Heart of the Team

Chapter 10

Abby heard that Danny and Becker had returned with Connor and that they had rushed him once again to the hospital wing. However, she had no idea why. So, she ran from the lab where she was speaking with Sarah, with Sarah following close behind her.

"Connor!" Abby shouted as soon as she entered the room and was held back by Becker. "Let go of me! What happened to him?"

"Connor was wandering around in this blasted weather for way too long, Abby," Danny answered. "He's sick, but it isn't anything these doctors can't handle. He'll be fine."

Abby shoved Becker's arms off of her, but she remained where she stood and replied, "I should have kept chasing after him. If I had, he wouldn't have been alone all that time. Where did you find him?"

Danny looked over at Becker and then responded, "We found him at Cutter's grave site. He may not remember him, but his subconscious obviously helped him to know that he was important to him."

"Did Lester tell you that Helen finally called?" Becker asked. "We need to get going fairly soon. Connor's going to be fine as soon as he's warmed up. We are going to need you too, Abby."

"I need to stay with him," Abby replied as she shook her head. "If I can help him remember, he may not lose his memories so fast."

Danny answered, "If our plan is going to work, we will need you to come with us too. Helen may get suspicious and destroy the antidote if we are not careful. Right now, she has what is most important. We need to find a way to bring the ball back into our court, so to speak."

Abby turned to look at him and responded, "Fine, but give me a few minutes alone with him? I will meet you at the car."

Danny nodded as he and Becker walked out of the room. Sarah walked out with them and was about to say something when her cell phone rang and she walked off to answer it. Danny received a text from Lester that gave the place where Helen had asked them to meet her.

As they walked down the hall and away from the hospital room, Danny turned around to face Becker and said very sternly, "Not a word to Abby or anyone else about Connor nearly committing suicide, especially not a word to him. He wouldn't want anyone to know. Do you understand?"

Becker nodded and answered, "Of course not, you have my word. Connor is the wittiest person I know. I wouldn't want to ruin that. Abby doesn't need to hear about it ever. Now, let's go find a way to save him and finally get rid of Helen once and for all."

"Sounds good to me," Danny agreed.

Abby remained by Connor's side as everyone cleared the room, even the doctors. They had finished hooking him up to the machines and proper IV's that he needed in order for him to survive the fever that was slowly raging throughout his body.

Abby took a seat in the chair that had been set next to his bed earlier, back when this whole mess had just begun. Then, she once again ran her fingers through his hair as a sign of comfort, so that he would at the very least know that she was there.

Even after all the terrifying things they had been through together, Abby had never once seen as much fear on his face than she had earlier when he ran out on her. She also knew that this was the most terrifying experience for her too. She couldn't imagine what it would be like to not be able to remember anything, especially those whom she cared about the most.

Abby stood up from the chair, leaned over to place her mouth close to his left ear, and whispered, "I will come back soon. No matter what happens, I promise that I will never leave you, Connor Temple, even if you cannot remember who I am. I love you."

Abby kissed him on his cheek and then on his lips, then she walked out of the room to go catch up with Danny and Becker. When she had caught up with them in the garage, she saw that both Sarah and Lester were there too.

"I didn't know that you were planning on coming out too, Lester," Abby said as she walked over to them.

"Yes, well I wasn't planning on going until Helen told me she wanted me there to make sure that the rest of you didn't try anything stupid," Lester answered. "I tried to assure her that you wouldn't do anything to risk Connor's life, but she didn't believe me."

Sarah responded, "There's a shock."

Becker spoke up saying, "I don't think that our original plan is going to work. She will expect all of us to be there, even Abby. Besides, Abby may not get a clear shot from wherever she chooses to hide, even if Helen believes that Abby stayed behind to be with Connor."

"That's definitely true," Lester replied. "Chances are, Helen will go back on her word, no matter if we cooperate with her or not and we haven't a clue as to where she plans on taking us once we meet up with her."

"Lester's right," Abby agreed. "Helen's been one step ahead of us this whole time. She's clever and malicious. She killed Nick and with Connor being the one person who understands his work the most, Helen sees him as the next biggest threat to her. She'll do anything to come out on top and my guess is that she will double cross us in order to make sure he is obliterated too."

Sarah asked, "So what do we do now then? Helen is too unpredictable to come up with a plan."

Danny answered, "We will just have to find a way to bring the quid pro quo back on our side. Just pay close attention to her words and actions, as well as to her men. Surely she isn't going to come alone. Helen isn't perfect. She will slip up and when she does, we will take her down. Connor has always been there for us. Now it is our turn to be here for him when he needs us most. We won't let him down."

Abby, Becker, Lester, and Sarah nodded and then drove off toward a crowded carnival that had just rolled into town. Helen had told them to come to the house of mirrors. As they had arrived about thirty minutes later, they found Helen was waiting just outside of the mirrors' entrance. Together, the team walked over to her as she bid them to follow behind her.

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