To Hell and Back

Chapter 8

Lakshanya was angry that she lost Sam once again. Those darn angels interfered with her spell that would now have Sam under her command. If only she didn't use up all of her strength in casting the resurrection spell. After she brought Sam back from the dead, she was too weak to cast another spell. The Morrigan's dark magic drains a lot of energy from whoever is the caster.

Lakshanya's didn't expect to be interrupted this time. She should have known that Castiel would still be there for Dean, even after the apocalypse was averted. Now she had to find a new way to get a hold of Sam. It is unfortunate that the caster must be within close range of their victims in order for the spells to work.

The witch grabbed a dagger from a table nearby and used it to slice open her left palm. She held her hand above a chalice and allowed the blood to pour into it. She began to chant until her eyes turned white and a voice that was not her own came from her lips.

"You have failed me for a second time, Lakshanya," spoke Lady Morrigan. "I have given you the power and yet you are still too weak to use it. Perhaps my power should be given to another who is more worthy."

Lakshanya spoke, still under the trance saying, "Forgive me, Morrigan. I am strong enough. I underestimated the power behind the Winchester brothers. I didn't expect the angel, Castiel to still be a part of the older one's life and now Sam's as well. It will not happen again. I can still get to Sam, I swear."

The Morrigan responded, "Perhaps you need a spell that does not require you to be within a close distance to him. I have the perfect one. Use it on Sam to get him to kill his brother. Dean Winchester murdered Ruby. He deserves to die. Sam murdered Lilith. He will pay by being the death of his brother. Then, you will be free to use Sam for your own will and for mine. Sam was the one who defeated Lucifer. His power will be of great use to us."

"As you wish, my Lady," answered Lakshanya.

Lakshanya was released from the hold the Morrigan had over her and she went to find a quiet place to meditate before she attempted to use the spell she was given on Sam. A spell cast on a victim who was not nearby was even more difficult than one where they are. She needed to concentrate and be prepared.


Dean fell asleep shortly after he got off of the phone with Lisa. He had explained very little to her about what was going on, not wanting to give out too much information about his brother on the phone, but it was enough to keep her from being too worried.

Then, he lay down to sleep. He hoped to get a few hours in, but knew that most likely his sleep would not last because of the nightmares his brother was bound to have after his ordeal. Every once in a while he would have nightmares from his trip to Hell, but he was only there for forty Hellish years. Sam was there for much longer and he had Lucifer trapped inside his head and body. He couldn't even imagine how his brother felt. Sam has always been more vulnerable when it came to nightmares. It took him forever to overcome the ones he had from when Jessica died.

Sure enough, after an hour Dean woke up to the sounds of Sam thrashing in the bed next to his. He was caught in a nightmare of God knows what and Dean ran over to try to wake him. The sheets were twisted around his body and they were soaking wet. Sam was dripping with sweat; pouring from every pore of his body. Bobby came running in after a few minutes and saw that Dean was unable to wake his brother. Castiel appeared behind them, as Bobby ran out to get some ice and water to help cool Sam down.

Dean pulled Sam up into a hug in hopes of letting him know he was there. Sam's eyes shot open and suddenly Dean and Castiel both flew back into the wall with a powerful force. As soon as they did, Sam got up off the bed, backed himself as far as he could into a corner of the room, and put his head in his knees in fear.

Castiel got up first and bent down to give Dean a hand in getting up. After he was up, he slowly approached his brother and bent down in front of him. Sam kept his face buried. Dean placed his hands on Sam's back to try to give him some comfort and Sam flinched. Then, Dean placed his hands around Sam's neck in order to pull his face up to look at him.

Dean asked, "Sammy, are you all right?"

"How can you ask me that," Sam answered? "When I sleep, I am still in Hell. I can't sleep. I am scared of what I'll see; what I'll do. I can't keep living like this."

"Whoa, just calm down, Sam," Dean replied. "You are going to be just fine. I'm going to make sure of it, I promise. I am not sure how, but we will do it together. Come on and sit on the bed. You're burning up. I think Bobby went to go get some ice or water."

Sam looked into Dean's eyes and said, "Dean, my powers are out of control. I could have killed you. I fought off Lucifer and his demons for however long I was in Hell. I can't even remember how long it was anymore. I did whatever I had to do in order to defend myself. I don't need demon blood anymore. What if you aren't so lucky next time? What if it's Bobby next time? I am too dangerous to be around."

Dean responded, "You won't hurt me or Bobby, Sam. I know you. You are stronger than anyone I know. You beat Lucifer for crying out loud! How many people do you know that can say that?"

Sam just looked away from his brother and allowed the tears fall down his face in silence. He knew that Dean would never leave him. He didn't want to be alone, especially now, but what he wanted didn't matter. He couldn't let anything happen to Dean or Bobby because of him. Castiel was an angel and couldn't really be hurt, but Sam didn't really know what he was capable of. He could kill demons just by thinking about it. What if he could do the same to angels?

"Sam, we will get through this," Dean said. "Even if you do not have faith in yourself, I have enough for the both of us. So does Bobby and Cas. Cas can help you with sleep until you are able to do so without him. I want you to know that you can tell me anything. Just talk to me, Man. I kind of know what you went through down there. My trip wasn't as intense as yours, but I know enough to talk you through it."

"We still have to deal with the real dangers out there," Sam replied. "We need to figure out who Lakshanya is and figure out a way to stop the angels and demons from coming after us constantly. They want us dead, remember? This is more important."

"I think that I know how Lakshanya found us," Bobby said. "She was getting close to Sam at the hospital and suddenly the demons found him and interfered with whatever she had planned. She didn't expect Sam to escape and so she needed a way to find him again. So, I think that she went to the press with the story of what happened that night. She knew the story would make the papers, that we would see it, and that we would investigate. We did, the investigation leads us to finding Sam, and she followed us."

Castiel spoke up saying, "She is a very clever witch and very dangerous. So is the Morrigan. We must figure out what they want with Sam."

Dean responded, "You're right, but I need to talk to Sam first, to make sure that he will be all right."

After Bobby handed Dean the cold water and ice to help with Sam's fever, he and Castiel left the room to allow time for Dean and Sam to talk. The two brothers talked for over an hour about what Sam went through. At one point, Dean stood up and punched a hole in the wall out of anger because of what Sam was forced to go through. Sam was an adult, but Dean was never going to stop protecting him. It was his obligation as the big brother; one that he both hated and loved.

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