To Hell and Back

Chapter 2

Two months later…

A man sat in a booth across from his girlfriend inside a small Irish pub in Cicero, Indiana. Cicero was a small town, one of the towns where people knew everyone and gossip spread like wildflowers. The man hated it here and would have left if it were not for the woman he was in love with or her boy whom he loved as a son. He stayed because of a promise.

This man was Dean Winchester. It had been almost a year since his brother, Sam, had jumped into Hell to save mankind. Dean felt that at times that most people did not deserve the sacrifice that they both had made. Most of them were still selfish, uncaring, and would never understand the sacrifice that was made to prevent the apocalypse.

As much as he should be grateful to have both Lisa and her son, Ben, stick with him despite the quiet and distant man he had become, he was lonely and still felt dead inside. That would never change. Lisa knew it and yet she still stayed. She couldn't help but love who was buried deep within the man who sat across from her. He was kind, caring, and she knew that her son adored him too.

Dean would protect them from the dangers that she knew were out there and yet he spoke so little about them. She remembered what he briefly explained to her the time that Ben had been taken by that thing which looked like him. All he had ever told her since he came back into their lives was that there are evil, supernatural beings throughout the world and that Hell is not just a place where people are told to go to in anger. That it is much worse and very real. He told her that he and his brother were once hunters of these beings and that Sam was dead.

The moment he spoke those words, was the moment she understood why he was broken. She remembered meeting Sam before, but they didn't talk much. Yet, she liked him and saw the resemblance between him and Dean. She knew how close they were. Lisa begged Dean to explain what happened to his brother, but he refused. He only said that Sam gave up his life to save everyone else from death and destruction; Hell on Earth. He never told her that he was suffering in Hell because he defeated Lucifer, who fought to gain possession over his mind and body.

In a booth, a few tables away, two men sat and were talking loudly. Dean was trying to drown out the noise around him, but he was feeling irritated tonight. He picked up another shot of beer and was about to drink until Lisa placed a hand on his arm. He stopped and put the beer back on the table.

Dean looked at her in the eyes and said, "I am sorry Lisa. I am just not in a very talkative mood tonight. Did you still want to go catch a movie before Ben comes home from his friend's house?"

Lisa answered, "That's alright, Dean, we don't have to. There isn't anything good playing anyway. There are mostly horror movies out and I am sure that you have had enough of that in real life. After learning that those things are really out there, I no longer have a desire to see them on screen."

"I never used to have a problem with watching movies like Nightmare on Elm Street or Dracula," Dean replied. "I even used to enjoy them because they made me and Sam laugh at how corny they were. Believe me, vampires are nothing like Dracula. They are much worse. There was one time that Sam and I were captured by a monster with a classic horror movie fetish. Sam noticed that the creature had dressed me in lederhosen and in the middle of a fight, Sam began to bust up laughing. Despite the danger we were in, Sam and I..."

Lisa was smiling at his story, until Dean stopped midsentence and looked down at the shot glass on the table in front of him. The sadness in his eyes was back. She knew that talking about Sam was hard for him, even when it was the good times that were brought up. Dean stood up, poured back one last shot, and helped Lisa stand up.

Just as they were about to leave, the two men who were talking rather loudly before stood up as well and began to walk toward Dean and Lisa. Dean noticed that they had had a few drinks, but from the way that they were walking over, he could tell that they were not yet drunk. He hoped that they didn't want to fight, but he doubted that he had that kind of luck.

One of them spoke up saying, "Well, well, well, if it isn't Dean Winchester. What on earth are you doing here in a small town like this?"

Dean pulled Lisa behind him and answered, "I don't know who you are guys, but I suggest that you get away from us right now. I am asking nicely before this gets nasty."

"We are hunters, just like you," the same guy responded. "We just want to talk."

"I don't hunt anymore," Dean said. "We are just going to leave. We don't want any trouble and I have no need to make new friends. Turn around and go back to your table or leave, now!"

The second hunter replied, "We heard that you had given up hunting. Never understood why you would. Perhaps it has something to do with that freak of a brother you have. Where is he? Isn't he Lucifer's right hand man?"

Dean lunged at the guy and began to beat the crap out of him. Lisa backed up further and watched in fear; fear for Dean, knowing how angry he could get when defending his brother. The other hunter joined in the fight to help his partner. Despite being out numbered, Dean allowed his anger to work for him and was able to knock one of the men unconscious. However, the second guy was bigger and stronger. Dean was having a harder time with fighting him.

After a few minutes, three other men joined the fight, but they were with the two men against Dean. Dean knew that he was in trouble. He quickly got out from under another one of the men he knocked down and backed up toward Lisa, who was still watching. Dean told Lisa to run, but one of the men had gone around them and was blocking the door. Dean told Lisa he was sorry and stood in front of her in order to defend her.

Just as Dean blinked, suddenly he and Lisa were no longer in the bar, but at home. Lisa was shocked and was about to ask Dean what happened until Dean quickly turned around and saw a very familiar face that he never expected to see again.

Dean smiled and said, "Cas, your timing was great! It is good to see you. I never thought that I would ever again."

Castiel answered, "It is good to see you again too, Dean. It has been a long time."

Lisa looked at Dean with a confused look on her face and he said, "Lisa, this is Castiel. He is a really good friend of mine. He is also a, uh, an angel. It is kind of hard to explain. He has saved my life more times than I can count."

"What do you mean he is an angel," she asked? "And how did we get here? Dean, what is going on?"

"I mean he is a literal, winged, holy, powerful, butt-kicking angel of God," Dean answered. "You know how I have the handprints burned onto my shoulders? Those handprints are his. I really went to Hell and Cas pulled me out. He has angel mojo, which is how we got here. Which reminds me, Cas, why are you here? You wouldn't be here unless it was important."

"I came because you need to come with me," Castiel responded. "Something has come to my attention that you must know about."

Dean replied angrily, "I am not a hunter anymore, Cas. I told you before; I'm done with all of you. I will not help God, or any other angel defeat some other big disaster that you brought upon yourselves. Did you hear me? My answer is no. I've given everything you guys my entire family, including the one person that means more to me than anything. I will not give up Lisa or Ben too. So, no offense, but you need to leave, now!"

Castiel spoke again saying, "You will want to know this. It is about your brother."

"Sam, what about him," Dean asked? "Cas, what do you know?"

Castiel replied, "Dean, Sam is alive and he is in a lot of trouble."

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