Heart of the Team

Chapter 3

Becker, Danny, Abby, and the soldiers ran after the panoplosaurus as quickly as they could. By the time they caught up to it, it had reached the end of the tunnel where people were screaming and running for cover inside the last station of this subway's route. So far, no one was hurt badly, but the dinosaur was causing much damage to the tunnel, as it struggled to find a way out. It was trapped between the edges of the tracks and the wall in front of it.

Becker's men began to shoot at it until Abby shouted for them to stop. Becker ordered his men to stand down and go help any of the civilians who were down. Abby pulled up her tranquilizer gun and tried to shoot a dart at the creature. However, like the soldiers' bullets, the dart bounced off.

"Great!" Becker shouted. "If we can't shoot it and we can't knock it out, how are we supposed to stop it?"

"As I said before," Danny answered. "We need to lure it back through the anomaly."

Becker looked over at him and replied, "Well, that sounds easy. How on earth are we supposed to do that? First of all, we need to be able to get to turn around and second, Connor said that it isn't a meat eater. We can't use ourselves as bait to get it to follow us."

Abby responded, "Then, we need to find something that it will be interested in. Get some of your men to go and get some animal feed. Hay, plants, anything that horses and other farm animals would eat. And get as much of it as you can. They can consume hundreds of pounds of plants a day in order to maintain their energy."

Sarah just arrived as Becker and his men concentrated on trying to help the creature to turn around by using their guns to fire away at the concrete walls that surrounded the tracks, once the rest of the people were all evacuated from the station.

The creature roared angrily as the bullets and pieces of the stone erupted around it. The soldiers' guns were not enough to break the walls alone, but the thrashing of the dinosaur was enough as they finally began to give way.

Danny ran over to Becker and shouted, "I don't think we're going to need that food."

Abby replied, "Danny's right. I think it's going to come after us because we made it angry. We just have to keep it from going down the left tunnel. We can get it through the anomaly by going through ourselves and then have Connor close it as soon as we come back through. Call him and tell him to be ready."

"He isn't answering the phone," Danny shouted again after he tried to reach Connor on his phone.

"He better have gotten that machine of his working or I'm going to kill him," Becker answered.

Danny responded, "Don't worry! He did it."

Danny, Sarah, and Abby took off down the tunnel before the dinosaur was free so that they would be able to get back to Connor, since neither one of them were able to reach him on his cell phone. Becker stayed behind to help his men finish their task.

Finally, the walls gave way and the panoplosaurus turned and charged directly at Becker and the rest of his men. They quickly turned and ran as fast as they could through the tunnel and reached where the tunnel split off into two separate tracks. Becker turned to fire towards the creature in order to make sure that it continued to follow after them down the right tunnel. Luckily, it did.

As soon as they reached the section of the tunnel where the anomaly was, Danny, Sarah, and Abby were shocked to find Connor and both of Becker's men down. Abby screamed Connor's name as she ran over to him. Danny and Sarah quickly checked the soldiers and found that they were both dead.

They looked up and over at Abby for confirmation about Connor, but before they received an answer, Danny could hear Becker yell out his name and scream for him to get the anomaly reopened. Danny ran over to Connor's machine and quickly did just that.

Becker and two of his men ran straight through the anomaly and the panoplosaurus chased through it after them. Danny waited impatiently for Becker and the soldiers to reappear and as soon as they did, closed the anomaly down once again.

When it was over, Danny ran over to Abby and Connor, who lay unconscious in her arms. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at Danny for some kind of explanation as to what happened. However, he had no idea what to say. Sarah could only stare at them.

Becker ran to go check on both of his men. As he saw the blood that pooled around them from what he saw were bullet wounds to their chests, he knew that they were dead, but he leaned down to check their pulses anyway to make sure.

"What on earth happened here?" Becker asked angrily. "Connor, is he…?"

"Connor's alive," Danny answered quickly. "He's just unconscious. Thank God."

As the soldiers went to take care of their men, Becker slowly walked over to Danny, Abby, and Connor and asked, "Who would come in here, kill two soldiers, just knock Connor unconscious, and not steal anything at all?"

Abby glared up at Becker and responded, "It has to be Helen. Think about it. If anyone wanted to target Connor or the other two men, they would do it when they were alone and somewhere else. Who else would have the guts to attack someone when there were others around? Why kill the soldiers and then leave the Connor alone? Helen had to have done something to him. We have to get him back to the ARC now!"

"I've got him," Danny replied as he lifted Connor into his arms and carried him out of the tunnel, with Abby, Sarah, and Becker following behind them.

Becker drove them as fast as he could and made it there in less than ten minutes. Danny pulled Connor out and quickly carried him inside to the hospital wing inside their facility. Sarah followed Becker as they both went to find Lester to explain what they knew about what happened in the subway, which wasn't much except for what happened with the dinosaur.

Abby quickly followed after Danny and was held back by the staff after she tried to go in to stay with Connor. As Danny laid Connor on one of the beds, doctors quickly surrounded Connor and began to work on him to find out what caused him to fall unconscious.

Danny then walked out and took a hold of Abby as she struggled in the staff members' arms. She was still crying, but more than anything she was angry because they had all left Connor behind to be hurt.

"Abby, Connor is in good hands," Danny said. "I am sure he is going to be just fine."

"You don't know that for sure, Danny," Abby replied. "Helen is a sadistic witch. God knows what she is capable of. She murdered her own husband in cold blood after he went back inside a burning building to save her. Connor is her next biggest threat because he understands and believes in Cutter's work more than anyone else here. Even more than me and more than Jenny did."

Danny looked through the windows of the operation room and then responded, "I didn't know Cutter or much of what he fought for except for what we are doing now, but I do believe in Connor. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of my kid brother. If she did do something to him, we will find a way to help him no matter what. I promise you."

Abby cried as Danny held her in his arms to comfort her. Sarah, Becker, and Lester came walking over to them a few minutes later and stood there in silence while looking through the windows.

"Becker and Miss Paige just apprised me of what happened in the subway," Lester said. "Though I am disappointed in the amount of damage all of you created while trying to apprehend the panopla… panoplo… whatever the name of that dinosaur was, I am willing to overlook it due to what happened to Connor and Becker's men. I have sent men to inform the men's families of their deaths. They know their cover stories. Do any of you have any idea what happened down there?"

"We suspect that Helen Cutter had something to do with this," Danny answered. "What are the odds they were attacked at the site of an anomaly? The real question is, why would she kill two soldiers, knock Connor unconscious, and then not steal anything? She could have taken Connor's machine, but she didn't."

Lester responded, "You believe she did something more to him than we realize?"

Becker nodded and said, "She obviously didn't want my men to stop her from doing whatever it is she did. She took them out without hesitation."

"Well then," Lester replied. "If that's the case, then we will do whatever it takes to save him. Despite his bumbling and childish ways, he is a valuable member of this team. Find her."

Danny remained outside the operating room with Abby, as Lester, Sarah, and Becker walked away to do what they could to try to locate Helen. Abby paced the hallway waiting for the doctors to explain what was wrong with Connor.

She didn't have to say anything to anyone about how she felt about Connor. Her actions spoke loud enough for everyone to know that she loved him, as his actions showed the same about her. No one could understand why neither of them could share how they felt for each other, but Danny hoped that after this experience, they would finally let go of that fear. They deserved to be happy.

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