To Hell and Back

Chapter 6

Dean, Bobby, and Castiel have been searching through the woods for several hours and so far there have been no signs of trouble. However, Castiel got the sense that they were being watched. Dean wanted to tell the angel that he was just being paranoid, but knowing that practically every supernatural being was after his brother, Dean knew Cas was right.

Night was falling, the winds were picking up, and a thunderstorm was looming above them. They knew that the rain would come pouring down on them any minute and that they needed to find shelter.

Bobby spoke up saying, "We should go back to a hotel in town. We can begin again in the morning, once the rain stops."

Castiel replied, "There is something unnatural about this storm. I think that it is meant to prevent us from continuing on."

"I don't care about the weather, guys," Dean said forcefully. "Sam is close by, I know it. He was in Hell for almost one hundred and twenty years. I can only imagine what he went through and he is still going through it, even though he has been pulled out by God only knows what. Then, he landed in a frickin' mental hospital and is now running for his life. I am not quitting now."

"I agree with Dean," Castiel said. "If we don't find Sam tonight, something else will."

Just as Bobby was about to answer, Dean pointed to what looked like some run down shack in the distance. The three of them ran to it, but before they entered, both Dean and Bobby raised up their guns in case of an ambush. They figured that they could rest here, before continuing on.

The shack was more run down on the inside than what it looked like from outside. It was hard to see, but they tell that there was dust and cobwebs everywhere. Apparently, it has been abandoned for quite some time.

Castiel disappeared and suddenly reappeared a minute later with two flashlights for Dean and Bobby. The three of them walked slowly through the first two rooms and as they entered into the third, they noticed a figure huddled in the farthest corner of the room. Dean moved slowly toward the form and shined his light down on him. What he saw stole his breath away as he quickly dropped his flashlight and ran to kneel down by the figure. It was Sam.

However, before Dean could reach him, Sam quickly tried to back up even farther in fear and put his head down on his knees as Bobby shined the flashlight down on him. Dean, Bobby, and Castiel knew that Sam was terrified and unsure of whom they were. From what the nurse described of him, they knew that he didn't know dreams from reality.

"My God," Bobby cried as he looked down on the younger boy whom he loved as a son.

Dean got as close to Sam as he could without startling him farther and spoke softly saying, "Sammy, it's me, Dean; your brother. Can you hear me? Do you understand me?"

Just as Dean was about to talk again, Sam answered almost in a whisper saying, "Just go away, please. It's not safe for you. I'm not safe. He's in my head. I can feel him. They are after me. They are coming."

"We know about the things that are after you Sammy," Dean answered. "We are not going to let them near you. I promise. You're my brother and I love you. Please, just look at me Sam. Let me help you."

"Why can't you just leave me alone," Sam cried? "What do you want from me?"

Dean was openly crying as he watched his brother struggle to deal with whatever fears were playing over and over in his head. He just wanted to pull Sam into a hug and hold him like he did when they were kids. Dean was always able to make his brother's nightmares go away with some funny story or joke he would tell.

They saw the bloody wounds on his bare feet from running through the woods, as well as cuts and scrapes all over his arms. He was still wearing the white scrubs from the hospital, which were covered in mud. Sam was shaking from both the cold and the fear that racked his body.

Dean looked up at Castiel and asked, "Cas, can you do something for him, please? Can you heal him?"

Castiel bent down and softly touched the top of Sam's head. As he did so, the blood, the cuts, and wounds all disappeared. Sam raised his head and for the first time looked at Dean straight in his eyes. Dean leaned closer to put his hand on his brother's shoulder and suddenly Sam reached out and wrapped his arms around him. Dean held Sam for several minutes as both Castiel and Bobby looked down on them.

Dean said as he took Sam's face in his hands, "I've got you, Sam. You are going to be all right. Do you hear me?"

Sam answered, "I hear you, Dean. Thank God you're here, but how did you get me out and why? I thought I told you it was too risky."

"Like you, I swear that I didn't do anything," Dean replied. "I promised you that I wouldn't, as much as I wanted to. It killed me living for so long knowing where you were. We don't know who released you, but you've got every evil out there looking for you."

"I know they are," Sam said. "Lucifer and Michael were pissed at me for ruining their plans and when I was released, sent everyone and everything loyal to them after me. I was confused and unsure about what was real and what wasn't, but deep down I knew what they wanted."

"We should probably get somewhere safe," Castiel suddenly said. "I can sense something is coming."

Bobby responded, "Castiel's right. We can finish this conversation later. We need to go."

Bobby leaned down to help Dean up, who leaned down to help Sam. Just as Castiel was about to whisk them all away, the shack's front door burst open and standing in the doorway was Mattie, the nurse from the mental hospital.

They stared at her in surprised as she spoke, "Thank you gentlemen, for finding Sam again for me. You've been a big help. By the way, my name is not Mattie Carson; it's Lakshanya."

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