Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 3

Once Walsh and Shraeger arrived at the crime scene, there were a number of onlookers with their camera phones outs, trying to see around the cops that held their positions until the detectives in charge got there, as well as several people involved with the press, trying to get a juicy story. Walsh walked right up to the cops and ordered them to quickly clear the area, without giving the reporters, whom he hated to play nice with, any kind of statements in regards to the bodies. Those that tried to refuse to leave, he threatened to arrest, though he knew that none of the charges would actually stick.

"What have we got?" Walsh asked an officer as he and his partner walked up to the bodies, once he had finished handling everything else.

"What we got, is two dead guys," an officer responded sarcastically, as he seemed to be upset by how Walsh had pushed everyone away.

Walsh looked up at the man as he knelt down after picking up the sheet that covered the victims and asked, "Do we have a problem here? I'm sorry that I made it impossible for you to get your face in the news, but I think trying to identify these guys and finding their killer is a bit more important. Don't you?"

The officer scoffed, then walked away as his own partner walked over to them and replied, "I'm sorry about my partner. He's a bit full of himself if you know what I mean. He likes talking to the press and the reporters."

"We've got one of those in our department as well," Casey answered. "Do you know who either of these guys are?"

"Unfortunately, both of their wallets are missing," the man responded. "And their heads have been bashed in too much for us to tell what they looked like."

Walsh continued kneeling over the bodies as he replied, "I'd say, whoever these guys ticked off, they ticked them off good. Not only are their heads messed up, the tips of their fingers have been burned off. The bad guys don't want us to identify them at risk of anything leading back to them."

Casey nodded as she knelt down beside Walsh and said, "Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will have reported them missing."

"Actually, I may be able to do better than that," Walsh answered as he leaned in closer to one of the bodies' heads. "It looks like this guy managed to take a bite out of one of his attackers. There's blood in his mouth. Hopefully, whosever DNA this is, will be in the system."

"Can you tell if they were killed here, or if their bodies have been moved from somewhere else?" Casey asked the officer still standing behind them as she stood up from her previous position.

The officer nodded as he responded, "There appears to be blood smears on the street around their bodies, as well as dirt and grime along the backs of their coats, making it appear that they had been dragged, and then there's the fact that their other wounds, aside from their heads, would have caused them to lose a lot of their blood all over the ground. There is no way that they died here."

Walsh replied, "Can you make sure that Dr. Crumb runs the blood tests on the blood found inside this guy's mouth right away? Thank you, Officer."

"Not a problem, Detective," the man answered. "I hope you catch these guys, whoever they are."

"So, what is up with you and your attitude toward the reporters a few minutes ago?" Casey asked as she and Jason walked away from the scene, while the officers began to load up the bodies into the coroner's van. "Do you have some kind of history with them making your life miserable?"

Walsh smiled as he responded, "Reporters and the press are a bunch of vultures. They don't care who they have to trample over, or who they have to hurt, just to get a story. When my girlfriend was murdered, they were all over me in hopes of getting the scoop about what really happened and about how I was feeling. You know, because I was a ball player? I've hated them ever since."

Casey nodded in understanding as she replied, "I see. I'm so sorry. I don't blame you for hating them. I'd probably hate them too, if I were you. They're not all bad though, you know?"

"Well, until you introduce me to one, who isn't a vulture, I'll beg to differ," he answered.

"You're on!" she said with a smile as she suddenly took off running back to their car, as he kept on walking, while watching her go. "Come on slow poke! We've got work to do!"

Later that night…

Detective Cole was inside his apartment making himself something to eat for dinner after a long, boring day at the precinct, but his mind wasn't really into what he was doing, as he was worried about his brother arriving soon. His brother was older than him by three years, but they were pretty close to one another, that is, until the man ended up in prison years ago for robbing a convenience store, as well as for taking the customers and the clerks hostages. Once he got caught, Cole hadn't spoken to him since, nor did the older man know that he was now a cop. No doubt it was going to create problems for him, mainly with his job, but also with his new outlook on life, as well as with his fiancé.

Just as the microwave dinged, letting him know that his dinner was ready, a knock came to the door, and Cole knew that his brother had arrived. As soon as he opened it, Cole's brother came right in and enveloped him into a hug, until he suddenly pulled back as he noticed the badge Cole was wearing on his belt. The young detective had forgotten to take it off when he came home."Tommy, I can explain," Cole spoke up as he saw the disapproving look on his brother's face.

Tommy Cole quickly responded, "I guess that explains why you haven't been to see me once I got arrested. I get it, but why would you become a cop, especially with the crap we've been through? Besides, I heard it from a friend that Frankie got himself killed after trying to kill some cop; a guy by the name of Walsh. You know him?"

Cole nodded as he replied, "Yeah, I know Detective Walsh. I work with him. He's a good man."

His brother looked at Cole angrily as he asked, "Frankie was like a brother to us and you think that his killer, is a good man?"

"Look, Jason knows about my past and he didn't say anything to our boss," Cole answered without correcting him about himself being the one to kill Frank and not Walsh. "I'm begging you to let this go and not to cause any more trouble for me. I love being a cop and I've also found God. I'm not the man I used to be."

"Boy, I'll say," Tommy responded. "Listen to me, Henry. I get what you're saying, but something tells me this, Detective Walsh, didn't let you go out of the goodness of his heart. He's after something, or he's keeping a close eye on you to make sure you don't screw up again. Either way, he's dangerous and not just for you, but for me too."

Cole quickly replied, "Please don't do anything stupid. Frank's attempt to kill him nearly got my partner killed when he accidentally shot her instead. It was because Frank killed Walsh's previous partner that put him onto us in the first place. He's good and the smartest cop I know. If you attempt anything, he will find out and bring us both down for good. Do you understand me?"

Tommy answered, "No one is invincible, Henry."

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