Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 10

Casey was pacing back and forth inside her partner's diner while she waited impatiently for the crime scene techs to finish up searching the place, as well as down the alley, for anything that may give her a lead to Walsh's whereabouts, or at least to whoever may have taken him. She figured the fight must have taken place in the alley, not inside his diner where Beaumont would have heard the struggle.

Beaumont walked in the diner area from the back where Jason lived and took a seat at one of the stools at the counter, followed by Casey, who sat down next to her. Neither one of them spoke as they just sat there in silence. Casey knew what Allison wanted to know and Allison knew that Casey would only say she couldn't tell her the truth, so neither one of them spoke.

After a few minutes of silence, Cole finally burst into the diner and Beaumont stood as she asked angrily, "Where the hell have you been? You should have been back over half an hour ago."

Cole quickly looked over at Casey, then looked back at his own partner and answered, while Casey listened in on their conversation as her suspicion of the younger detective set in, "I'm sorry I'm late. My fiancée was pretty upset about something that happened last night and I had to straighten everything out. It turns out, it was all a misunderstanding, but none of this matters right now. Have you found anything that may help us find Jason yet?"

"No, not yet," Beaumont responded in frustration. "I never realized before how long some of these searches can take, even though it really hasn't been that long. It just feels like it."

"It feels that way because you care about him," Cole said, hoping that she would reveal to him whether or not she was actually in love with Walsh.

However, she only replied, "Yeah. So far, all we have to go on is his bloody apron. It's possible that all that blood is not all his, but I have a feeling we're not going to be so lucky. Brown has ordered the techs to fast track any and all evidence we find regarding Walsh."

Cole nodded as he spoke up again saying, "That's good. I…"

"We're all done in here, Detectives," one of the techs' interrupted as he and the others began to leave the diner. "We didn't find much, except for an earring that was on the floor near where you two ladies were sitting."

"I saw the woman wearing this as she and her boyfriend left here last night," Beaumont said as she picked up the earring from the tech's hand as he gave it to her. "It's hard to forget when a person wears something as tacky as this."

Casey looked at the earring as Beaumont held it up and then asked her, "How does something like tacky jewelry stand out to you? I never would have remembered the person wearing this if I had just seen her for a few minutes."

Beaumont answered, "Trust me, you would have remembered her. She looked like a cheaply dressed prostitute, but I don't think she was one, as she didn't wear hardly any makeup. She didn't really act like one and her boyfriend didn't treat her like one. However, as I said before, I only saw her for a few seconds. I could be wrong."

"How does talking about any of this help us to find Detective Walsh?" Cole asked as he became annoyed with the conversation, knowing that the people his partner and Detective Shraeger were talking about were his brother and ex girlfriend.

"You're right," Casey responded as the last tech left. "We should probably go back out to the alley to see if they found anything more than just that."

Both Sergeant Brown and Detective Alvarez walked into the diner through the back and having heard the last part of their conversation, their boss replied, "There wasn't a whole lot out there, but we did actually find the bloody knife used to stab, well whoever it was that got stabbed. Since there was a tear through his apron the size of a knife, as well as all that blood, I'm assuming the blood on this knife will be Walsh's too, but until we get the tests results back, we can't say for sure."

Casey asked, "Where did you find the knife? Was it in the trash along with his apron? I doubt whoever attacked him would just throw away the weapon used to hurt a cop. It would have his or her fingerprints all over it."

"Actually, Eddie Alvarez found it on the ground underneath the dumpster," Eddie answered a little too proudly.

"From the blood trail and the footprints we found smeared among the blood and in the snow, it looks like Jason put up one hell of a fight against his attackers," Sergeant Brown responded. "It's possible that he managed to knock it from the hands of whoever hurt him, causing it to skid where we found it. We'll get it all analyzed as quickly as possible."

Eddie spoke up again saying, "One of the techs also found a woman's earring on the ground out there. If you ask me, it's pretty ugly."

As the pompous detective held the earring up, Casey did a double take and grabbed it out of his hand as she turned to Beaumont and quickly said, "Beaumont, you are a genius!"

"What are you talking about, Shraeger?" their boss asked as he didn't understand what she meant.

"One of the techs found this matching earring on the floor here just a few minutes ago," Beaumont replied. "I know who one of Jason's attackers was and I'm betting that the guy she was with here last night is in on it as well."

Brown looked at her as he asked again, "Are you saying you saw them in here last night when you came by to be with Detective Walsh?"

As Casey walked behind the counter and began to work on something they couldn't see, Beaumont answered, "Yes, Sir. I walked in just as the woman wearing these earrings walked out with her boyfriend. The last thing I heard the guy ask Jason was if Jason played major league baseball. He acted like he recognized Jason from somewhere. Walsh has been upset about something lately, but I couldn't get him to open up to me about it."

"Well, thanks to Walsh having a hidden camera in here, I can bring up video of our suspects," Casey said from behind the counter.

"Grab the tape and bring it with you as we head back to the station," the sergeant responded quickly. "We'll all view it there. It'll be a lot easier than for all of us to cram back there and besides, our techs will be able to analyze it at the same time."

Casey pulled the video tape and put it inside her coat pocket as she replied, "Good call, Sir. I can barely make out what's on the video from that tiny screen he uses. Man needs to bring his security up to date."

After everyone else walked out of the diner first, Cole took the moment alone to breathe in and out, as he felt as if he was about to panic when Walsh's partner announced that there was evidence of his brother being in the diner with the woman, whose earrings were found at both his diner, as well as at the crime scene where Walsh had been attacked and taken from. He realized that he would have to act fast to do something to point the finger at Lisa only in order to help his brother, but he wasn't sure yet how he was going to do it.

He cursed both Lisa and his brother under his breath, when all of a sudden, his partner walked back in and asked, "Hey, is everything all right? We need to go."

"Yeah, I'm fine," Cole answered. "It just donned on me that we are going to be working really late for the next few nights. My fiancée's going to kill me."

"I doubt that," Allison responded gently. "She's even more of a saint than you are. She couldn't hurt you if she wanted to. She'll be very understanding. You'll see."

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