To Hell and Back

Chapter 12

After Dean, Sam, and Castiel had finished cleaning up the mess once the battle was over, Castiel transported the boys back to their hotel room and disappeared. Dean made a call to Bobby, while Sam lay on his bed with a cold, wet towel across his forehead. He had taken aspirin to help with the pain and hoped that his fever would come down soon. Until then, Dean practically ordered him to rest.

Dean told Bobby about everything that happened that night; how he said goodbye to Lisa, how the angels and demons decided to come together in order to try to kill them once and for all, how they finally killed Lakshanya, and how relieved they were to know that Sam was no longer in danger of going back to Hell.

Bobby told Dean he was proud of them, as he always was. Before he hung up, he told them to drive back to his home for a small victory party. This mainly consisted of three men and an angel sitting around telling jokes while drinking beer. Dean said they would as soon as Sam felt comfortable enough to sit in the car all day long.

After he hung up with Bobby, Dean jumped into the shower and packed up most of their things. Then, he grabbed their bags and brought them out to his car. Actually, the impala was once again his and Sam's car; their home. He was so happy to be able to say that to himself again. The Winchester brothers were back together and Dean was going to do whatever it took to make sure that they stayed that way.

When Dean walked back into the room, Sam looked over at him and asked, "Dean, are you all right?"

Dean replied, "Yeah, I've just been thinking about things. I have to get use to things going back to normal again. It's been awhile, though you never do forget how to be a hunter."

Sam chuckled and said, "You call our lives being normal? They are far from it."

"You're right, but it is normal for us," Dean responded. "Saving people from demons, angels, vampires, ghosts, and all other things the world would never believe exists and never getting a proper thank you. Our lives officially suck, but at least they suck together. I can live with that."

"So can I," Sam agreed. "By the way Dean, I never really had the chance to say thank you for saving me. The last few days have been pretty crazy. I can't…"

Before Sam could finish, Dean interrupted him and said, "You don't have to thank me again, Sammy. You already have. Besides, you've saved me over and over. We save each other; it's what we do."

Suddenly, Castiel reappeared. Sam and Dean looked at him and realized that he looked upset about something. However, they weren't really sure because the angel didn't really smile all that much. His face was always expressionless, unless he was confused about something.

"Are you all right, Cas," Dean asked? "Is the sheriff in the doghouse for killing three of God's deputies?"

"I am not sure what you mean," Castiel answered.

Sam laughed and responded, "I think Dean means that he wonders if you are in trouble with your superiors for killing the angels tonight."

Castiel replied, "No, I am not in trouble. Most of them understand that I did what I had to do."

"Are you ok, Cas," Sam asked?

"No, not really," the angel said. "Even though the angels I killed tonight had sided with Zachariah and wanted to kill the two of you for ruining their paradise on Earth, they were still my brothers and sister. You both know how it feels to lose family. However, I am going to be fine."

"You're right," Dean agreed as he nodded at what Castiel had said. "We all move on, even if we don't want to. What about the rest of the angels? Are there still some of them who want us dead?"

Castiel answered, "Yes, there are some who are still on Zachariah's side and want you dead. However, the majority of us are grateful to the two of you for accomplishing what we could not. You defeated Lucifer, without the death and destruction that would have happened if we followed through with the Apocalypse. You are good men who deserve more than the life you have been given and I am sure if God was around, he would agree. I will do whatever I can to keep those who are against us away from you."

Sam responded, "Thank you, Cas."

"Yeah, thank you," Dean added. "You're one hell of a guy! We are going to be leaving for Bobby's once Sam feels better to celebrate his homecoming. We'll just end up laughing and drinking, probably until we puke. How about it; are you coming?"

"I am sure that if I drank, that would be fun," the angel said. "However, I am afraid that I cannot. I have much to do up there to keep order."

"Speaking of order," Dean began to say. "You said that Michael was released from Hell a long time ago. Is he up there with you guys again? Is he causing trouble?"

Castiel replied, "Michael is very angry with you, especially with Sam for defying him, but Lucifer was defeated. It was his goal and he does not plan to come after you again. He loves God and never meant to go against his wishes."

Sam asked, "What about Adam, is he up there too?"

"He is there with his mother like he was promised by Zachariah," Castiel said. "It was his reward for being Michael's vessel. He is very happy. Also, I want you both to know that if I could have brought Sam back much sooner, I would have."

"We do know, Cas," Sam answered. "I knew the risk. Besides, I'm back now. I'll be just fine."

"That's right," Dean said! "I'll take care of him just as Dad ordered me to, years ago. The supernatural be damned! Hey, I just thought of a great idea! Maybe we could have a live in nurse come along with us, you know, for when we get injured on a hunt. It may save us from having to explain things to the cops time and time again. She would have to be hot and you might even be able to get yourself laid again."

Sam shook his head and replied, "Dean, would you get you mind out of the gutter for once. That's wrong for so many reasons."

Three months later…

Sam and Dean were driving back to Bobby's after killing a nest of vampires in Oklahoma. Bobby told them about it and would have joined them, were it not for another problem he had with a wendigo in North Dakota.

The months have been a difficult recovery for Sam. For awhile, he still had violent nightmares whenever he fell asleep. Sometimes, Dean would even get punched in the face by Sam, who fought against the things only he could see. At first, Dean had to call Castiel for help so that he and his brother could get some sleep. Sam hated it and tried to insist that he get a room of his own so that he wouldn't bother Dean, but Dean refused to let Sam suffer alone.

In time, the nightmares began to get easier to deal with, just as Dean's had from his stay in Hell. They didn't completely disappear, but Sam was now able to sleep most nights without fear. When they needed to, the brothers talked about what was going through their minds and would even have "chick-flick moments," as Dean called them, if needed.

Things were finally back to normal and together, Sam and Dean enjoyed driving across country and killing evil. Dean still drove most of the time; not because he didn't trust Sam, but it was because it was just the way things always were. Dean also picked the music; driver's rule. They talked to Bobby often and Castiel would stop in and visit too. Sam even met a nice girl. They never spent the night together, but at least he had a few dates. Dean met several women. He was the same he always was, before their life spun so out of control from the looming apocalypse. Life was as good again; as good as it was going to get and they were happy with that, as long as they were together.

The End

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