Heart of the Team

Chapter 2

Danny and Connor reached the garage, where Becker was just pulling in. Becker heard the alarm and quickly rounded up his men so that they could leave immediately. Abby arrived just as they were all finished loading the car with their gear.

She ran over to them and asked, "What is going on? I take it another anomaly has appeared?"

Danny smirked and replied, "When is it ever not an anomaly. We've located it down in the subway."

"The subway?" Abby asked. "If some kind of creature comes out of the anomaly, there could be a large number of casualties."

"We know," Connor responded. "This is why we are in a bit of a hurry. For once, I would like a day without having to risk our lives to save everyone. Is that too much to ask?"

Becker answered, "Apparently it is, so I suggest we get going before Lester comes out here to ask us why we haven't closed the anomaly down yet."

Becker drove Danny, Connor, and Abby, while his men took two other cars behind them. Abby dialed Sarah's number and asked her to join them as soon as possible. After fifteen minutes, they arrived and walked into the subway station. As they looked around, they saw that no one was running around or looking panicked in any way. Connor pulled out his detector and pointed them toward the right direction.

Connor led them all down to the tunnels that ran underneath the streets of London and to an area that had been closed off due to a fire that broke out years ago. The track and tunnel were never repaired and long since abandoned. Finally, they came upon the anomaly and Connor, with help from one of Becker's men, worked to set up the machine he had built to close them.

However, before he could get very far, a large dinosaur came thundering out of the anomaly as if it were in a stampede. It was about twenty-three feet in length. Danny pulled Abby out of the way and the men stood to the sides of the tunnel and began to fire their guns. The bullets had no effect as they just bounced off the creature.

Becker had to throw himself over Connor in order to get him out of the dinosaur's path, or he would have been trampled. Luckily, Connor's gear wasn't damaged much, just knocked over by the dinosaur's large tail.

"We have to go after that thing before it can cause much damage," Becker said as he stood and leaned down to help Connor stand.

"What kind of dinosaur was that?" Danny asked.

Connor answered, "It's a panoplosaurus, or a totally armored lizard. The scales on its back act like armor to protect its body and it can cause damage, but luckily, it is only an herbivore from the late Cretaceous period. It won't eat anyone."

Abby replied sarcastically, "Oh that's great. No worries then."

"If we can't shoot it, then how are we going to stop it?" one of Becker's men asked."We are just going to have to lure it back through the anomaly," Danny said. "We've done it before. Abby, we are going to need your expertise. Connor, I want you to stay here and finish fixing your machine. Close the anomaly and we will let you know when to open it again."

Becker added, "Two of my men will stay here to look after you. Let's go!"

Connor got back to setting up the anomaly closer, while Danny, Abby, Becker, and the rest of his men, aside from the two he had been assigned to him, left to go after the dinosaur. Once the machine was working, Connor used it to close the anomaly like Becker had said. He then walked over to the two men to give them each a high five, but they weren't responsive. Instead, they just looked at Connor as if he were child they were forced to babysit against their will.

So, Connor just walked back near his machine and sat down on the edge of the tracks, while he waited for the others to return. After a few minutes, Connor thought he heard a noise coming from down the tunnel, but shrugged it off when he saw no one there. The soldiers were only talking quietly amongst themselves.

Suddenly, two gunshots sounded from the same direction Connor thought he heard the noise from. Connor jumped to his feet as the shots were fired and the soldiers fell down dead onto the tracks.

Helen and three men walked in from the dark tunnel and Connor slowly backed up as he noticed the men had their weapons trained on him. Helen only stood there with a smile on her face. The men stopped moving forward, but Helen continued to walk closer to Connor.

"Helen?" Connor asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here because you have something that I need," she answered.

Connor responded, "If it's the artifact you want, you can forget about it. You will never get ahold of it. It's not like we have it here anyway. You just killed two of Becker's soldiers for nothing."

Helen replied, "On the contrary. I knew you wouldn't have the artifact with you, but your friends from the ARC will bring it to me if they want to save your life. I came here for you, Connor. I am sorry that it had to be this way."

Before Connor could say or do anything, Helen quickly raised, what looked like a tranquilizer gun and shot a dart straight into his chest. Connor looked down at the dart, pulled it out from his chest, and then collapsed to the ground unconscious. The dart rolled out of his hand and landed close to his side. Helen walked over and knelt down to pick it up.

Before she stood, she ran her fingers on the side of the young man's face and whispered, "What a pity. You could have done so much if you had just met me before you met Nick. He stunted your growth."

She stood and then walked over to take a look at the machine that Connor had built to close the anomaly. She examined it, and considered taking it with her, but decided against it. She didn't want to risk another creature coming out of the anomaly, while Connor was vulnerable and alone. Besides, she didn't want to close the anomalies. They helped her to get what she wanted.

Helen walked away with a smile on her face and left the tunnel, followed by the men who accompanied her. If it weren't for Connor being unconscious and the two dead soldiers, it would have been as if Helen was never there.

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