Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 2

Most of the morning, both Walsh and Shraeger remained at their desks trying to catch up on all of their paperwork, which had been piling up since every other day they've been busy chasing down gangsters and thieves, busting up prostitution rings, and arresting rapists and murderers. That was their life and they enjoyed it, except when their boss forced them to write up the reports. Not a single cop liked that part and unfortunately for them, crime appeared to be taking a day off.

As usual, Eddie Alvarez, the detective, who constantly referred to himself in third person, walked around the precinct annoying his coworkers with mundane questions, thoughts, and ideas that were all about him and his own, stuck-up image. Ever since Walsh had tried to befriend him, when no one else ever did, Alvarez worked harder to not come off so conceited, but it didn't show much. As the saying goes, a leopard can't change its spots.

Detectives Banks and Delahoy sat at their desks, doing more goofing off and searching the internet for random things such as in Delahoy's case, for facts about brain tumors and the surgeries performed in regards to them. The man had become obsessed with death and he had yet to tell his partner what was really going on with him, which constantly freaked his partner out whenever he would do something reckless and just plain stupid.

As for partners Beaumont and Cole, the two of them actually concentrated on their paperwork, as did Walsh and Shraeger, but the two of them also spent time talking amongst each other. Cole spoke of some of his beliefs, which Beaumont actually found interesting, and she had asked him for some financial advice, as Cole was an avid penny saver, unless he was purchasing a gift for his fiancé, soon to be wife, or something for their coming wedding. The two of them had become close, since Cole had become assigned to their precinct.

Cole was more than happy to talk with his partner and was listening to her for the most part, but he couldn't keep from taking a glance every now and again toward Walsh's desk, as he could sense the head detective keeping an eye on him. It was unnerving, but Cole understood why he was doing it. Jason had warned him he would be doing so and would be there if he ever crossed the line again, not that he ever planned to.

Around one o'clock, Cole received a phone call and shortly after answering it, he stood and walked away from his desk in order to take it in private. As he did so, Jason looked up and stared at him until he disappeared from the room, not paying attention to anything else, even when Casey became aware of what he was doing and worked to get her partner's attention when their boss entered the room as he asked for them to come to his office.

She snapped her fingers in front of his face as he quickly snapped out of his trance and asked, "What… what did you ask? I'm sorry."

As she got up to walk, Casey answered, "I didn't ask you anything. You were staring at nothing. The sergeant wants us in his office."

"I wasn't staring at nothing," Jason responded as he stood and followed her toward their boss' office. "I was looking toward…"

"You were watching him again," she quickly interrupted him. "That was until he left the room and then you were staring at nothing."

Walsh glared at her and replied, "You know, you really need to stop being so observant all the time, at least when it comes to me. It's really creepy."

The sergeant within the precinct heard the last part of their conversation and asked, "What's really creepy and who are you watching, Detective Walsh? Is there something I should know about?"

"No, Sir," Jason quickly answered as his partner kept her eyes on him. "It's just been a slow morning and I'm getting restless. That's all, I promise. What's going on?"

"Well, it appears that we've got two dead down on Third and Bronson," Sergeant Brown responded sourly. "It looks like you two caught a break, just like you wanted. Exactly how far along did you get into your reports?"

Casey ran back to hers and her partner's desks, picked up all of the files, then ran back into the sergeant's office and replied, "We just finished them, Sir; just as you asked."

Sergeant Brown looked up between her and Walsh in surprise as he asked, "You finished all of them?"

"Yes, Sir," Jason added. "You know how much Casey can get done when she puts her mind to it and I've come back in to work on mine a bit after hours, since it's been so busy. We weren't expecting this morning to be so slow. Those dead bodies; Third and Bronson did you say?"

"That's right," the sergeant answered as Casey dropped the files onto their boss' desk. "You'd better get going. I'll call and let the officers already on the scene know that you're on your way and will be in charge from now on. Good job by the way."

As they left his office, Casey called back, "Thank you, Sir!"

After picking up their guns, which they always kept in their top desk drawers while they remained inside the precinct, as well as their jackets from the backs of their chairs, Walsh turned toward Beaumont and gave her a quick wink, who smiled at him as he did so, then quickly followed Casey out, as the rest of the detectives only stared after them in envy.

Delahoy spoke up as he complained, "Why is it they get to leave and we don't?"

"Because they caught a case and they also finished up all their paperwork," Sergeant Brown responded. "I'm guessing that I can't say the same for any of you."

"Actually, Cole and I are almost done with ours," Beaumont said as her partner walked back in and took his seat.

Alvarez spoke up as well saying, "Eddie Alvarez finished his reports before both Walsh and Shraeger did."

Banks replied quickly, "Kiss-Asses!"

"Very funny, you two," the sergeant answered as Banks and Delahoy slapped their hands together in compliment of his comment. "Perhaps if you guys concentrated a little harder yourselves, you'd be able to have your reports almost done as well, instead of having to finish them after hours tonight. The longer you two goof off, the later you're staying until they are finished. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir," both detectives responded glumly as Sergeant Brown turned away and walked back into his office.

As he left, Beaumont looked across at her partner, who appeared to be upset about something and asked, "Is everything all right, Cole?"

Cole suddenly looked back at her and replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just received a call from an old friend of mine, who's coming into town later tonight and well, let's just say that I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing him."

"Is he one of those guys, who likes to party a little too hard?" she asked as she chuckled a bit. "I can imagine it might be hard to explain to someone like that about your new way of life."

"You're right," Cole answered softly. "I'd rather spend time with my mother, helping her pick out new curtains for her living room."

They both continued talking as they got back to work on finishing their reports for the sergeant. Detective Beaumont had no clue that Cole was lying to her about the phone call he had just received. It was actually his brother, but like Frank Lutz, who had nearly killed his partner the day he tried to kill Walsh, he wasn't good at all and being his brother, Cole couldn't ignore him, as family above all else had been ingrained into him, more than his new found religion had been. However, the biggest problem was that as Walsh has been watching him so closely lately, it meant that trouble was coming and Cole doubted that the detective would be as lenient for a second time.

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