Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 14

The ambulance finally arrived a few minutes after Walsh fell unconscious and as it pulled up, the paramedics rushed out and began to work on the detective in hopes of stabilizing him as quickly as possible, while both Casey and Eddie stepped back in order to allow them to do their job. Several bystanders walked out from their apartments to find out what was happening and stared like vultures. Casey found it unnerving and was angry at how inconsiderate they were being.

Casey felt like a volcano that was about to erupt as she kept her eyes on her partner while the medics placed an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth, began injecting IVs into his arms in order to pump the much needed fluids into his system, and began to wrap bandages over his wounds. However, as they worked, the heart monitor suddenly began to beep wildly, then flat lined, alerting everyone that Walsh's heart had stopped.

Casey started to rush forward, but Eddie moved in and pulled her back as the paramedics began to resuscitate her partner using a defibrillator. His body jerked as they lay the paddles on his chest to try to restart his heart. After the third shock, the medics were about to give up, until Casey suddenly pulled out of Alvarez's arms, rushed forward and placed her hands gently on both sides of Walsh's face, and shouted at the medics to keep going.

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing more we can do," one of them said sadly. "I'm afraid he's gone."

"No!" Casey shouted angrily. "No, you can't stop! Do it again! Now!"

One of the other medics nodded and moved to place the paddles on her partner's chest once again and as the electricity shocked his heart for a final time, the monitor began to beep slowly, indicating that Walsh wasn't giving up yet. Casey couldn't help it as she bent down low and kissed his forehead, then whispered something in his ear that no one around them could hear. She remained where she knelt as the paramedics continued to work on him, until they finally stood and carefully pulled him up off the ground to lay him on the gurney, then loaded him into the ambulance.

Casey wanted to ride in the ambulance with her partner, but there wasn't enough room and she didn't want to be in the way, so she watched as the vehicle pulled away and then began to walk toward her car, followed closely by Alvarez, until they were both interrupted by someone from behind them, as he called out to them.

They turned to see a young man wearing baggy clothes, a chain that ran from a belt loop and down to one of his pants pockets, and a sideways baseball cap, as he quickly asked, "Are you Detective Shraeger?"

Casey stared at him until she finally answered, "Yes, who are you?"

"My name's Kyle," the kid said. "I came here with your partner. I was unfortunately one of the guys, who attacked him yesterday morning and brought him to the shipyard, where he was held in a container until tonight. He asked me to…"

"You helped him to escape," she replied as she could see the remorse on his face. "Why would you do that? What happened?"

Kyle responded, "Someone I thought was my friend and I went to the shipyard to look for his sister, as she never called him after we attacked Detective Walsh."

Casey asked, "Is your friend's sister, Lisa Jensen?"

"Yes, or at least she was," Kyle answered sadly. "Her boyfriend killed her to keep her from talking to the police; to you. I didn't like her much, but she didn't deserve to die like that."

"I knew he was the bigger threat," Casey said as she looked over at Eddie and then turned back to Kyle. "The man, who was shooting at us earlier, was that him?"

The gang member looked toward where the shootout happened and replied, "I'm not sure if that was him, as I didn't see him very well, but on our way here, Detective Walsh told me that he needed to find you to warn you that you were in danger. I don't know why. We were on our way to the police station, but he asked me to stop when he saw the lights on in that diner. When he saw your shooter walk by the two of you, he somehow rushed forward and saved you."

Eddie responded, "I can't believe Jason risked his life like that; for me."

"Walsh did it because it was his duty as a cop, but most importantly, he did it because we're his friends," Casey answered as she once again looked over at Eddie. "He would have done it for any one of us."

"Tommy won't stop trying to kill you and your partner, Detective," Kyle said as he quickly wrote down a number on a scrap of paper from his pocket. "I suggest you get to the hospital to protect him before he tries again. Walsh had a chance to kill me when he escaped from the container, but he didn't. If you need anything, give me a call. I'm sorry."

Casey watched him as he walked away and quickly called out, "Thank you!"

Afterwards, she walked back toward her car, but was once again interrupted when Eddie stopped her by forcing her around to face him as he asked, "What were you and Jason talking about before the ambulance arrived?"

"It was nothing," she responded as she looked at him in annoyance. "It isn't important."

"Casey, he struggled to get whatever is was out before he fell unconscious," Eddie replied. "For all he knew, he was going to die and the last few words he said to you were something about Detective Cole and some kind of an apology for Beaumont. Now, tell me what's going on and what it was you figured out in the diner before all of this happened."

"I can't tell you what's going on right now, Alvarez," she answered firmly. "There's something big going on here and I can't risk saying anything before I know all the facts. I won't risk letting the people, who are responsible for what they did to my partner, get away with this. Everything has to be handled very sensitively."

Eddie looked at her in frustration and said, "If you hadn't noticed, Casey. I don't have a partner like the rest of you do and if there was any one of you I would fight to protect, it would be the one guy, who actually cared enough to become my friend. That's your partner. You have my word that I will not tell anyone or do anything about this without your consent. I need to know what's going on here."

Casey stared at him as she tried to figure out if he really could be trusted, then sadly looked down on the ground where the sidewalk was now stained with Walsh's blood, and finally gave in as she responded, "All that I can tell you for now, is that we know Cole is somehow involved in this. He's got a dirty past and he's afraid of the rest of us finding out the truth. Walsh figured it out back when Frank Lutz tried to kill him here and Beaumont got shot instead, but he didn't say anything because he wanted to believe that Cole was trying to change and was a good man, but he's got too much blood on his hands now. We need to finish what Walsh started. Do you understand how important it is that you don't say anything, especially to Beaumont?"

Eddie nodded and replied, "You have my word, Casey. Now, what can I do?"

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