Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 12

Back at the shipyard…

Under normal circumstances, Walsh would have been able to pick the lock to the chain around his wrist within a minute, no matter how crude or dull the pick he used to do it was. Thankfully, Lisa was wearing a hair piece that used long, dull pins to hold her hair up in place. Using his legs to help him to pull the woman's body toward him, he eventually managed to get a hold of one of the pins and used it to pick the lock. However, his hands were shaking from not only the cold, but also because he was fairly ill at this point, so it took him just over five minutes instead. He had been locked inside this metal container, with the cold air blowing in through the air vent in its top, for about eighteen hours now, not that he actually had any concept of how long it had been since he was taken.

Once he had set himself free, Jason struggled to stand, but in his first few attempts to do so, he quickly collapsed back down to the floor in pain; with one of the attempts nearly causing him to pass out. However, he didn't give up and was eventually rewarded when he finally managed to stay up on his feet. As he did, he slowly moved to the doors, using the walls to steady himself, and worked to push them open, as he believed that there was the slightest chance of them not being locked. Unfortunately, his hope was quickly dashed when he found that the doors were indeed latched.

Eventually, he slowly moved away from the doors and carefully sat back down in order to save what little strength he had left, as he once again placed his sore wrist, thanks to the chain, over the knife wound. Jason had faith that his partner was working to do whatever it took to find him, but despite what he had told Tommy earlier about her strength, the fear for her safety surpassed the fear that he felt for his own wellbeing. Tommy was out there somewhere, waiting for the perfect time to attack Casey too and it didn't sit well with him that there was nothing he could do to warn her. Walsh wasn't a praying man, but the thought came to him that if he was, he would pray that she'd catch him, before he could catch her. He'd also pray for a miracle that would get him out.

The funny thing was, as if someone was reading his thoughts, Jason suddenly heard the sound of people talking from outside, as the latch over the doors was pulled away. Walsh couldn't help, but think that maybe he should become a praying man after all, but he quickly pushed the thought aside, as the doors opened once again and he came face to face with two of his attackers in the alley earlier that morning.

The one, which Walsh recognized as Lisa's brother, walked further into the container and when he saw her body, he quickly pulled out his gun, aimed it at Walsh, and shouted, "You killed my sister!"

Jason put his hands up and replied, "No! No, I didn't hurt her. I tried to… to help her. Her boyfriend did this. I swear to you… it wasn't me."

"Why would Tommy kill her?" the kid asked angrily. "The two of them loved each other."

"She did love him, but he didn't love… love her back," Walsh struggled to explain as chills racked through his body. "Tommy didn't want to risk her ratting on him… if she were to get caught… caught by the cops. He killed her to keep her quiet and left her here with me. If you help me out of here, I promise you… I will find… find him and put in a good word for you… with my friends."

Lisa's brother looked back at his friend, then turned back to Walsh and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't do that, Cop. I'm going to kill you and then I'm going to go after Tommy and kill him. Night, night."

Just as the kid was about to pull the trigger, Walsh suddenly kicked out against his knee, causing him to scream as he fell hard to the floor of the container beside him. Then, Walsh quickly pulled him into a chokehold, using his right arm and leg to hold him in place, while he grabbed his gun and aimed it at the kid's friend standing back near the door in shock.

Jason fought to catch his breath as he glared at the kid standing in front of him and said firmly, "I could shoot you both… if I wanted to, but I'm not… not going to. Instead, you're going to chain his wrist… just like you thugs did… did to me. Do you understand?"

The kid nodded as he quickly did as the detective told him to do, as he saw in Walsh's eyes that he meant what he said. When he pulled Lisa's brother up from his grasp, the kid attempted to attack Walsh once again, but Walsh quickly fired a shot into his arm, causing the kid to collapse to his knees and scream out again in pain.

"All right!" the brother cried out as the other kid continued to do as he ordered. "All right, just please. Don't kill me."

"I'm not going to," Walsh responded as he slowly struggled to get back up onto his feet, while continuing to hold the gun on them. "I'm going to leave you here… and your friend is going to drive me… to find… my partner. The doors will remain open and… and either the dock workers will find you when they come in for work in the morn…morning, or my friends will when they come to pick… you up. Your wound is nothing. You'll be just fine. I'm sorry… about your sister."

Once Lisa's brother was chained up and Walsh was on his feet, he ordered the other gang member to help him out to their car that they came to the shipyard in, as he assured him that he would kill him if he tried to be as stupid as his leader. The kid knew that the detective was serious and so he did as Walsh said.

After they were both in the car and had begun to drive, the kid turned to Walsh and asked, "Why didn't you kill us, or at least Jake? Most cops would have."

Jason looked at him and answered softly, "Maybe, but not me. I don't kill… unless I have to. Besides, Jake's parents… already lost a daughter. It wouldn't be right… right for them to have to lose their son too."

"Where are we going?" the kid asked as he gained a new found respect for this detective. "You need a hospital. You're bleeding again."

"No, I need to warn my part… partner," Walsh replied while he lowered the gun, as he could see that the kid was no longer a threat to him. "We're going to the police station. Then, you're free to go to… to help Jake until the police arrive. I'll put in a good word… for you as I promised."

The kid nodded as he responded, "My name is Kyle. Thank you, Officer."

A small smile appeared on Jason's face as he answered, "Detective; I'm Detective Walsh."

"Thank you, Detective Walsh," Kyle said as he looked ahead and continued to drive.

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