Unkindest Cut of All

Chapter 9

Tommy and Cole arrived at the office inside the shipyard where Lisa worked within twenty minutes. Cole drove and as he did, his brother noticed that he kept glancing at his watch every few minutes. Tommy couldn't help but laugh at how uptight his kid brother had become over the years.

"What's so funny?" Cole asked grumbling.

"You are, Little Brother," Tommy replied as he chuckled again. "You've changed way too much. If you didn't keep that baby face of yours, I never would have recognized you when I first saw you again. You need to relax and stop staring at your watch like a cop. Do you have someplace you've got to be?"

Cole glared at him as they both got out of the car and began to walk up to the office and responded, "I am a cop, Tommy. I'm supposed to be at work, helping my partner and the rest of my department find the man your stupid girlfriend kidnapped. Do you even care that you're about to ruin my life? I've spent years trying to erase my past and you've managed to bring it down in just two days."

The older man answered, "I told you, you're going to be just fine. I will make sure that Detective Walsh's death is not linked back to you, I promise. Now, let's go find out what's going on, all right?"

"Hello again, Tommy," Lisa said as she quickly stepped out of the office when she saw them walking toward her building, not wanting them to walk in where the rest of her coworkers were. "I am glad you came, but I wasn't expecting you to bring your brother with you. I was hoping we could talk in private."

"My brother's here because he's a cop," Tommy replied as the three of them began to walk along the docks toward the container.

She suddenly stopped as she turned to Tommy and asked angrily, "You brought a cop down here? After all they did to you and you're still talking to a cop?"

Tommy responded, "Take it easy, Lisa. He's with me. Now, what on earth were you thinking when you kidnapped a detective with the NYPD?"

"As I told you, I thought I was doing you a favor," Lisa answered as they continued walking while she kept glancing back at Cole. "You wanted a chance to talk to him before you got rid of him and you needed to do it without witnesses. I got him out here for you and no one knows what happened to him."

"You mean, no one except for the gang members you hired to take him," the older man said. "If any of them are caught, any one of them could snitch on us."

She replied, "Only my brother knows what's going on and he would never snitch on me. Now, I gave your man a sedative not too long ago to knock him out, only in order to keep him from trying to escape; not that he could."

Cole watched her as she and Tommy opened the container's doors and asked, "How badly is he hurt?"

"He fought hard against my brother's gang," she responded as Cole slowly walked inside the container and stood above the unconscious man he somewhat considered a friend. "They had no choice, but to take him down with a knife to the gut. The wound is bad, but I've taken care of it enough so that you can talk to him later when he wakes up. He isn't in danger yet. He's tough."

"Jason doesn't deserve to die like this," Cole said sadly as he knelt down and took a look at the wound for himself, as well as checked his pulse to make sure he was really all right for now. "My partner's dating him. They might even be in love. I'm not really sure, but she'll never forgive me if she finds out I was involved in his death."

Tommy knelt down beside him and whispered so that Lisa couldn't hear him, "What if she learns that you are the one responsible for finding his killers instead. Lisa's brother and his gang are the ones that did this to him. You can make up the evidence that points to them, you can be the one, who discovers this evidence, and you can be the arresting officer. You can be the hero and your partner will be all yours and forget all about him in no time. I saw a picture of her in your apartment. She's a fine woman."

Cole stood up, followed by his brother, and said, "I don't think of her like that. Don't you dare talk about her that way. I need to get back to the police department. I told her I'd be back in an hour and I'm already late."

"So, are we moving forward with our plans then?" Lisa asked smugly.

"Yeah, I think we're good," Tommy answered as he continued to look at his brother. "You will do this, right Nav… Henry? For Frankie? For me? For us?"

Cole stared between him and Lisa and regrettably replied, "God forgive me, but yes. I'll do it, but when this is all over, I want you to leave town and never bother me again. Navan Granger is dead. I am Detective Henry Cole, not your brother. Do I make myself clear?"

Tommy looked at him smugly and responded, "All right, Little Brother. If that's what you want, then you've got yourself a deal. It will all work out. You'll see."

The detective glared at him, then turned and walked out of the container in order to get back to the police station before he got into trouble with his partner for being late when she really needed him. Tommy only smiled as he watched him leave, as did Lisa, but as soon as he knew that his brother was gone, he suddenly turned around and shot her in her chest using a gun with a silencer so that he wouldn't alert anyone, who may be nearby. She cried out in pain as she collapsed to the floor and stared into his deep, dark eyes, longing for an explanation.

"I'm sorry, Baby, but I can't have you around to spoil our plans," Tommy said coldly. "I appreciate you getting us started, but you're nothing, but a liability. I can't risk you getting caught and ratting me and my brother out to the cops."

Lisa died without being able to say a word, as tears fell down her face. Detective Walsh was right about her being a fool to do all of this for love, when Tommy didn't love or care for her in return. After she died, Tommy once again knelt over Walsh in order to check him over and make sure he was still alive. He wasn't through with him yet, but once he wakes up and Tommy gets from him what he needs, the detective's and his ex's bodies will be shipped out and dumped into the ocean, where they will never be found.

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