Heart of the Team

Chapter 13

Once Abby had finished collecting the algae sample, she stood up and stood beside Danny and Becker, after she had placed the test tube inside her front coat pocket. Helen walked over and stood in front of them and then turned to walk back toward the anomaly site, once again followed by her men.

After a few minutes of walking, the three team members watched as Helen placed her radio toward her mouth and spoke to someone. However, Helen walked far enough ahead and quietly enough that they could not hear what it was she had said. What they couldn't hear was that she had ordered her man who stood guard at the site, to once again open the anomaly before they arrived back there.

Danny and Becker talked quietly amongst themselves about the next step in their plan, while Abby kept quiet. She had her mind on Connor, as she remembered some good memories that the two of them had shared since they had met years ago.

Once they arrived back at the anomaly, Helen stepped back and watched as her men, Danny, Abby, and Becker all walked through. Then, she followed behind them. Once they made it back to their time, Helen once again took the lead and guided them over to a car that waited for them.

Helen was the first to speak up saying, "Now, the three of you are going to guide me and my two men back to the ARC to pick up the artifact. My third man will go back to the house of mirrors to make sure that your boss is comfortable. If everything goes well, Connor will be back to normal in no time, your boss will be returned to give each of you orders, and we will all be happy."

Abby replied, "Even if this antidote works to restore Connor's memories, he will not be back to normal in no time. This will haunt him for the rest of his life, knowing how close he came to not remembering everyone and everything that he ever cared about. It will take time to convince him to stop blaming himself for allowing this all to happen to him. You will die for this, Helen. One day, I promise."

"That anger that you're feeling right now will one day kill you, Abby," Helen responded. "I am sure that it will probably get you killed before my actions get me killed. I'd learn to control your temper if I were you."

"Let's just get this whole mess over with," Danny said before another fight broke out between them. "Connor will not be able to last much longer. By the way, Helen, if this antidote does not work, we will hunt you down and believe me, we are capable of finding you. You will suffer to the full extent of the law for the crimes you have committed."

Before things became heated again, Becker cut in, "Let's just get back to the ARC. It would probably be best if we drove back in silence."

Becker drove Danny, Abby, and Helen in one car and Helen's men drove behind them in another car, while Helen's man walked back to the carnival to check up on his team mate and Lester.

As he walked through the house of mirrors and to the office, he found the door was open. The mercenary raised his gun, slowly walked into the room, and when he did so, he found no one inside. The man walked throughout the room and as he did so, the barrel of a gun suddenly was put up to the spine of his back.

When the man turned to look at who was holding the gun to him, the soldier spoke up saying, "I suggest that you come back to the ARC with me quietly or I won't hesitate to put a bullet through your arm. It'll be even worse if you try to resist arrest. Do I make myself clear?"

Helen's man answered, "No problem, Mate."


Once they pulled into the garage of the ARC, everyone stepped out of the car and as Helen did so, she grabbed a hold of Abby and put a gun to her head. Danny and Becker tried to stop her, but without weapons, there was nothing that they could do.

"No offense to you, but this is just for a little more precaution," Helen said as she faced them. "I feel better now."

Becker and Danny turned around and headed to the hospital wing, followed by Helen, who kept the gun trained on Abby. Once they reached it, Abby pulled the test tube from her pocket and handed the antidote over to the head doctor working on Connor. As she ran off to Connor's room, another doctor stepped over to speak with the team about his condition. Sarah walked over to them and remained silent as the doctor began to talk.

"Right now, Connor is unconscious," the doctor said. "Earlier, he seemed fine. It was just within the last hour that his temperature began to rise. Even though he refused to talk to anyone, Dr. Page saw that Connor's headaches were growing worse. He fell unconscious about twenty minutes ago. I don't know if the antidote is going to work anymore. I'm so sorry."

"Connor will fight it," Abby replied firmly.

It was then that Abby used her left hand to push the gun away from her head and elbowed Helen in the chest with her right arm. The distraction was long enough for Abby to get away from her and run into Connor's room. However, it was not long enough for Becker or Danny to get their hands on a weapon before Helen brought her own back up. Soldiers surrounded her and stood behind both Becker and Danny, one of whom gave both Danny and Becker a weapon as well.

Helen angrily responded, "I have given you the antidote as promised. Now it is your turn to keep your end of our bargain. Hand over the artifact right now, or I will give orders to my men to finish off your boss."

"I think that you will find that pretty difficult to do, seeing as how I am here safe and sound and your men are here locked up in a prison cell," Lester stated as he walked into the hospital wing. "So sorry to disappoint you, Helen."

