Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 11

Later in the afternoon…

Tommy caught a cab back to the shipyard and headed back to the container, hoping that the detective was awake so that he'd finally get the chance to talk to him. When he arrived, he found that most of the dock workers had gone home for the day, making the shipyard seem more like a graveyard to him, which was funny, as it was going to be just that for both Detective Walsh and his ex. As he stood in front of the container, he pulled out the keys he had stolen off of Lisa's body and pulled open its heavy doors. The sun was beginning to go down, as it was soon going to be evening, but there was still enough light shining in the box so that he could make out that Walsh was awake.

"Hello again, Detective Walsh," Tommy spoke up first as he slowly approached the younger man and stood above him. "It's good to see you again."

"I wish I could say the feeling's mutual, but under the circumstances… let's just say a few other words come to mind," Jason struggled to respond as he was becoming ill and slowly beginning to freeze due to the cold, winter's air. "I see that Lisa's plan to win you back failed. I tried to warn her, but she wouldn't listen. Why'd you have to kill her?"

Tommy answered smugly, "Because she was a liability. I couldn't risk her ratting me out to the cops should she have gotten caught. I didn't plan this, Detective, but I'd say it all worked out for the best."

Walsh struggled to sit up straighter against the back of the container, as he continued to hold his chained hand against the deep knife wound in his abdomen, and then replied, "Maybe for now, but in the end, you'll realize you made a mistake, as you and your brother sit inside a cell at Rikers waiting for the needle to be injected into your arm and its poison to burn its way into your bloodstream."

"You know about Nav… Henry being here?" Tommy asked as he quickly caught his mistake of using his brother's real name.

"I knew about your brother being involved thanks to Lisa, but I didn't know that your brother is now Detective Henry Cole," Jason said as a weak smile appeared on his face. "You just told me that yourself."

The older brother quickly shouted, "Henry has nothing to do with this! Despite my influence, he's become a better man."

Walsh sadly responded, "That's what I thought too, but it looks like my instinct was right. I should have told my sergeant everything when I had the chance. I'm guessing he's going to help you do with me, exactly what he and Frank Lutz did with my old partner? Am I right? I know that Cole wants to be a good man and that he thinks he's found God, but he's made too many mistakes. If he truly wanted to change, he wouldn't have called Frank when my partner found out about his past, he wouldn't have tampered with the evidence that would have led us to my partner's killer, and he wouldn't have told Frank about me knowing the truth as well. Eventually, he's going to find himself in a hole that he can't dig himself out of and you'll likely end up dead; just like Frank. In the end, Cole will do whatever it takes to protect himself."

"You know, I agree with you about Henry not really wanting to change, but you're wrong about him giving me up in order to protect himself," Tommy answered as he knelt over him and put his hand on Walsh's forehead in order to check for a fever that he had no doubt was beginning to rise. "You're pretty smart, Detective Walsh. You know what's what and you don't hold anything back. I'm going to leave you to rot in here, just like my ex, but first… actually, you know what? I was going to ask you if you had mentioned anything about my brother's past to your partner, to see if I was going to have to get rid of her too, but I think I'm just going to do it anyway. You would probably lie to me in order to protect her; not that I would blame you. You cops have some kind of code. You protect each other no matter what. Am I right?"

"You won't be able to hurt her," Jason replied firmly. "She's smarter than me. And she's a hell of a lot stronger. If you try, you'll get caught. Besides, I'm sure she's surrounded by a number of cops as they're all out there looking for me."

Tommy stood back up and said smugly, "You underestimate me as well. Good bye, Detective. Oh! And by the way, I knew I was right about you being that baseball player, whose girlfriend died in that mugging. I found your card. Enjoy."

Tommy tossed the card down on the floor beside Walsh's legs and then turned and left the container, closing and locking the doors behind him, as Walsh was once again left alone in the dark. Jason continued to struggle against chain that bound his wrist, even though he knew it wasn't going to do him any good. However, after a few minutes, a thought suddenly came to him as he looked down at Lisa's body, which wasn't too far away from where he sat. He wasn't sure yet how he was going to escape from the container, but now he could at least get himself free from the chain, thanks to the pins that once held up Lisa's hair.


After the detectives and their boss arrived back at the station, they quickly handed off the evidence they had gathered to the techs in charge of analyzing it, then had one of them work to enhance the footage from the tape that Walsh's partner had pulled from his surveillance equipment inside his diner.

After watching the footage of their suspects, Sergeant Brown ordered the techs to run the photos of them through the database. He turned to his team to get any input as they all waited impatiently for the techs to come back with any answers that would hopefully lead them to where Walsh was being held, or that would end up leading them to the people responsible for his kidnapping.

