Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 6

When Walsh slowly awoke from unconsciousness, the first thing that he became aware of was the sharp pain he felt in his abdomen, as well as all over his legs and chest, as his ribs were no doubt badly bruised, some probably even broken. It took him awhile before he could get up the strength to move and sit up against the wall in whatever kind of room he was in. He could hardly see, as it was practically pitch black, but when he finally managed, he discovered that the wall and the floor were both metal. He realized he was stuck inside a shipping container like what was found at a shipyard, thanks to the little bit of sunlight coming through an air vent toward the top of the box, and he had no idea how long he had been there.

Jason reached down with one hand, as he found that his right wrist was chained up to the wall, and gently placed it on the area of his abdomen where he felt the most amount of pain and as he did, he felt a wet, sticky substance. When he removed his hand and held it up in front of his face, he saw that the substance was indeed blood like he expected, as he could barely make out the red that covered it. He was wounded pretty badly, but as he looked down at the wound, he could see that it had been treated somewhat, as there was a bandage that had been wrapped around it, obviously sometime ago because his blood was now seeping through it. Walsh struggled to remember how this had happened and tried to think back to his last memory before waking up in his current predicament.

Earlier that morning…

Just as he had for the last few weeks since he had told Detective Cole he would keep his secret, Jason struggled to sleep through the night and as four-thirty came around, he became fed up with lying in bed wide awake. So, he slowly and quietly moved out from underneath Allison's arm, which she had wrapped around his bare chest before she fell asleep the night before, and got up from his bed. He quickly got dressed and walked out into the diner to do some work before he opened up for breakfast. On top of a little cleaning, he had bills he needed to pay.

Once he finished and was about to open, he looked out through the glass door and noticed the woman that had come into the diner last night along with the man, whom he had gotten a bad vibe from. He had no doubt in his mind that she had been out there standing, watching him for awhile, but he had no clue why, making him feel uneasy.

Instead of unlocking his door to whoever would come in for breakfast, he stepped outside, closed the door behind him, and slowly began to walk over toward the woman, who only smiled as he came toward her as she continued to smoke. She dropped the cigarette to the ground once he arrived and put it out with her foot. As he got close, he noticed she had a large bruise around her left eye, which wasn't there the night before.

She smiled as she said, "Good morning there, Sugar."

He suspiciously replied, "You're up early this morning, Miss…."

"Lisa, Lisa Jensen," she answered as she moved in front of him and began to move her fingers along his chest. "There's no need for you to look at me like you're wondering why I'm here. I felt the chemistry we had between us when I was here last night."

"There was no chemistry, Miss. Jensen," Walsh responded as he roughly pushed her hand away from him and took a step back. "At least none that I felt. Besides, you've got yourself a boyfriend and I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't appreciate you being here with me. What are you really doing here so early this morning?"

Lisa wasn't surprised by his reaction to her as she continued to smile at him and said, "I was hoping to get a chance to speak with you before you got busy with work. Would you mind coming with me for a little walk?"

Jason began to walk alongside her as she moved away from him and replied, "I suppose a few minutes wouldn't hurt. Is everything all right between you and…"

"Tommy?" she finished for him. "No, not really. He dumped me after we left your diner last night. I'm not really sure why, but he was angry with me about something."

"Did he give you that bruise over your eye?" he asked gently as she turned to walk down an alley a few blocks down.

She turned away from him as she answered, "This is nothing. I tried…"

As he continued to follow after her, Jason interrupted, "I can help you if you're in trouble, Lisa. I'm not just the owner of the diner. I'm a detective with the NYPD."

"Actually, I'm afraid I've got a little confession of my own, Detective Walsh," she responded as she turned back to face him with a cold smile across her face. "I already know who you are."

Jason stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed a group of street thugs walk out from around the corner at the back end of the alley toward him and the woman, whom he realized was only pretending to be a damsel in distress in order to lure him out into the open. He was in trouble. He could fight well enough against a few of them, but not if they all chose to attack him at once, which he could see from their faces that that was what they had planned, and certainly not if they used the weapons he saw many of them carrying.

"What is it you want from me?" Walsh asked as he prepared himself for their attack.

She replied, "As I told you, Detective, my boyfriend did break up with me, but I love him and he wants to speak with you about some things. He just wasn't sure how to go about it. When I bring you to him, he'll want me back. Oh, and by the way, Tommy wasn't the one, who gave me this black eye. I hired my kid brother to do this, to help me to sell my story, just as I hired his gang to help me take care of you. I suggest you don't put up much of a fight, or you might get hurt."

Just as the thugs began to advance on him, Walsh quickly answered, "You're a fool, Miss. Jensen."

Three of the gang members attacked him at once without using their blades or clubs they had on them, but Walsh was able to knock them to the ground within a few minutes. It was then that the rest of the thugs began to use their weapons in hopes of taking him down. Jason managed to beat off a few more as they struck him several times on his chest and across his back and legs with clubs, but he didn't fall to the ground until he was suddenly stabbed in the left side of his abdomen with a knife. Jason cried out in pain as he collapsed to his knees, but remained silent as he watched and listened to the men that circled around him.

Lisa warned them not to kill him, as she needed him alive, so her brother, the leader of the pack, walked up behind Walsh and struck him hard over the head with the butt of his gun in order to knock the detective unconscious so that he wouldn't be able to give them any more trouble while they brought him to where Lisa had set up for them to meet up with Tommy.

Walsh remembered the fight vividly, as he moved his free hand along his chest and up and down his legs in order to figure out exactly what was bruised, as well as what was broken. Thankfully, none of the injuries were too bad, aside from the wound in his stomach, but unless he got some more help other than the loosely wrapped bandage already around it, he was going to become ill before too long.

As the door opened and he knew that it would no doubt be both Tommy and Lisa coming in, Walsh didn't worry about them, nor did he worry so much about getting sick. It was inevitable, so his mind wandered to his partner, trusting that she would find him no matter how long it took for her to do so.

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