To Hell and Back

Chapter 3

Dean only stared at Castiel in shock at the words the angel had just spoken. His brother was alive. Dean heard that Sam was in trouble, but the fact that he was alive is the best news Dean has had in year. Lisa just looked at them. She had so many questions, but she knew how important it was for Dean to speak with his friend if it involved his brother.

"Dean, did you just hear what I said," Castiel asked?

Dean responded, "Yeah, Cas. What do you mean Sam is alive and in trouble? How long?"

Castiel replied, "About two months."

"Two months; was Lucifer released too," Dean asked?

"No, only Sam was," Castiel answered. "We would have known sooner if Lucifer was released. Both Michael and Adam were pulled from Hell shortly after they were pulled in. The angels who sided with Michael helped him to escape the pit, as well as Adam as a reward for agreeing to be his vessel. As much as I wanted to save Sam, I could not risk Lucifer escaping too; as Sam said. Sam was released by very dark magic and no one knows who it was that did it. I do know that whoever did pull Sam out, wants to use him for a dark purpose. Anyone with that kind of power would."

Dean replied, "How do you know that? Why did it take so long for you and the other angels to find out that Sam was out? Do you know where he is?"

Castiel responded, "Dean, I know that you are worried for your brother, but I need you to calm down. I do not know how dark magic of this magnitude did not alert us. Whoever did this is powerful, or knows someone else even more powerful. The angels and demons have been talking. We have discovered more and more as time has passed. Recently, I learned that the angels who sided with Zachariah and Michael, as well as many demons, all are after Sam too. However, no one knows where he is. The sigils that I carved into his ribs are probably still hiding him from the angels, but there must be some kind of spell that is hiding him from the demons too. You are Sam's only hope."

"We have to find Sam as soon as possible Cas," Dean said. "I don't care what it takes. I am grateful to whoever or whatever saved him, but if they think that they are going to use him for something, they can think again. I will kill them before they hurt him anymore. Sam was tortured in Hell by Lucifer, for under a year to us, which means that it has been almost one hundred and twenty years to him. Believe me, I know. Whether it is angels, demons, even God himself, who want him, I will kill them first."

Castiel answered, "I came to you, not only because I owe you, but because you and Sam are my friends. I will do whatever it takes to save him."

Dean replied, "I am going to call Bobby. Maybe he might have some information for us that might help."

Dean dialed Bobby's number and waited anxiously for the gruff voice to answer. Dean hadn't spoken with Bobby since Sam died. It made it much easier for him to keep his promise to Sam of no hunting. Bobby phone went to voicemail. Dean left a message, telling Bobby that he needed to call him back immediately.

Bobby called back about twenty-five minutes later and asked, "Dean, what is wrong, Boy? Your message sounded like you were in big trouble."

Dean answered, "I am not in trouble, Bobby; Sam is. He's alive. I don't have time to go into a lot of detail. I promise that I will explain everything later. I am on my way to you. Are you at home?"

"Dang it, Dean," Bobby replied. "I warned you not to go poking at the bear cage. It is too risky. Do you want to start the apocalypse all over?"

"Bobby, listen to me," Dean said. "I wasn't the one who released Sam. No trading my soul and no reopening the cage. Please just tell me where you are. We need to talk, but not over the phone."

Bobby spoke again saying, "I just finished a hunt in Minnesota. That's why I didn't answer before. If you are still in Indiana, I will easily make it home before you do. Unless of course you are going to get some help from Castiel. I will see you soon."

After they hung up, Dean turned to go to his room to pack and realized that Lisa was still in the room and that she had just heard that entire conversation. He took a hold of Lisa by her arm and pulled her with him so that he could explain what was going on.

"Listen to me, Lisa," Dean said. "You know about what I do. You also know that I swore off hunting. However, my brother is in trouble. He is alive and in God knows what condition. You heard Castiel. There are both angels and demons that are trying to hunt him down to make him pay for ruining their post apocalyptic plans. If it was something else, I wouldn't care, but this is Sam. I have to go. I have to save him. Please tell Ben that I am so sorry and that I will try to be back. I love you both so much. I hope that you can understand."

"Of course I do, Dean," Lisa answered. "From everything that I know about Sam and from what I just heard, believe me I can understand. I hope that you find him. Just promise me that you will come home and bring your brother with you; no matter what. I love you too."

Dean kissed Lisa and then quickly packed his bags like he usually did on a hunt. Then, he went out to the impala to check the trunk. Dean needed to make sure that all of his weapons were ready and in order. It has been a while, but he knew that he would never forget no matter how long he quits hunting.

Dean got into the driver's seat, cranked up the stereo, and drove off toward Bobby's junk yard. Castiel took the passenger's seat and stayed with Dean for a part of the trip. It allowed Castiel to finish explaining everything that he knew. Dean was on his way to finding his brother once again and is going to do whatever it takes to get him back.

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