Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 8

After Detective Cole left the police station, he worked to get a hold of his brother on his cell, but the older man didn't answer. So, Cole ran to his car, dropped his phone in the seat beside him, and began to speed off toward his apartment, where he assumed, or hoped, Tommy was at that moment. As soon as he arrived, he ran up the stairs and when he entered inside his apartment, he found Tommy quickly pulling a shirt over his head, then watched him as he walked over to the nightstand beside the bed he slept in, and pull out a gun. He checked to make sure it was loaded and then stuffed it into the back of his pants.

Tommy noticed his brother as soon as he walked in, but he ignored him until Cole finally began to shout, "What have you done? I warned you not to do anything stupid!"

The older brother turned to look at Cole and answered, "I promise you, Navan, I had nothing to do with this. My ex girlfriend is crazy. She and I went and spoke with the detective last night, just to get a feel for, well for who he was. I brought her because I didn't want to appear suspicious to him as I asked him whatever questions I asked him. Afterwards, I dumped her because I got mad that she almost blew that I'm an ex con. I had no intention of hurting him or kidnapping him, at least not any time soon. You have to believe me."

"My name is not Navan Granger anymore," Cole asked again angrily. "For the last time, I'm Henry Cole now. Why would your ex want to kidnap him? Walsh's partner found his apron in a dumpster down an alley not too far from his diner. It was covered in blood! Is he still alive?"

"I just got off the phone with her," Tommy responded as he placed his hand on Cole's shoulder. "Lisa assured me he was all right, but she didn't tell what condition he was in. I'm on my way to meet up with her right now down at the docks where she works. She has him locked up inside one of the shipping containers. Henry, this is going to work out for the best. The detective will no longer be around to cause you trouble and there is no way his disappearance can be linked back to me or you. Even if they find his body, which we can easily arrange so that they won't, they won't know where to begin their search for his killer. This is perfect!"

Cole shoved his brother's hand away and replied angrily, "You don't know his partner. You don't know mine. They'll stop at nothing to find out what happened to him. Besides, we don't know if Walsh told his partner about me or my past. She hasn't said anything to me and she hasn't treated me any differently, but if he did say something to her, I'll be her first suspect and I'll lose Beaumont for good."

Tommy looked at him in surprise and asked, "This Beaumont, she's your partner? Do you have a thing for her or something?"

"No, of course not," Cole answered quickly. "She's just my partner, but she's also my best friend. Besides, I'm getting married, remember? If I become a suspect, I could lose her too and my name will be ruined. Also, Jason had the chance to rat me out to our boss before and he didn't. He's a good man. He doesn't deserve this."

"If we don't finish this, Henry, you will lose everything," his brother responded sadly. "It's too late to turn back now. Let's go to the docks together and find out how much he's told his partner, then Lisa and I will take care of everything else. You don't have to become anymore involved."

Cole glared at his brother and asked bitterly, "And if Walsh did talk to his partner about me? What then? Are you going to kill her too? How far are you going to take this?"

Tommy replied, "As far as I have to in order to protect you and to protect myself. We're brothers, Henry. Are you with me?"

"I don't think I have a choice," the younger brother answered sadly as Tommy walked over to the door and opened it. "God doesn't forgive murderers."

"God can't fault you for being related to one," Tommy responded. "Besides, it will be me doing the dirty work, not you. You don't have to fear for your soul's welfare."


Jason sat up as straight as he could against the back of the metal container as the door opened. He couldn't help it as he squinted and held his free hand up to his eyes when the sun shined in, as he had been in the dark for some time now. Once his eyes finally readjusted, he looked up at Lisa as she slowly walked toward him with some clean bandages and medical supplies in her arms, but he didn't say anything and neither did she; at least not right away.

Instead, she only stood there looking down at him until a few minutes passed and she finally spoke up saying, "I'm glad to see you're still alive, Detective Walsh. I wasn't planning on hurting you to get you here. I am sorry that my brother's friends stabbed you and for the knock to the head. How are you feeling?"

Walsh ran his hand along the back of his head over the lump that had now formed there and softly replied, "Under the circumstances, I feel fine. As I asked you before, what do you and your boyfriend want from me?"

"I was only brought into this by Tommy so that you wouldn't be suspicious of his little visit to your diner last night," Lisa answered. "He wanted some information from you before he decided how to get rid of you, but after we left, Tommy broke up with me. I love him, so I decided to help him out with you so that he will see that I'm not useless."

"What kind of information?" Jason asked as he continued to stare at her, while holding his chained hand over the knife wound.

She replied, "I'm not really sure. He didn't talk about what the problem was much. I do know that it has something to do with helping out his brother though."

Walsh moved stiffly as he asked again, "Who is the brother?"

"I've already said too much," she answered as she bent down in front of him and began to remove the bloody bandage in order to look over the wound. "Don't worry, Detective. I'm only making sure your wound is taken care of. I can't have you dying just yet. It looks like you're bleeding out more than I expected. I'll take care of it."

"I appreciate that," he responded as she slowly cleaned and bandaged the wound up once again. "Whatever you and Tommy want, Miss. Jensen, you're not going to get it from me. You're wasting your time and you've thrown away your life, for nothing. As I said before, you're a fool."

She ignored him as she finished up, then pulled out a syringe from inside her coat pocket, and injected the needle into Walsh's neck, while she whispered, "Don't worry, Detective. This is only meant to help you sleep so that you won't be stupid enough to hurt yourself in trying to escape. I'll be back later tonight, with Tommy. We'll talk then. Good bye."

Jason tried to keep his eyes focused on her as she stood up. However, his vision began to grow dark and he slowly fell unconscious once again. Lisa smiled down at him, then turned to exit from the container, leaving the medical supplies on the ground beside him. As she left, she walked along the dock, among numerous containers, where there was no one else around, and headed up to the office where she worked in order to wait for Tommy to arrive.

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