To Hell and Back

Chapter 7

As soon as the woman who they thought was a friend, turned out to be a threat, Dean instinctively pulled his brother behind him in order to protect him from whatever was about to happen. Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Bobby all continued to stare at Mattie, or Lakshanya, with determination to keep her away from Sam.

"You must be the freak who brought my brother back," Dean stated. "Don't get me wrong. I am more grateful than you could ever imagine, but there is no way in Hell that I am going to let you touch him. Who are you and what do you want?"

"As I have said before, my name is Lakshanya," she replied. "I am Lady Morrigan's priestess. She is helping me to get my revenge and in exchange, I do her bidding. Her dark power is what brought Sam back from the dead."

Castiel responded, "You are a witch. Lady Morrigan is not someone to mess around with. She is too powerful, even for you."

Dean asked, "Who is Lady Morrigan? I have never heard of her."

Castiel spoke again saying, "Lady Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess of war, fate, and death. She is the patroness of revenge, magic, priestesses, and witches, the Queen of Demons. She is very evil and will fight to destroy those who cross her."

"That is just great," Dean said! "How does pulling Sam from Hell help you to get revenge? Who do you want to swear revenge on? We don't know who you are?"

"As your angel told you, Dean," Lakshanya replied. "I am a witch and Lady Morrigan is the Queen of Demons. Do you remember Ruby? She was my sister. Remember Lilith? She was one of Lady Morrigan's most loyal servants. You and Sam murdered them both and now you will pay."

"I hate to jinx my luck and all, but you pulled Sam from Hell," Dean said. "That is the worst punishment for anyone. Why did you need to pull him out in order to make me pay?"

The witch answered, "Do not worry about that. When I am through he will go back. Lucifer can have his pet. However, I need Sam in order to hurt you. Castiel and Bobby Singer are free to go, as long as they promise not to interfere. I am somewhat merciful, but if they do, they too will die. How many times do you think that God will bring you back from the dead? He wasn't willing to save Sam again. Do you think he will save you after this?"

"You will not touch my brother," Dean said firmly. "Not ever again. I will kill you first."

Lakshanya responded as she raised her head and arms toward the sky, "I do not need to touch your brother. I just need to be close by. 'I Lakshanya, bring the power of my goddess to bear. I chant the prayer of Command upon thee, Sam Winchester. If thy will…"

Both Dean and Bobby pulled up their weapons to try to shoot the witch before she could finish casting the spell, but suddenly three angels appeared between them and moved toward Sam. Dean quickly backed up and once again stood between his brother and the danger that was coming to harm him. Castiel pulled out his weapon and fought the angels off. Two of them were killed and the third disappeared before he could be killed as well.

Castiel touched Dean, Sam, and Bobby, transporting the four of them back to Bobby's house before the witch, demons, or any more angels showed up. Sam felt dizzy and began to sway until Dean caught him and sat him down on the couch in Bobby's living room. He put a hand on Sam's cheek and then stood up to help Castiel and Bobby as they put out the proper defenses to keep out all things supernatural. The angel symbols painted on the walls, as well as a line of salt in front of every door and window.

Once it was all finished, Dean went back to Sam to make sure that he was all right. Sam had his head in his hands, trying to fight off a major headache that was overwhelming him. It was worse than all of the headaches he got whenever he had a vision.

"Sammy, what's wrong," Dean asked? "Are you all right?"

"My head is pounding," Sam answered. "Whatever spell Lakshanya was trying to cast really screwed me up. I never thought that I'd say this, but thank God the angels showed up when they did. I still don't understand why she took me out of Hell just for revenge. I was already paying for my part in destroying everyone's plans."

Dean replied, "I don't know what she was trying to accomplish either, but I am grateful that she managed to pull you out without Lucifer. I'm not going to let her use you to get to me, Sam. I promise. Who would have thought that we would find another witch who wants revenge on us for killing Ruby? That was two years ago. What took her so long?"

Bobby responded, "Lakshanya was probably strengthening her powers and use of this Morrigan's dark magic. Raising someone from the dead without making them the undead is a near impossible spell to cast. This Morrigan is going to be tough to defeat. I am going to do research. We'll need to know everything we can."

"Good thinking, Bobby," Dean said as he turned to Sam. "You need to get some sleep, Sam. We will take care of everything. I'll go get you something for the pain."

"I don't want to sleep," Sam replied. "I can't. Cas may have healed the physical wounds, but it didn't take away my nightmares and the pain that comes from everything I went through for over a hundred years in Hell. I don't want to wake up to find that you're not real."

"That isn't going to happen Sammy," Dean responded. "I promise you that I am not going anywhere. You have to sleep because you are just going to make yourself sick without it. Besides, you're the second best hunter in the world. We're going to need your help to fight off everyone that is after us. I am sure that you could use a little payback."

Sam asked, "Second best, huh?"

Dean answered, "Yeah, maybe even third. Bobby may be an old man, but you are a bit rusty. He's got a lot more experience."

Bobby spoke up saying, "I heard that you two. Watch who your calling old before I whip your hides."

Sam and Dean just laughed as Dean helped his brother into the bedroom to lie down. Then, he walked into the bathroom, grabbed some aspirin and a glass of water, and handed them to Sam. Sam took the pills without a fight and reluctantly, lay down to try to go to sleep. Dean took a seat on the bed next to his brother's so that he could try to rest, while keeping an eye on him.

Castiel stepped up behind Bobby, who was watching the brothers from the doorway and said, "It is good to see Sam and Dean together again. I didn't think that it was going to happen. We are now in a big fight, but with them together, I have hope that we can win."

Bobby smiled and nodded at the angel, as he walked back out to do the research he said he was going to do before. Castiel disappeared to see if he could learn anything knew from the few angels who were on his side.

Dean picked up his cell phone before he drifted off to sleep, dialed a number, and when a voice picked up on the other end he said, "Lisa, it's me. I found Sam."

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