Delahoy was the first to speak up as he said, "There's nothing on that surveillance tape that gives us a clue as to what these two were doing there, other than grabbing a bite to eat."

"I thought I assigned you and Banks on the other case, Delahoy?" Sergeant Brown asked as he rubbed his hand over his eyes in frustration.

"We're waiting for our evidence to come back, the same as you, Sir," the detective with a strange view on death responded. "Besides, we want to help find Walsh, just like everyone else. Who cares about some political candidate's reputation and his frickin' want for discretion in the case."

Banks quickly added, "Walsh is the number one priority, Sir. You taught us that."

The sergeant answered, "You're right, I did."

"What I meant was that all we know is that the woman with the funky earrings was inside Walsh's diner, lost one of her earrings there, and then was in the alley sometime between the time she and her boyfriend left the diner and this morning and lost her other earring there," Delahoy continued. "It's a weak argument that would never hold up in court. If we were to bring her in based on this, her lawyer could argue that the earring in the alley could easily have been someone else's."

"So the video doesn't give us much, except for a possible suspect," Casey replied in frustration as she began to look at the pictures the techs had taken inside the alley. "What about the rest of the evidence? As I'm looking at these photos, it's obvious that there was more than one person, who attacked Walsh. There are several different types of shoe prints in the snow."

Beaumont looked at the pictures and responded, "I'd say there are at least five different shoe prints. We found a bloody knife, as well as an old pipe with more blood on it. What if it was a group of thugs that attacked him? I mean, based on the prints, they look like they could be either tennis shoes or boots that a bunch of gang bangers would wear."

Cole looked at his partner and then nodded as he added, "I agree with Beaumont. She's right about the shoe prints and I know that there are a couple of different gangs that hang out around there. I think…"

"But it doesn't make any sense!" Casey suddenly interrupted angrily. "Surely any gangs that live in the area know that Walsh is a cop and not just the owner of a diner that is hardly ever open. I've been to the diner a number of times and I've seen the thugs around, but they've never bothered him and he would have told me if they had. Why would they attack and kidnap a cop, unless they were hired to by someone else? These thugs would certainly do this if given the right price."

Sergeant Brown answered, "Unfortunately, all we've got is speculation until we get the evidence back. Keep looking into anything and everything. Look into Walsh's past if you have to and find out if there's anyone, who has a grudge against him, including any ex-cons he put away, as well as the scum still inside."

By midnight, the only people left at the station working to help find Detective Walsh were his partner, Detectives Beaumont, Cole, Alvarez, Delahoy, Banks, and Sergeant Brown, as well as two of the techs, who agreed to stay until they finally finished analyzing the rest of the evidence.

As everyone else was still in the main room rubbing the tiredness from their eyes as they waited impatiently, Cole snuck away, walked down into the lab, and asked one of the tech's, "How's it coming along? Have you finished with the database search on our possible suspects from the diner yet?"

"Actually, yes," the woman replied. "We finished that some time ago, but we got so caught up with everything else, that we forgot to bring it to you. Sorry."

"No problem," Cole responded as he picked up the file, which she handed to him. "Let's hope that these two are them."

As Cole turned and left the room, she shouted out to him, "Good luck!"

Cole quickly walked into the precinct's bathroom as he looked over the rap sheets of both Lisa Jensen and Tommy Granger. After doing so, he pulled his brother's out, ran the papers under water until the pages were soaked through and torn, then crumpled them up into a ball, and finally tossed the wads into the trash can on his way out, making it so that the other detectives would never know the pages existed.

As soon as Cole came out from the bathroom with the rest of the file in his hand, he ran into his partner, who asked, "Hey, are those the rap sheets of our suspects? Sergeant sent me to get them, as they should definitely be done by now."

"Yeah, I came down to get them a few minutes ago," Cole answered. "It looks like only one of them has a record; the woman. Our tech said that whoever the guy is, he isn't in the system."

"Dang it!" Beaumont replied bitterly as she looked over Lisa Jensen's rap sheet for herself. "I don't see an obvious reason for her to hate Walsh, but she has been in prison for assault, so I wouldn't put this past her and it looks like she has a younger brother, who is a member of a gang. I think she is definitely involved. Thanks, Henry."

Cole just watched her as she walked back toward the main room and once she was gone from his view, he blew out his breath that he didn't realize he had been holding the whole time she was with him. He hated lying to her and to his friends, but he wasn't ready to lose his partner and everything else he's worked so hard to earn, including his fiancée. He had to protect himself and he had to protect his brother, at all costs.

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