To Hell and Back

Chapter 9

The next morning, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel finally made a decision about how to try to keep the angels and demons away for as long as possible. The sigils carved in their ribs protected the boys from being found by the angels, except all that they needed to do was track down Castiel. They also realized that every evil creature that was after them would figure that they would be with Bobby at his house in South Dakota.

So, the brothers decided to drive to a hotel as far away as they could get from there throughout the day. Bobby stayed at home and told them he would help them from there. Castiel told the boys that it would be best if he were with them as little as possible. So he left and said that he would come to them only if they needed him to or if there was new information to be told.

The trip was quiet as Sam tried to rest as much as possible without actually falling asleep. He wasn't going to risk causing an accident because he couldn't control his nightmares or abilities. Dean kept the music down low so that he wouldn't make Sam feel any worse than he already did. He still had a fever, but it wasn't as bad as before.

They ended up in a small hotel about forty-five miles outside of Cicero, Indiana. Dean promised Lisa and Ben that he would come back when this was all over, but Dean was afraid that it was going to be a very long time before that happened. So, he decided that he would stay outside of town as a precaution for all of them.

After settling in, Sam was about to jump into the shower until he stopped and said, "Dean, it is all right for you to go visit Lisa and Ben now. No one knows where we are and I'll be just fine. You can't babysit me forever. It's not fair to you or me. Please just go."

Dean replied, "I know that I can't keep my eye on you twenty-four seven without driving us both crazy, but I am not going to risk leaving you until I know that you are going to be all right. However, I was thinking about calling Lisa and have her and Ben come here for a bit. Would that be all right, or is it too soon. It's fine if you are not up to it."

"No, it's fine," Sam answered. "I'd like to see them again. I feel fine for now, but you have to get them out of here as soon as you can if I begin to lose control. Promise me, please."

"Believe me, I don't want them hurt anymore than you do," Dean said. "I'll call her after you get in the shower. Go ahead. I'll also order some food. How's a pizza sound? You haven't eaten much since we found you and I know that you didn't eat hardly anything before either."

"Pizza sounds just fine," Sam responded.

Sam went into the bathroom and closed the door. As he did, Dean called Lisa and briefly told her the situation and asked her if she wouldn't mind coming to the hotel. She said that she and Ben would be there in a while. Dean then lined salt at the door and windows. Finally, he called the pizza place down the road and ordered a large with everything on it, just as Dean likes.

After twenty minutes, Sam came out of the bathroom dressed in a green t-shirt and black sweat pants. Dean had saved all of Sam's things and kept them in the trunk of the impala because he couldn't bring himself to get rid of any of it. Deep down, he prayed that somehow Sam would be saved and come back to him one day.

When Sam looked at Dean, he saw that his brother had changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants as well. As he looked closer, he noticed that Dean was once again wearing the amulet he had thrown away shortly before he died. Sam had pulled it from the garbage on his way out the door and saved it in his things, but he never expected Dean to find it, let alone wear it again.

"You're wearing your amulet again," Sam stated. "When did you find it?"

"I found it in your things shortly after you died," Dean answered. "I was pretty surprised you pulled it out from the garbage, but I am glad that you did. I was wrong to have thrown it away. I am so sorry about that. I never should have doubted you."

Sam replied, "You were angry and you had every right to be. I might have done the same thing if it were me. Did you order the pizza?"

Dean answered, "Yeah, it should be here any minute. Lisa and Ben will be here a little later. Are you all right? Is your head hurting again?"

Sam responded, "It's just the fever still. I'll take some more aspirin with dinner."

Sam went to unpack his things that he had brought in from the car. Dean was also in the same process. After a few minutes, Dean sat down on the bed closest to the door as he usually did when they shared a room, grabbed the remote from on top of the nightstand between the two beds, and turned on the TV. Sam smiled as he sat down on his bed once he finished and joined Dean in picking out something to watch.

"So, is there anything out that I missed while I was gone," Sam asked?

"A theater in Chicago played all six Star Wars movies for a special weekend marathon about six months ago," Dean answered. "Lisa, Ben, and I went. I wish you could have been there. You would have loved it."

"I'm sure that I would have," Sam said. "Why don't you just pick whatever you want. Anything sounds good."

Dean nodded and said, "Oh, look! There's a marathon of the Lethal Weapon movies. It's been a long time since I've seen these. The fourth one is just now starting."

Sam replied, "I don't think that I've seen the last one. Sounds great!"

The pizza arrived about five minutes later. Dean got up to pay for it and placed it at the end of his bed. Then, he went to the fridge and pulled out a case of beer, which he bought at their last stop to fill up the tank of the impala. Dean handed a bottle to Sam and sat back down to enjoy the movie.

As the movie ended and the credits were rolling, Lisa and Ben finally arrived. Dean got up once again to answer the door and let them in. He warned them to be careful of the salt line in front of the door and told them to have a seat wherever they wanted to.

When Lisa saw Sam sitting on the bed, she walked over to him and embraced him a big hug. Sam wasn't really sure how to respond, so he just waited for her to let go and gave her a smile. He shook his head toward Ben as a way of saying hello. Sam met Lisa and Ben before when her son was taken by the changeling, but he left shortly after in order to give Dean as much time alone with them. At the time, Dean believed that Ben might have been his son.

"I am so glad that you're all right, Sam," Lisa spoke up first. "You have no idea how much it killed Dean when you died. He explained to us what happened. I am so sorry."

"Thank you, Lisa," Sam answered. "It is good to see you both again. Thank you for taking good care of my brother. I'm just sorry that I ruined your lives by coming back."

Dean replied quickly, "Sammy, you didn't ruin anything. I was happy to be with them, but I was miserable without you. You deserve to live and I don't want you to think otherwise. For crying out loud, you saved the world and stopped the frickin' apocalypse. Your life back is the least God can give you."

Ben added, "You're a real hero, not at all like the superheroes I read about in all of my comic books or see in the movies. If only I could tell my friends what I know about you guys. They'd be so jealous."

"Ben, you haven't told anyone about who Sam and Dean really are, did you," Lisa asked?

"No way, Mom," Ben responded. "Dean told me that I couldn't. I know how serious this is."

Dean said, "I promise you, buddy. The world is better off not knowing about the things that are out there. It isn't always easy, but you get used to it."

The four of them continued to talk until it was pretty late. Sam remained pretty quiet, but would talk from time to time. Around ten-thirty, Sam's head began to hurt much worse than before. He stood up to go into the bathroom, until he stopped and put his head into his hands like he usually did when he used to get a vision. Then, he collapsed to his knees and groaned in pain.

Dean was at his side in a second as he asked, "Sammy, what is it? Talk to me."

Sam answered, "My head; something's wrong. It's Lakshanya. She's chanting something. She's in my head. Dean, you need to get Lisa and Ben out of here. Now, please!"

The chanting said, "I, Lakshanya, bring the power of my goddess to bear. I chant the prayer of Command upon thee, Sam Winchester. Let thee now follow this command, to kill your brother and come to me now. So commands my Lady, Morrigan. Initium!"

As Sam was hearing these words, Dean quickly stood up and started to push both Lisa and Ben out of the room. They were both terrified, but Lisa wanted to help. However, she knew that she needed to get her son somewhere safe.

However, before they could make it out, Sam suddenly stood up and used telekinesis to slam the door. When Dean looked into Sam's eyes, he saw that his brother was no longer in control, just like when Lucifer had possession over his body. Sam's eyes were glazed over and Dean knew that he needed to think of something fast.

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