

"What makes you think that this is the same Frank who kidnapped Tony," McGee asked?

"Because, when I found out that he went to this gun club, I called to see if there was anyone whom he meets up with regularly and he does, Rich Conway," Ziva replied.

Fornell nodded and responded, "So, these two friends went shooting together. Now that we've connected the two together, we ought to figure out where Frank lives and go there to begin the search. Maybe, we'll get lucky and he'll have been stupid enough to stash DiNutzo there."

Gibbs looked over at Fornell and asked, "Are you ever going to say his name right, or do you say it just to annoy him?"

Fornell smiled and answered, "He does the same thing to McGee all the time, doesn't he? I've been around long enough to hear the number of names he makes up for him; Ziva too. In fact, I think the only person he doesn't make up a name for is you, Jethro."

"That's because he knows that I will smack him in the head every time he does," Gibbs said with a smile. "McGee, did you get that address yet?"

"I got it, Boss," Tim replied. "I've programmed it into my phone."

"Good work, Tim," Gibbs said. "You too Ziva. Let's go!"

As the elevator opened, Abby and Ducky stepped out as she cried, "Gibbs, please tell me that you found Tony! I am so worried about him. We already know that he has lost some blood, but we don't know how much. He was taken two days ago. Who knows what shape he is in right now? You have to find him, Gibbs. Please tell me you are going to find him!"

Abby wrapped her arms around Gibbs, who hugged her back and responded, "We will find him Abs. I do not plan on losing him now. He's stubborn and you know it. He'll make it."

"Jethro is right, My Dear," Ducky replied. "Anthony has overcome the bubonic plague. You must have faith that he can overcome whatever has happened to him, now."

Gibbs, Fornell, Ziva, and McGee all got onto the elevator and then drove off a few minutes later to find Frank Jefferson's house. They hoped that something there would lead them to find out where the man had taken Tony.


A man in his late seventies stepped out of his home and bent down to pick up the newspaper that lay on his porch. His home was a quite large, and it cost the man a lot more than what he truthfully could afford. However, he always managed to pay the taxes and whatever money he owed for it in the time that was given to him. Several people he knew through his businesses, as well as his own wife, told him he should sell his house and move into something more reasonable, but he loved to look like he was an important man.

He walked back inside and began to read. A few minutes later, his wife came into his study carrying a tray of food for his breakfast. After she set it down on his desk, she kissed the top of his forehead and walked out. The man watched her as she left and smiled. She was beautiful, rich, and quite a bit younger than he was. She was also either the fourth of fifth woman he has been married to. He married the women for the wrong reasons and eventually, they would figure it out and leave, except for his first wife, who died when his only son was eleven.

After reading the paper a bit more, the phone began to ring and when he answered it, he heard a voice on the other end that he hoped he would never hear again. The man put the paper down and listened as the person on the other line gave him news that he was expecting would someday come from another man.

The voice in the phone said, "Good morning, Anthony DiNozzo. I can tell from your silence that you know who I am."

DiNozzo Sr. replied, "Yes, Sayif. I know who you are. What can I do for you?"

"I am afraid that it is much too late for you to make up for what you have done to my father," the oldest son of Prince Omar answered. "You conned him into giving you money to invest in your business, which we discovered does not exist. You stole from him, after everything that he has done for you. We showed you our hospitality when we welcomed you into our home. Then, you have the nerve to con him. You have shamed our family. Do you honestly think that you would get away with this without consequence? If so, you are a fool."

"Prince Sayif, I assure you that I did not mean to insult you and your family," Anthony responded. "I hold your family in the highest regard. My business fell through and I was trying to find a way to repay the money which your father so graciously gave me, but I am afraid that I have fallen on hard times. I will need a little more time to repay you."

Sayif said, "The money is not important to us, but you must pay for the shame and pain you brought upon my family and I have finally gotten word that a job I had asked for is now complete. Your son is now dead, thanks to you. Check your emails if you want proof that what I say is true. I am warning you, if you tell the agency that your son works for anything about what I have done, I will have my man come and kill you as well. Believe me, I do make good on my threats and I will know if you tell. From what I understand, you care more about yourself and your image than you do anything else, including your son. You are a coward. Goodbye, Mr. DiNozzo."

Anthony DiNozzo Sr. slammed the phone down and put his head in his hands. A few minutes later, he started to dial Agent Gibb's number, but stopped and put the phone down once again. He did not want to die, especially in any of the brutal ways that he could only imagine in his mind. He then turned on his computer and checked his emails as he was told to do.

He found a message that was labeled, Tony DiNozzo Jr. and clicked on the link to get to the message. However, it wasn't a message, but a photo that came up instead. It was a picture of his son, whose arms were tied above him to what looked like pipes in a dark, wet room. Tony's head was down on his chest and he was filthy. There was also blood on his clothes and on his neck, which looked like it was coming from his head and face. He looked dead.

Even if he did call Gibbs and tell him the truth about his son being killed, the tough NCIS agent would have him arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of his life and that scared DiNozzo Sr. more than being killed. The day that Gibbs invited him into his office and questioned him of his relationship with Tony, he saw anger and a fierceness in the man's eyes, that he knew he would be lucky if the ex-marine didn't kill him himself. Anthony knew how much Agent Gibbs cared for his son. Prince Sayif was right about him. He was a coward.

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