To Hell and Back

Chapter 4


Sam sat on the floor in the corner of a white, padded room to which he was brought to a little over a month ago. He awoke from his coma after two weeks. The doctors and nurses at the hospital had tried to ask him who he was and where he was from, but Sam was unable to answer. He wasn't himself. He was terrified and wouldn't look at anyone in the eyes or allow anyone to touch him. He kept as far away from everyone as he could. He hardly spoke and when he did, it wasn't to anyone in the room, but to someone only inside of his mind. The few words that the doctors could make out were Hell, Lucifer, demons, and angels.

After that, the doctors believed him to be crazy and placed their John Doe somewhere where he would be of no danger to himself or others. He was sent off to a mental institute and has been there ever since. The doctors have continued to try to figure out their newest patient, but Sam spoke very softly to himself. He still hid his face and would not talk to anyone else.

After awhile, the doctors gave up on trying to communicate with Sam. Instead, they only visited when he was given food, water, and drugs. They also kept an eye on him from the surveillance room. There was a video camera in every room as a precaution. Sam refused to take the medication at first and was forced to, but eventually he stopped fighting them and took the pills willingly. When all other patients were let out of their rooms for recreational activities, Sam remained in his room.

One of the nurses in the institute, Mattie Carson, was about the same age as their resident John Doe and was given the task of delivering him his meals and medicine. After a few days, no one else wanted the job. At first, she didn't want it either, but the more she did it the more that she felt sorry for this young man. All of their patients were much older than him. He was too young to be in this condition and to have no one out there looking for him. Each trip that she made to his room, she stayed just a little bit longer.

One night Mattie walked into his room, not to give him a meal or his medicine, but just to try to talk to him. She couldn't help but feel bad that no one cared enough to try to help him anymore. She saw that he was still sitting in the corner that night. She sat down on the floor, not too far away from him and began to speak to him.

She said, "My name is Mattie. I know that for some reason, you don't seem to be able to answer me, but I wanted to get to know you. Something terrible must have happened to you to get you to become like this. There must be someone out there who loves you and is searching for you. You are too young to be all alone. I wish…"

Sam suddenly began to talk again saying, "He is in my head. I can still feel him. Please, get him out!"

"Get who out," Mattie asked? "Who is inside your head?"

"Lucifer," Sam replied. "He is always with me. I'm tired. Please just get away. I am not safe to be around. What is happening to me? Help me, please."

Mattie looked at him sadly and was about to speak again until the door opened up. A doctor and two of the orderlies walked in. One of them stepped toward Sam with a syringe in his hand and Mattie tried to stop them, but as she did, she was thrown against the far wall of the room. When Mattie looked up, she saw that all of their eyes had turned black.

Suddenly, Sam jumped up from the floor, grabbed the orderly with the needle, and pushed his arm back causing him to stick the needle into himself. Sam spun him around and broke his neck. Then, Mattie watched as the young man with no name raised his arm and closed his eyes. Pitch black smoke rose from the mouths of all three men. The remaining men fell to the floor and Mattie could tell that they were dead. She looked up at the young man in fear, but she saw sadness in his eyes. For the first time, he actually looked at her directly, until he turned and ran out the door. She knew that somehow, he had just saved her life.

Mattie could hardly move, but she finally found her legs and ran from the room. She ran past the other orderlies, doctors, and nurses that were scrambling toward the room she had just been in and after the young man who was escaping. Apparently, someone else had seen what just happened from the surveillance room. Their John Doe was now a hunted man. Mattie was definitely afraid, but she was more afraid for the young man. She knew that he wasn't like the other patients and she hoped that he was able to escape from this place and find somewhere safe.

Sam ran from the institute, barefoot and with only white scrubs for clothing. Anyone who saw him would know that he was from a mental institute. There was nowhere in particular that he was running to. He had no idea where he was, but he just kept running. He knew that demons were after him and that he needed to escape. However, Sam's mind was jumbled and he had no recollection of his surroundings.

Sam was no longer able to tell if he was alive once again as he felt when his mind was lucid, or if he was still trapped in Hell. Lucifer made him see so many things and tortured him constantly with agonizing pain, painful memories, images, and his worst fears. Sam vaguely remembered climbing out from beneath the earth and feeling strange as a chanting could be heard above the roaring thunder that loomed above him.

Sam kept running through the woods until he found an old, abandoned shack. He stepped inside and went to lie down on the floor, in a corner in the back of the room. His eyes closed and he felt himself drifting off to sleep. However, nightmares were all that waited for him as darkness closed in on him.

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