To Hell and Back

Chapter 11

As Dean, Ben, and Lisa fell back down to the floor, Dean quickly stood and ran to the door; opening it to look around the parking lot for signs of his brother and Castiel. When he saw that they were nowhere to be found, he ran back into the room and began to pace back and forth while running his hands through his hair. Dean knew Castiel was trying to help Sam, but he hoped that the angel would come back soon.

After pacing for five minutes, Dean grew impatient and shouted, "Cas, where are you? What's going on?"

A few more minutes passed and there was no sign that Castiel had heard Dean until suddenly, the angel reappeared with Sam, who was on the floor unconscious. Dean ran over to his brother and Castiel, while Lisa and Ben just stood back and watched. Dean placed one of his hands on Sam's forehead and ran the other hand along his chest looking for broken ribs or other wounds. Dean knew firsthand how painful it can be to fight with an angel.

Dean looked up at Castiel and asked, "Cas, what the hell just happened? Is he all right?"

The angel looked down at Sam and then into Dean's eyes replying, "Sam will be fine in a while. He didn't put up much of a fight against me. The witch is still alive, but I was able to expel her from his mind for good. However, Sam is not out of danger yet. I fear she has realized that she cannot use him for her revenge and will resort to sending him back to Hell; you along with him."

"That's just great," Dean said. "In order for a spell like that to work, she has to be near us, right?"

"Yes," Cas answered. "A spell like that would need to be just as powerful as the one she used to resurrect Sam in the first place."

Lisa stepped forward as Dean attempted to pull Sam off of the floor and put him on his bed, turned to look at Castiel, and asked, "Do you know how to stop her once and for all?"

Castiel looked at Lisa and answered, "Lakshanya may be a witch, but she is still human. She can be killed just as easily as anyone else."

Dean replied, "Do you know where she is, Cas?"

"I saw the room she was in, but I do not know where it is," the angel said. "There was a neon sign outside the window, though. It said Prancing Ponies. I do not know what that means."

"It means…" Dean started to explain. "Actually, you may not want to know, being an angel and all, but it is like the place I took you to back when you had your wings clipped. Let's just say that it is a place full of fine, sexy women."

"Do you mean a whore house," Ben asked?

Lisa looked down at her son in shock and said, "Ben, I don't ever want to hear you talking like that ever again. Now, what was that that you were saying about sexy women, Dean?"

Dean looked at Lisa sheepishly and answered, "Not one woman is as fine and sexy as you, Honey. I only knew what place Cas meant because I passed by it driving into town."

"Right, so if you both were to go there now you can find her and all of this can be over with," Lisa asked?

"Believe me, I plan on killing her tonight, but Sam and I are still hunters," Dean responded as he walked up to Lisa and pulled her into his arms. "Angels and demons are still going to be after us. All of the symbols and salt are just temporary and Sam still has a long, hard road of recovery ahead of him. We also have an obligation to save the world from all the evils out there. This is the life that was chosen for us and it sucks, but we can't escape it. We've tried and it always turned out bad. I can't ask you and Ben to be a part of that. I won't put you in danger anymore. I love you both too much!"

Lisa kissed him long and hard as tears fell down her face. Castiel walked over to Ben, who had back further away to give his Mom and Dean some space. They continued to hug for a few more minutes and then Dean stepped back and walked over to Ben. He knelt down as Ben reached out and gave him a hug as well.

Dean walked them to their car and watched as the two of them drove off. He knew that he and Sam would still be able to stop by for a visit or talk on the phone, but it didn't make saying goodbye any easier. Life really wasn't fair.

Dean walked back into the hotel room to find Castiel sitting on his bed, waiting for him to come back and asked, "When will Sam come to?"

The angel replied, "I can wake him now."

Dean nodded and Cas placed two fingers on Sam's forehead. As soon as he did so, Sam awoke with a gasp and quickly sat up; too quickly. Sam put his hand to his head and then looked up at Dean. Then, he suddenly looked around in fear as soon as remembered what happened. He remembered Lakshanya's voice in his head, telling him to kill his brother.

"Dean, what happened," Sam asked. "Are you, Lisa, and Ben all right? Where are they?"

"We're just fine, Sammy," Dean answered. "Castiel came in the nick of time and expelled her from your mind. He said that you didn't even put up much of a fight against him."

Sam said, "I think that's because I was only ordered to kill you and then go to her. I tried to fight her off, but I couldn't. It wasn't like when I was possessed by Lucifer. I just felt like I wanted to kill you."

Dean replied, "Well, we have an idea where she is hiding out. Are you ready to get rid of this witch for good?"

