Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 18


It was almost six o'clock in the morning when the detectives and the sergeant arrived back at the station. None of them had gotten the chance to sleep since they had only left from the day before, just a few hours ago, so they were all exhausted as they stood in line at the precinct's coffee maker, hoping that it would help to wake them up.

As Alvarez headed toward the sergeant's office, Beaumont quickly walked up to him and asked, "Hey, did Jason say anything at all that could help us to find these kids faster, or anything about why your shooter would want to kill him and Shraeger? Did he say anything else?"

Eddie shook his head and then answered, "He could hardly breathe. The only thing he could make out was for us to be careful. If you want to know if he said anything about you, he didn't, but I can see that he cares for you a great deal. I'm sure he'd want you to know that."

"Since when did you become the sentimental and caring type?" Beaumont asked as he was about to turn away.

"Since Jason helped me to see how important it was if I ever wanted to belong here," Eddie replied. "Oh, if you want some help with finding his kidnappers, I can give the kid, who came up to us at the crime scene earlier to see if he'd be willing to give his friends up, but only if you promise to let him off the hook for his role in Walsh's escape. He told us that Walsh said he owed him. We need to make sure that that happens."

Allison looked at him and smiled as she said, "I have to say, I'm surprised at you, Alvarez. For a cop, who's the biggest stickler for the rules as I've ever known, you really are going all out on this one. I'm proud of you. Thanks."

Alvarez nodded and then walked over to his desk to make the call to Kyle, who picked up after the third ring and responded, "Hello, who's this?"

"Kyle, this is Detective Alvarez with the Second Precinct," Eddie answered. "I was at the diner earlier with Walsh's partner, Detective Shraeger. Do you remember me?"

"Yeah, I remember," Kyle replied. "I know I said you could call, but I wasn't expecting it to be so soon, nor was I expecting it to be you."

Eddie responded, "I wasn't expecting to be the one to call you either, but Shraeger handed me your number, as she's with Detective Walsh at the hospital. I'm calling because we need your help. A few of the other detectives here are looking for the rest of the gang members you helped to kidnap our friend. I promise you, that no charges will be filed against you for your cooperation and assistance in helping Walsh to escape, but we do need to make the others pay for their crimes. They did beat up and stab an officer of the law, then left him to die inside a shipping container."

He could hear Kyle sigh on the other end and then he spoke up saying, "I know, Detective Alvarez. Can you come and meet me in an hour at my apartment in Queens? I'll text you the address if you give me your number."

"I'm afraid I can't be the one to meet you, as I've got something much more important to deal with right now, but I will send out a few of the others," Eddie answered as he looked over at the detectives, who had been assigned to bring the gang in. "I promise, you can trust them, but I need you to do me another favor when you talk to them. I need you to lie to them when they ask you if you know the name of our shooter. Tell them you don't know anything about him personally."

"I don't understand," the kid said in confusion. "Why would you want me to lie to them if you say that you trust them?"

Alvarez replied, "I'm afraid I can't say why right now, but will you do this for me? Actually, will you do this for Detective Walsh? His life may depend on it."

Kyle responded, "You have my word, Detective Alvarez."

"So, what did he say?" Beaumont asked as she walked over to his desk once she noticed him hanging up his phone. "Is he coming in?"

"He would actually prefer it if you and the others came to meet him at an address that he'll send me in just a few minutes," Eddie answered. "Be sure to let the others know not to arrest him, all right?"

Beaumont nodded as she walked away to talk to Cole, Delahoy, and Banks, while Alvarez stood up from his desk and walked into Sergeant Brown's office, who spoke up as he asked, "What was that all about?"

Eddie replied, "I just spoke with the kid in the gang, who helped out Walsh. They're all going to be leaving shortly to go and meet up with him. I think he's willing to give his friends up."

"Huh, Walsh certainly made an impression on him," Sergeant responded. "I never thought I'd live to see the day when a gang member was so helpful and loyal to a cop."

"This job does have its way of surprising us all the time," Eddie said. "Even when we think we've seen it all. So, what is our first move in dealing with Cole?"

Sergeant Brown looked up at Alvarez as he then took a seat and answered, "It's basically a waiting game. We already know our shooter doesn't have a record and we'll have to wait until the others are done with talking to our friendly lead, but in the meantime, I suppose we can go and speak with Lisa Jensen's family and friends. Maybe they'll know something about this, Tommy, whoever he is."

Eddie picked up the woman's rap sheet from his boss' desk and replied, "We've got an address for her mother's place in the Bronx. Looks like Lisa lived there up until a few months ago. Maybe she got caught up with her brother's gang friends. It's a good a place as any to start. Do you want to drive?"

"Yes, I do," Sergeant responded. "I've seen you drive. You're like a grandma behind the wheel."

"I'm cautious," Eddie said as he followed the older man out and left the precinct.

About three and a half hours later, they both came back to the station and found that the other detectives were still out. Unfortunately, after talking with Lisa Jensen's mother, sister, and two friends that she grew up with in the neighborhood, they had no more information on Tommy than what they had started out with. Her family never met him, nor did they even know that Lisa was seeing anyone, as she hadn't spoken with them in months. Lisa's friends had met him once or twice, but they didn't know anything about him, not even his last name, though Eddie and the sergeant suspected that it was probably Granger, as he was Cole's brother. Finally, after apologizing to them for their loss, both the sergeant and Alvarez left.

Sergeant Brown spoke up first as they got back saying, "I hate waiting. Alvarez, call Shraeger at the hospital and check up with her about Walsh's condition. See if she knows anything yet. I'm going to make a few calls; see if I can't get them to speed up the process a little if Casey can't get us that information yet. Then, I want you to go down to the evidence room and pull out all of the case files on Frank Lutz's murder of Kowalski and attempt to kill Walsh. Maybe we can learn something about Cole and Tommy from him."

Eddie nodded as he answered, "Yes, Sir."

Back at the hospital…

As Casey stood at her partner's bedside and took his hand in her own, she couldn't help, but stare down at him in surprise. She had seen sick and injured people in the hospital many times, including Beaumont back when she had visited her after she had been shot, and even though she knew how bad Walsh's condition was, it was still terrifying to see him so still, with a ventilator tube running under his nose, to help in keeping him stabilized, along with several other tubes sticking out from his body.

"You know, it was a really stupid thing for you to do when you pushed both Alvarez and me down and stepped in front of those bullets to protect us," Casey began to say softly, as most people did to those they cared about when they were in the hospital. "Especially since you were already hurt pretty bad. You're lucky that only one of his bullets hit you. Not that I'm not grateful; I am, but you really shouldn't have done it. I would try to cry again in order to convince you to snap out of it if you were anyone else, but we both know that you can see right through that, so I won't. But all joking aside, I really need you to wake up. I know that I can come to you with anything and you'll know exactly what to say. You're the only one, who understands me and that's extremely rare. You have no idea how much that means to me, since I'm the crazy, unconventional rich girl no one else can stand being around. You're the best partner I've ever had, even with all your wisecracks, and you're my best friend."

As she paused a moment, hoping that there would be some kind of indication that he had heard her, the machines surrounding him just continued to beep and he remained asleep, so she finished by saying, "I'm afraid I have to go in order to find where you've hidden that file on Cole that proves he's really Navan Granger, but you will be well protected and I promise, I'll be back. We'll make them all pay for what they've done. Please, don't give up on me."

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