To Hell and Back

Chapter 5

Dean had reached Bobby's in record time. He didn't care about obeying the rules of the road. He just wanted to get to Bobby as soon as possible. The faster he drove there, the quicker he could begin researching and finding Sam before any angels or demons did. That was all that mattered to him.

After explaining everything that he needed to in order to catch Bobby up, both of them began to look for supernatural signs throughout the country. However, after several hours, they had come up with nothing. Castiel had gone to wherever he usually goes in order to try to learn about Sam's whereabouts.

Dean grumbled and threw the book he was studying down on the table in front of him. His eyes hurt and he was angry that there was no clue as to where his brother was. Suddenly, Bobby came back into the room and put a newspaper in front of Dean. Dean looked up at Bobby and stared, then back down at the paper.

"Bobby, any other time I would be happy to go to a hot singles club, but right now, Man," Dean asked?

Bobby flipped the paper over, pointed to the article that was in the corner, and replied, "I am not trying to set you up on a date, you idgit. Just read the article. I think it may help us out."

As Dean read through the article, he jumped up and cried out, "Castiel, I need you now!"

Castiel suddenly appeared as he always did and asked, "Have you discovered something that will help us to find Sam?"

"This article talks about a mental institute, where one of the patients somehow killed three men; one doctor and two orderlies," Dean answered. "Then, the patient ran from the room and managed to escape. Normally, that wouldn't seem weird, except that one of the nurses who was a witness to this, claimed that the patient had saved her life. She said that she was somehow shoved up against the wall, but by an invisible force. Then, she said that the men's eyes suddenly turned black. The article doesn't say much more or what the patient looked like, but there are no other signs that are leading us to any other demons. We need to go here in order to check this out. It could be nothing, but I have to know."

"You are right," Castiel said. "This may give us some answers."

Dean turned to Bobby and asked, "Are you coming, Bobby?"

Bobby replied, "Are you planning on driving or is Castiel zapping you there?"

"We need to get there right away," Dean said. "If this is Sam, then he could still be close by."

"Let's go then," Bobby answered. "Just let me get my gun."

After a few minutes, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel suddenly appeared just outside the mental institute in which demons had apparently attacked a patient. The three of them walked in and looked around. Everything looked normal, or as normal as a mental hospital would. Dean walked up to the front desk and asked if the nurse who talked to the news reporter about the missing patient and three deaths was here.

The woman replied, "Why can't you busybodies just leave Mattie alone. That poor girl went through a terrible ordeal and doesn't deserve to be ridiculed anymore, by the press, reporters, or by the cops. Shame on you. Just go away and never come back."

Before Dean could respond, Bobby walked up and said, "I beg your pardon, Ma'am. My friends and I are not here to make fun of the young woman. We just want to ask her some questions about what happened. We are with the FBI and we want to hear everything about what she said, no matter how crazy everyone else thinks it is. It could be of help to us."

"My name is Mattie Carson," a woman spoke from behind them. "I am the nurse who witnessed everything two nights ago. Do you mind if we talk in private? Everyone thinks that I am now just as crazy as the patients here."

Dean, Bobby, and Castiel all followed the young woman into what looked like a small conference room and sat down at a table. The young woman looked nervous, but after a few minutes, she looked up at them and waited for the first question to be asked.

Dean spoke first, "My name is Dean Cetera and these are my partners, Bobby Collins and Jimmy Smith. We want to ask you about what happened two nights ago. You can tell us everything, even if you think it sounds crazy. We are not here to pass judgment. We just want the truth."

Mattie answered, "I was assigned to take care of the John Doe who killed those men. At first, I didn't want to do it, but when I went to see him for the first time, I saw something that no one could. He was sad and scared, but he was gentle and quiet. He hardly ever spoke except for a few words here and there. They were crazy things, which I guess was the reason he was in here, but for some reason he just didn't seem like he was crazy. I mean, his eyes looked sincere."

"What exactly was he saying, Miss," Bobby asked?

"He talked about someone being inside of his head and that he couldn't get him out," she replied. "He begged me to get him out. When I asked who, he said Lucifer; that he was always there. Then, he told me to leave because he wasn't safe to be around. Something about the way he said it made me almost believe him. After a few minutes, his doctor and two orderlies walked in. One of them was holding a syringe and began to walk toward the patient. As he did so, I was suddenly flung back against the wall and held there by some invisible force. All of their eyes turned black. John Doe stood up, grabbed the orderly with the syringe, spun him around, plunged the syringe into the guy, and broke his neck. Then, he raised his hand, closed his eyes, and black smoke came out of all of their mouths and disappeared. The men were all dead. The patient looked at me with sadness in his and for the first time, he looked me in the eyes. Then, he ran from the room and managed to escape the hospital. Somehow, I knew that he saved my life."

Dean listened to Mattie as she spoke and knew that it was definitely Sam who was here. He was now even more scared for his brother then he was before. Sam was in bad shape and apparently unsure of who or where he was. He was also all alone with evil closing in on him.

"This John Doe, is this him," Bobby asked as he held up a picture that was taken of Sam a few years ago?

"Yes, that is him," Mattie answered. "Do you actually know him?"

Dean answered as tears began to form from his eyes, "Yeah, I do. He's my… He is a friend of mine. He disappeared about a year ago. If you'll excuse me."

Dean got up and quickly walked out of the room. Bobby was about to get up and go after him, but Castiel put his hand gently on his shoulder and walked out to go after Dean instead. Castiel found Dean outside starring out toward the woods where witnesses said Sam had run into.

Dean sensed Castiel walk up behind him and said, "Sam was here two nights ago, Cas. He is scared, confused, and alone. We have to find him. Whatever force was hiding him from the demons before is obviously not working anymore. It's only a matter of time before they, the angels, or whoever pulled him out of Hell will find him again. We can't let that happen. Sam is depending on me. I won't let him down."

Castiel nodded and spoke saying, "We will find him, Dean."

They both turned back to looking into the woods as they waited for Bobby to come out. When he did, all three of them headed off into the woods. Both Dean and Bobby were armed with guns and the demon killing knife. Castiel carried the weapon which killed angels, in case they attacked. It was getting late into the afternoon and it would be dark soon, but Sam needed them as soon as possible. If it got dark, they would send Castiel back to the impala parked at Bobby's and have him get a few flashlights from its trunk.

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