Heart of the Team

Chapter 11

Sarah watched as Abby, Danny, Becker, and Lester left the ARC to meet up with Helen. Then, she walked back to Connor's hospital room to sit with him in hopes of trying to be of some comfort to him, even though she knew that he wouldn't know who she was.

After sitting by his bedside for over an hour, Connor began to wake up. Sarah leaned over and took a hold of his hand while he struggled to open up his eyes. When he was finally able to do so, he looked up into her eyes and pulled his hand out of hers. Sarah saw the fear in his eyes and knew that she was right about him not remembering her.

"It's all right, Connor," Sarah said after a minute of him staring at her. "It's me, Sarah. I'm your friend. You're safe now."

"I'm sorry, but I don't seem to be able to remember you," Connor replied. "Did Danny and that soldier bring me here?"

Sarah asked, "You remember Danny?"

Connor nodded slowly and responded, "Only a little. He came to the graveyard earlier. I couldn't remember him at all at first, but after we talked, a few memories came back. Where is Abby?"

"She is with Danny and Becker right now, helping them to find the antidote that will bring back your memories," she answered. "They will be back in no time and then you will be just fine. You will be able to remember everything."

"You have a sweet and honest face, but I don't think they'll be back in time," Connor replied. "I can barely remember who I am anymore, let alone anything else. Nothing you can say can possibly make things right again. Please just go away."

As Connor finished saying this, he turned his head away from Sarah and refused to speak or listen to her anymore. Sarah stood up and after watching him for a few more minutes from the doorway, she turned and left the room. As soon as she was gone, Connor allowed the tears to fall freely, as he cried quietly.


The team followed Helen through the maze in the house of mirrors until they reached a room toward the back of the building. It looked like this was the storage room where the carnival owners held some of their equipment. Three of Helen's men were already inside carrying guns.

When they were all inside the fairly large room, Helen turned around to face them as Helen spoke up first saying, "So this must be Danny Quinn, my husband's replacement. You certainly work pretty fast, don't you, James?"

Lester replied, "Helen, lovely to see you again, as usual, but I am afraid we don't have time for chit-chat. We are here for the antidote. Where is it?"

"Patience, James," Helen responded. "Why can't we talk? It has been awhile."

"Where's the antidote?" Abby shouted as she fought to refrain from going over and punching Helen over and over again. "Hand it over."

Helen looked at Abby and smiled. "You must care a lot for that sweet boy my husband thought so much of. Don't you, Abby? That is, a lot more than just a friend?"

Danny walked up and stood between Abby and Helen, before Abby made a move toward the psychotic woman. He had never met her until now and realized that she did not look the way he had expected her too, but he could see the hate and maliciousness in her eyes. He became angry the moment he brought up Connor and wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug grin off of her face.

Danny said, "You won't get your hands on the artifact until we know that the antidote will help to restore Connor's memories. My guess is that these goons are here for your protection only, seeing as how you will not kill us, that's if you don't want us to take you to the artifact."

"I figured as much," Helen answered as she pulled what looked like a vial from the inside pocket of her jacket. "I assure you that my men won't harm you, unless I see you as a threat to me. Now, I have most of the antidote you need to save your precious boy, but we need to go and get a sample of the algae I used. You can't make an antidote without the poison. I'll take you to the anomaly that will lead us there, but I need some kind of assurance that you will hand over the artifact once we get it. Sorry for not just taking your word for it."

As soon as Helen said this, two of Helen's men stepped forward, grabbed Lester, and put a gun up to their friend's temple. Becker made a move toward them, but slowly backed up when Helen ordered him, Danny, and Abby to stay back unless they wanted her to put a bullet through his head.

Lester spoke saying, "And I thought that you just wanted me here to make sure these kids didn't do anything stupid. I should have realized that it would be you making the stupid move instead."

Danny said, "Let him go, Helen. We won't do anything that will jeopardize Connor, I promise. You don't need to hold Lester too."

"I need some sort of collateral," Helen answered. "Since he signs your paychecks, he seems like the best candidate. One of my men will hold him here while we go on our little outing. Once we get the antidote, you are all satisfied that Connor has returned to his normal, charming self, and the artifact is safely in my hands, then I will return Lester to you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"Do as Helen says, all of you," Lester replied. "Save Connor. He is the highest priority. I'll be fine."

"We'll follow you, Helen," Danny agreed. "But, your man better not harm him. Abby wants nothing more than to kill you. I won't try to stop her if you kill our boss and fail to save Connor."

Helen looked over at Abby, lowered her head so that her face was right in front of hers, and then asked sarcastically, "Do you want to kill me, Abby? Just because I hurt your boyfriend?"

Abby shoved Helen backwards as she answered, "You didn't just hurt him, Helen. You took away everything that made him who he was. You stole his entire life from him. Why didn't you just kill him like you did your own husband? Not that I am not thankful that we have a chance to save him, but what you did to him was cruel, even for you."

Helen responded, "Because killing Nick wasn't enough of a wakeup call to you. I needed to do something much worse to get you all to realize that I will come back harder and stronger as long as you continue to try to stop me. Maybe now, you have finally learned your lesson. Connor was the obvious choice."

Abby could no longer hold back the rage she felt and charged Helen. Abby backhanded Helen hard across her face and then began to kick and punch her over and over, just as she always wanted to do. Helen fought back just as hard. Abby thought about how she once had fought Caroline inside Helen's prison not too long ago and imagined Helen in the woman's place.

Danny and Becker both stepped forward and worked on trying to pull Abby off of Helen. It took a few minutes to do so and when they did, Abby fell into Becker's arms sobbing. Helen backed away and stood near the man holding the gun to Lester's head. She only laughed as she wiped away blood that had come from a now split lip.

"We will stop you one day, Helen," Becker said firmly as he held onto Abby tightly. "One day you will be dead."

"Becker's right," Danny added. "One day, you will pay for this. But today is not that day. We need to go. After you, Helen."

As Helen and her other two men walked out of the room, Danny knelt down by Abby and turned her head toward his as he tried to give her some kind of comfort. After a minute, Becker helped Abby up as she and Danny stood. Danny and Becker turned to look at Lester as he nodded to them. Then, Becker, Danny, and Abby walked out after Helen and followed the woman to the site of the anomaly, not too far away from the carnival.

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