Sam shook his head and responded, "More than you will ever know. Where are Ben and Lisa?"

"I told them goodbye and watched them drive away," he said. "Our life is not the kind of life that allows a family. I won't risk their lives anymore."

"I am so sorry, Dean," Sam answered.

"It's fine," Dean responded. "I wasn't cut out for the apple-pie life anyway. I just would have gotten fat on her great cooking. Believe me; you haven't had meatloaf until you've tried hers. It was worth dying for."

Sam laughed as Castiel walked over and asked if they were ready to finish this fight. As the two of them told him yes, Castiel put a hand on each of their shoulders and transported them over to the place with the neon sign.

As Sam read the sign, he looked over at Dean and asked, "Prancing Ponies? What are we doing here?"

Dean laughed and replied, "It's a long story. Lakshanya is hiding out around here somewhere, probably in one of those rooms in the rundown motel across the street. Unfortunately, we can't just knock on every door and shout out her name. I doubt that she would use her own name to check in."

Sam agreed with him saying, "You're right, but we could try going up to the clerk and asking what room Mattie Carson checked into. Remember, that's her name she used when she disguised herself as the nurse."

"Way to go, little brother," Dean responded. "I've certainly missed having you around to figure things out for me. I've got the colt. Let's get this over with."

The three of them walked into the motel, talked to the clerk, whom they had to bribe in order to get the room number, and stood just outside her door. Dean pulled out the colt from under his jacket, Sam pulled out his own gun, and Castiel just stood behind them. Dean kicked down the door to find Lakshanya standing behind a table with six lit candles and a chalice in the center.

She smiled as they walked into the room and said, "I knew that between the three of you, someone would have figured out where I was. I will kill you both and send you straight back to Hell where you belong. I am sure that Lucifer will be happy to see you again, Sammy."

"No one calls me Sammy, except for Dean," Sam responded as he raised his gun to shoot her.

However, before he had the chance to shoot, he and Dean were suddenly thrown backwards and crashed hard up against the wall. They, as well as Castiel, turned to see the clerk from the front desk and three other people with back eyes; demons, as well as three angels. Apparently, the two beings had decided to work together in order to hunt down the Winchester brothers once and for all.

Sam and Dean struggled to get up as Castiel pulled out his angel killing weapon and began to fight the angels. The demons advanced on Sam and Dean as they finally made their way to their feet and joined in on the fight. Dean managed to kill one of the demons using the colt, but it was telekinetically thrown from his hand and he was once again thrown backwards.

Lakshanya realized that she had yet to be noticed, or no one cared about her because they were too enthralled in the battle. So, she went back to around the table and flipped through the book which held the chant she needed. She then sliced a long gash in her wrist and let the blood pour into the chalice.

As she did so, she raised her arms and head toward the ceiling and began to chant, "I, Lakshanya, bring the power of my goddess to bear. I chant the prayer of Divine Wrath upon thee..."

Castiel overheard Lakshanya begin to cast a spell once again as he was fighting and shouted, "Sam, Dean! You have to kill her now; before she finishes the chant!"

Sam suddenly raised his arms and began to cast the demons from all three of the people whom they possessed, in order for Dean to take care of Lakshanya. They shouted as the smoke came bellowing out from their mouths and the ground opened up a portal which sent them straight down to Hell where they belonged.

The chanting continued, "…heavens rumble and the earth shakes. Thou art enveloped in a bright burst of divine energy. Thy very nerves scream in pain as the concentrated anger of the divine tears thee apart from the inside. Thy very flesh glows white as…"

Suddenly, the room became very quiet and Lakshanya looked down at her chest to see red blossoming and soaking the front of her white blouse. She looked down at Dean, who was still on the floor and held the smoking colt in front of him; aimed at the witch's chest. She just stared at him in shock and fell to the floor; dead.

Castiel was easily able to destroy the angels because of the distraction caused by Sam as the demon smoke filled the room. Dean looked around once the smoke cleared and saw that Sam had collapsed to the floor and in obvious pain. Blood was dripping from his nose, his eyes were closed, and he was lying on his back.

Dean got up and ran over to him asking, "Sammy, can you hear me? Talk to me, Man!"

Sam quietly answered, "I can hear you Dean. I'm all right. My head just hurts really badly. Exorcising three demons at once is not a good idea. I'll be fine in a minute."

"You both did well," Castiel said. "Lakshanya is finally dead and Sam is finally free. You will still have to deal with more angry demons and angels again, but I'll bet it will be awhile before they attack again. After tonight, they will not want to mess with you for some time."

"You're never going to see Hell or Lucifer again, Sammy," Dean spoke happily. "Like Cas said, you're free!"

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