To Hell and Back

Chapter 10

Lakshanya finished her meditation and gathered the things that she needed in order to cast the spell that would make one of the Winchester brothers fall under her command and get rid of the other one. She sliced open her right hand with a dagger and poured her blood into the chalice on her table. Then, she lit the six candles that surrounded the chalice and began her chant.

She cried to the Morrigan saying, "I, Lakshanya, bring the power of my goddess to bear. I chant the prayer of Command upon thee, Sam Winchester. Let thee now follow this command, to kill your brother and come to me now. So commands my Lady, Morrigan. Initium!"

A fierce wind blew through the room as she felt the Morrigan's power. The feeling was exhilarating. This was the power she had longed for, for so long; ever since Ruby had introduced her to dark magic.

Ruby didn't practice power from Lady Morrigan. She practiced another kind of dark magic. Though she and Lakshanya had met after Ruby came back as a demon, Ruby showed her and others like her the perks from practicing witchcraft. They could have everything they ever wanted. Ruby and Lakshanya became sisters.

The Morrigan's magic was power Lakshanya had picked up after she learned of Ruby's death. When she learned it was the Winchester brothers who killed her, she became angrier than she had ever been and looked for darker magic that could help her accomplish a greater revenge on them than just death. Lady Morrigan provided that for Lakshanya.

The last time she spoke with Ruby, Ruby had told her of her plans to help the demon, Lilith, to raise Lucifer by using the younger of the brothers because of the power he possessed. She knew that having Sam Winchester under her command and using him to kill his brother would be the perfect revenge.

However, she learned that Sam had managed to defeat Lucifer by sacrificing himself and that he was in Hell. Lakshanya knew that she needed to find a way to gain the strength she would need to raise Sam from Hell and she finally did. Tonight, revenge would be hers at last.

Meanwhile, back in the hotel room in Indiana…

Sam just stood before Dean with glazed eyes and no expression on his face. He began to slowly advance upon Dean, as he quickly jumped in front of Lisa and Ben to protect them. Sam managed to tell Dean that Lakshanya had cast some sort of spell over him. Now Dean just needed to find a way to knock his brother out of it.

"Sammy, come on, Man," Dean said pleadingly. "You have to fight whatever that witch is making you do. You can do it. You beat Lucifer and he was way more powerful than her. Let Ben and Lisa go and I'll stay, please."

Without a word from Sam, Dean, Ben, and Lisa were suddenly forced back into the wall behind them and were held there by Sam's power. Sam held his arm in front of him, keeping them in place. He continued to advance and Dean knew that if he didn't do something fast, they were as good as dead.

"Dean, what is happening to Sam," Lisa asked? "What are we going to do?"

"He is somehow being possessed," Dean answered. "Just hang on. Cas, I need you! Get down here from whatever cloud you are sitting on now!"

Sam's glare darkened as he looked directly at Dean and all of a sudden Dean felt his chest tightening. Sam's hand was still raised and was now clutched tightly into a fist. Sam had the power to kill demons with just a thought and Dean knew that he was about to do the same to him. Dean could feel his heart being squeezed.

Just as Dean felt his consciousness fading, Castiel appeared, grabbed a hold of Sam by his shoulder, and spun him around to face him. The distraction was enough to stop the pressure on Dean's heart, but he, Lisa, and Ben were still being held up against the wall by Sam's invisible power. Dean couldn't help but feel like a fly caught against flypaper.

The moment Sam looked at Castiel he used his ability to throw Castiel across the room, causing the angel to crash into the table, which broke into pieces. Dean expected Sam to attack Castiel again, except he was wrong. Sam turned back around and began to once again advance on him.

He started to raise his arm once again, until Castiel disappeared and reappeared in between the brothers. Cas reached out and zapped himself and Sam from the room. Suddenly, Dean, Lisa, and Ben came crashing back down to the floor. Dean put his hand to his chest, which still hurt somewhat from the pressure that Sam had caused. He called out to Castiel again, wanting to know where he took his brother.

Outside in a park nearby, Castiel pulled away from Sam, who suddenly stopped fighting and stood still. His face was once again blank; unsure of where he was. Castiel looked at Sam in the eyes and then placed a hand on each side of his head in attempt to enter his mind.

As Cas did so, he saw Lakshanya in a dark room, standing in front of a table which held six lit candles placed in a circle, with a chalice filled with blood in the center of it. The witch was chanting a dark spell and as the angel listened, he knew it was a spell which placed Sam under her command.

Suddenly, Lakshanya snapped out of her trance as she sensed another presence inside Sam's mind. She looked around and saw the angel who saved them from her back at the abandoned shack in the middle of the woods.

She snarled and yelled, "He now belongs to me. Leave now, or I will have him destroy you too."

Castiel answered, "You cannot have this man. He is my friend and he deserves peace in his life for once. I will not allow you to harm him anymore. Get out now!"

Lakshanya screamed in pain as a bright light appeared. She was somehow thrown from Sam's mind and woken from her trance. She wasn't sure how the angel managed to overpower her, but she knew that her spell was broken and she would no longer have the power over Sam which she needed. Both Winchesters would die, by her own hands soon. She brought Sam back from Hell. She can put him back and have his brother join him.

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