Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 19

Detectives Beaumont, Cole, Banks, and Delahoy all arrived an hour later at the address, which Kyle had sent to Alvarez. Cole was the one to step up to the door of the apartment and knocked gently as he did. Beaumont stood beside him and the others stood behind. When the door finally opened just as Cole was about to knock again, an older woman appeared in the crack and then quickly closed the door again in order to remove the chain that kept it locked.

"Hello, Ma'am," Beaumont spoke up softly. "We're detectives with the NYPD. We're here to speak with Kyle? He invited us over. I promise, we just want to talk. He's not in any trouble."

"I know," the woman replied. "My son told me you'd be coming soon. Follow me please."

As they all walked further into the apartment, they found Kyle sitting down at the dining room table with an ice pack over his eye, which when he slowly lowered as they walked in, they could see was bruised and swollen shut. It appeared that the young man had been in some kind of fight recently.

Kyle quickly spoke up as he said, "Come in and take a seat, Detectives. Detective Alvarez said that he'd be sending you instead because he had something more important to do, but he said that I can trust you. That's good enough for me."

As Beaumont took a seat in the chair beside him at the table, she asked, "Kyle, I'm Detective Beaumont and this is my partner, Cole, and these are Delahoy and Banks. Did someone do this to you after you spoke with Alvarez and Shraeger at the scene earlier?"

"Yes, but it doesn't matter," Kyle answered. "I'm fine. I went back to the shipyard where Detective Walsh had left my friend locked up inside the container we had locked him up in before so that he could escape."

"Sounds like your friend deserved to be locked up and left there," Delahoy responded snidely.

Kyle nodded as he replied, "He did. My friend was trying to kill Detective Walsh and wouldn't listen to reason when he tried to give him a way out. Thankfully, the detective somehow had the strength to overpower him. I've been in this gang for a long time thanks to my brother dragging me in, but ever since he was killed because of the life, I've been looking for a way out; for my mom. Walsh gave me that and I know that by helping you bring them down for what they've done, I'll finally be free. Ask me whatever questions you want."

Banks took a seat in another chair beside the kid and asked, "All right, why did you and your punk friends kidnap Detective Walsh in the first place?"

"You know, you can remove your vest, Detective," Kyle said as he looked at the man oddly. "Bullets aren't going to fly in here."

"Thanks, but I'd rather leave it on," Banks answered as he looked around for any sign of deceit.

Delahoy spoke up saying, "My partner's a little paranoid. You'll have to excuse him. Now, answer his question. Why did you kidnap Walsh yesterday morning?"

Kyle responded, "Because we were hired to by our leader's sister. I don't really know why, except that she was trying to get back into her boyfriend's good graces so to speak."

"Your leader, Lisa Jensen's kid brother, is he the friend you went back to help out of the shipping container?" Beaumont asked. "We know about her involvement and why she did what she did thanks to what you told our detectives earlier. What happened after you helped Detective Walsh escape?"

"Yes, Lisa's brother is the guy I went back for," Kyle replied. "I couldn't just leave him there with his sister's body. Walsh told me to go back and set him free once I got him to where he needed to go. After I did and helped him take Lisa's body back to the spot where most of us hang out, as most of us were homeless, he beat me pretty bad because he was angry that I didn't fight against Walsh harder and try to kill him. I came back home afterwards, where I've been waiting for you."

Cole softly asked, "Do you know anything about Lisa Jensen's boyfriend or why he killed her?"

Kyle looked at the younger detective skeptically as he lied, "I'm afraid I don't know anything about him, except that he was a bit of a jerk. I didn't like to be around him and he didn't hang around us much."

"Is there anything that you know that could help us to find him?" Delahoy asked as he continued standing up behind them at the table like Cole, none of them catching the look of relief that appeared on Cole's face. "Did either he or Lisa talk about somewhere they often went together?"

"Not that I know of," Kyle answered. "I'm sorry. I can't help you catch him, but I can tell you where the rest of the gang is. They aren't the same as they were back when we all became friends. A long time ago, we never would have considered agreeing to kidnap someone, let alone a cop, for any price. Unfortunately, living on the streets has a way of hardening people. I'm lucky that I have my mom, who never gave up on me."

The woman, who answered the door spoke up again as she responded, "I always knew that of my two children, you would be the one to come back to me."

Kyle looked at Beaumont and solemnly asked, "How is Detective Walsh? Will he be all right?"

"I'm afraid we're not sure yet," she replied after she looked down sadly at his watch, which she still wore on her arm. "His partner is with him at the hospital now, but so far, the doctors haven't told her anything. None of us have seen him yet, but he won't give up. He's as tough as they come. Thank you for coming forward and helping us to bring down those responsible."

"We should get going and take them all down before it gets any later," Cole said swiftly as he gently placed his hand on his partner's shoulder. "They'll all scatter soon to wherever they go and it will be much more difficult for us to round them up."

Banks stood from the chair and followed out after his partner as he whined, "I guess I'm going to have to prepare for a chase. No doubt these kids are going to start running."

Delahoy called back as he continued walking forward, "And shooting! You better prepare yourself for dodging bullets!"

"Just send the address of the place they hang out to my phone," Beaumont said before she walked out after Cole and the others. "Thank you again, Kyle."

"Just thank Detective Walsh for me when he wakes up," Kyle answered. "None of this would be happening if he didn't care about protecting a thug. Anyone else would have shot both me and our leader to escape."

Beaumont nodded and then walked out the door as she responded, "I will. Take care of yourselves and stay out of trouble; for your mother's sake."

After they were gone, Kyle looked over at his mother and spoke up saying, "I'm not going anywhere again."

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