Heart of the Team

Chapter 4

It had been about two hours before anyone came out to talk to those who waited to hear about Connor's condition. Danny went off to help Sarah, Becker, and even Lester in any way he could because he couldn't handle just sitting around waiting for the news. Abby, however, was finally let in after an hour to sit beside Connor, while the doctors were in their labs checking for results from his blood work.

A doctor walked into Lester's office in order to inform him that they finally were able to share some information. Lester then called Danny to tell him to gather the others and meet him outside of Connor's room. Abby stood from the chair she was sitting in and joined the others.

As everyone arrived, the doctor began to explain what they knew saying, "You were right about Mr. Temple not just being knocked unconscious. As we ran his blood work, we discovered some kind of toxin spreading throughout his bloodstream. It is nothing that we have seen before, but we have found traces of algae inside the toxin. It looks similar to the same kind of red algae that you would find in a food poisoning victim who ate bad seafood. We looked over his body to find out how she injected the toxin and we found a puncture wound in his chest, close to his heart. It looks big enough to be from some sort of dart, probably a tranquilizer dart. Whatever…"

Abby interrupted, "This toxin isn't fatal, is it? Please tell me that you can help him?"

"Whatever it is, it won't kill him," the doctor answered. "However, we have been trying to flush the toxin from his system and it just seems to spread faster. I would keep an eye on him when he comes to. It must do something. We will keep on doing research to help him."

Sarah asked, "Will he wake up soon?"

"He should before too long," the doctor responded.

"Thank you, doctor," Danny replied. "Helen must have found whatever this is through one of the anomalies. Abby, stay with him until he wakes up. We will keep trying to track down Helen."

"Something tells me that we will hear from her before too long," Becker answered. "She didn't kill two of my men and infect Connor with whatever it is she infected him with for kicks. She wants something and figures doing this will get us to give it to her."

Abby said, "It has to be the artifact. Helen is well ahead of us with information about these anomalies. She killed Cutter when he didn't give it to her. It has got to be what she is after."

Danny added, "And we can't give it to her. God only knows what she plans to do with it."

"If I do see her," Abby began. "I swear I will kill her. I don't care if that makes me a murderer too."

When she finished saying that, Abby walked away and went back to sit beside Connor. Both Danny and Becker lowered their heads, while Sarah and Lester walked away to go back to their research.

Becker spoke as he observed Abby with Connor through the window saying, "I agree with Abby. I'll be happy to help her finish Helen off once and for all. I was in charge of those men. I was supposed to protect Cutter and I failed. Now, I've failed Connor too because I left him alone."

Danny looked over at Becker and responded, "You didn't leave him alone. Helen knows what she's doing. If Connor came with us, then she would have attacked him some other time. This is not your fault. It is no one's fault except for Helen's. We'll find her and Connor will be just fine."

A few hours later, Connor finally began to come around. Abby had fallen asleep with her head by his left arm. As he stirred, she quickly rose and took his hand in hers to try to rouse him fully awake. When he finally did, he looked into Abby's eyes and made a small smile, although it didn't last long.

He quickly squeezed his eyes closed as dizziness swept through him. Abby placed her free hand on the side of his face as a way to show him comfort. Connor slowly opened his eyes again.

"Connor, are you ok?" she asked. "What do you feel?"

"I feel dizzy, that's all," he replied. "I'm fine, Abby. What happened?"

"We were hoping you could tell us that, Mate," Danny said as he walked into the room, followed by Becker and Sarah. "Do you remember anything about what happened down there this morning?"

Connor looked at them quizzically and asked, "Down where?"

Becker responded, "Down in the subway tunnel. We left you with two of my men to fix your machine in order to close the anomaly. You fixed it, but you were attacked soon after. Don't you remember any of this?"

Connor looked away as if trying to remember something and then slowly shook his head as he answered, "No, I don't. The last thing I remember is going through an anomaly that led to some time in the future to rescue Abby's brother. I take it we made it back?"

"Yeah, we made it back," Abby replied. "I'll be right back."

"Did I say something wrong?" Connor asked. "I mean, aside from siding with you and Becker. Do you think she'll ever forgive me for that?"

Danny nodded, "Don't worry. She already forgave you. Jack told her about you fighting to get Rex back. The two of you are solid."

Connor turned away and asked, "Why don't I remember any of this? Do you have any idea what happened to me?"

"We have reasons to believe that Helen was the one who attacked you this morning in the subway," Sarah answered. "She killed Becker's two men and knocked you unconscious with some sort of tranquilizer dart. She didn't take anything, so don't worry about that."

"I am sorry about you men, Becker," Connor said. "If Helen didn't take anything, then why kill them and knock me out?"

Becker nodded and responded, "We are working that out. Just get some rest. We will take care of everything."

Connor replied, "I just wish that I could remember something. I don't like that I've lost a whole day."

"You'll remember in time," Abby answered as she came back in. "You're a genius. You always manage to remember everything."

"Just get some sleep," Danny said. "The dizziness and headache will go away in no time."

Everyone besides Abby walked out of the room and began to walk through the halls of the ARC to go talk to Lester up in his office. Abby sat back down by Connor's bed as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Abby ran her fingers through his hair and watched him closely.

She smiled when she remembered a time when she threw a bit of lettuce over him for Rex in order to get him to wake up. She missed having Connor in her flat. It wasn't the same without him. Once he was better, she was going to invite him to move back in.

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