"You didn't think we would come to you obediently without coming up with a plan of our own, did you, Helen?" Danny asked. "We know better than that. There was a tracking device inside one of the soles of Lester's shoes. Our men here tracked him down and brought your man into custody. We figured that you would hold Lester while we went with you. You're under arrest, Helen. Same goes for your men."

Helen glared at them all and replied, "I don't think so."

Helen and her men fired shots toward Danny and the others and began to run through the ARC in order to escape. Danny, Becker, and Becker's men chased after them and were easily able to bring down Helen's men. However, Helen once again managed to escape without a trace. Lester ordered the soldiers to keep searching for her, while Danny, Becker, and Lester walked back to Connor's room to make sure he was doing all right.

Abby was sitting at his bedside when they walked in and she was the first to speak up without looking up saying, "The antidote is working its way through his system now. We won't know anything until he wakes up. Helen got away again, didn't she?"

Danny walked over and answered, "Yeah, I'm afraid so, but we stopped her, Abby. I promise you that we will find her and make her pay for what she's done. No one will be left alone until she's been caught. Nothing like this will happen again."

After a day and a half, Connor had yet to wake up. Abby hardly left his bedside at all, except to get something to eat or some rest and Danny had to fight her to get her to do so. Danny, Sarah, and Becker came in the room carrying a few chairs and took a seat next to Abby and Connor's bedside. Together they talked for about a half hour, when Connor began to come to.

They all stood and gathered around the bed as Connor struggled to sit up. Abby helped him to get comfortable as she helped him move the pillows behind his back and neck. They waited patiently for him to say anything, but instead he seemed to struggle with words.

Danny spoke up finally as she said, "Connor, how are you feeling? Do you know who we are?"

Connor looked over at her and replied, "I think you and Becker owe me twenty dollars from lunch, however long ago it was that you borrowed it from me was."

Abby, Danny, Becker, and Sarah laughed and then Abby bent down and kissed Connor on the lips. Danny and Becker both patted him on his shoulders and Sarah bent down to kiss him on the cheek.

"We are so happy to have you back," Abby said. "I was so scared that you would never be yourself again. Not that I missed all of your useless movie and video game trivia and quotes, but I missed you."

"We all missed you, Kid," Becker added. "I'm sorry that I left you alone that day in the tunnel. I shouldn't have."

Connor looked over at him and replied, "It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have known that Helen was going to make an attack against me or anyone else. I'm sorry about your men."

Becker nodded as Danny asked, "How much do you remember about the last few days?"

"I only remember bits and pieces," Connor responded. "Although, these are memories that I wish that I could forget. Thank you all for doing everything you did for me."

"You just concentrate on feeling better," Sarah replied. "We'll be back to visit you soon."

"Welcome back, Connor," Lester said as he walked into the room. "I assume you'll be ready to begin working again, say tomorrow?"

Danny looked over at Lester and answered, "After everything that he's been through, he deserves at least a week."

Connor replied, "Thanks, Danny, but Lester's right. I'd rather jump right back on the horse, so to speak. I'll be happy to feel useful to you guys again. I'll be ready, Sir."

"Very good," the team's boss said. "By the way, Connor, when was it that you planted a tracking device in the soles of my shoes and why?"

"Oh, it was back when we weren't sure who was the leak on our team," Connor answered. "You know, back when Leek betrayed us with Helen? The tracking device was Cutter's idea."

Lester responded, "I see. Well do not ever tamper with my shoes or clothing again, or I will start abducting it from your salary."

Lester and Sarah walked out of the room as Abby bent down to kiss him on the cheek and followed out after them. Danny and Becker started toward the door when Connor grabbed ahold of Danny's arm and asked them to hold on.

He said, "I don't remember everything that went on the other day in the building at the graveyard, but I remember enough. Please don't tell Abby or anyone else about what I almost did."

They both nodded as Danny replied, "You have our word. That wasn't you, Connor. Believe me, we can only imagine how scared you must have felt to lose everything. It's good to have you back. Now, get some sleep. We'll see you later."

"Thank you," Connor said."

"Anytime, Mate," Becker responded.

Connor was back at work the next day and Abby and Connor were once again acting too afraid to admit their feelings for each other. Things were returning back to normal as everyone expected it to. Little did they realize that Helen already had started her next plan to complete her mission and this time, she knew that she would not fail to get her hands on the artifact once and for all. Soon, she would wipe out the entire human race and the team from the ARC would not be able to stop her in time.

The End

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