Heart of the Team

Chapter 5

Connor left the hospital wing the next morning. The dizziness disappeared, but the headaches seemed to linger. They weren't bad and they came and went, so he decided not to tell the doctor about them. He didn't tell Abby or the others either because he didn't want to worry anyone.

Abby wanted him to take him back to Lester's so that he could take some time to relax, but Connor insisted that he stay to work. There was a lot to do and besides, the anomalies never seemed to take a day off. He couldn't afford to either. So, he walked up to Lester's office to talk to him about being all right to continue working.

"Connor," Lester began as Connor entered. "It is good to see you up and about. I assume you are feeling better, yes?"

"I feel just fine, Lester," Connor replied. "I wanted to let you know that I am fine to get back to work. There is still a lot of Cutter's research to go through."

Lester nodded and responded, "Very good, but first I need you to look at the anomaly detector. There is something strange going on with it. It started last night, but since you were unable to…"

Connor interrupted saying, "I will get working on it right away. Always a pleasure, Sir."

Connor walked out of the office and headed toward the main room of the ARC where his hand made anomaly detector waited for him to come and see what was wrong with it. When he arrived, he found Abby, Danny, and Becker standing near the machine talking about something, but as soon as he got close to them, they stopped talking and stepped aside to let him get to the detector.

"Talking about me, are ya?" Connor asked.

"No," Abby stuttered. "I mean yes, but we were just concerned that you are rushing back into work. You don't have to, you know. You can take some time off."

Danny added, "Abby's right. You have nothing to prove."

Connor smiled softly and answered, "Guys, I assure you that I am just fine. My machine needs to be fixed and no offense, but I am the only one smart enough to do it. If it isn't working properly, then an anomaly may open and cause more damage than just a busted subway tunnel if we can't get to it right away. Besides, there's a lot more work to do than just this."

"All right, we will let you work, but I am going to stay here to help you," Abby replied. "I can keep you company."

"You just want to keep an eye on me," Connor said. "I am not blind."

"Nope," Becker agreed. "And you're certainly not stupid either. Don't worry. We'll be discrete. What do you think I've been doing around here besides being your bodyguard? Believe me that is not all."

Everyone laughed as Danny tapped Connor gently on the back of his left shoulder and then he and Becker walked away, leaving Connor and Abby alone. Abby looked at Connor as he began running his fingers across the keyboards. She was amazed at how fast he did so and that he could do it without even thinking. Connor then stopped typing and went on to fiddle with the cords behind the computers.

Abby figured that this might be the best time for her to talk to him about moving back in, but she struggled with coming up with the right words to say. Like Connor, she had trouble expressing how she felt about him too. Connor stood as she was about to say something, but before she could, Becker ran back in shouting their names.

"Connor, Abby, a new anomaly has just opened downtown inside an old club!" he shouted. "We've got to move!"

"But, I haven't finished yet," Connor responded. "I mean, I just have to hit a button or too, but… I mean… How do you know about another anomaly?"

Danny ran in and replied, "Apparently, three to four small, vicious monsters came out of it and began to attack people. Calls have been going into 911 like crazy."

Connor threw his hands up and said, "Great! How are we supposed to catch them? Have they gotten out?"

"I guess we'll find out when we get there," Becker answered as they all arrived in the garage.

Sarah met them there and helped them pack the cars with their gear. Becker drove as fast as he could go, despite the traffic, and arrived at the club. There were once again people running around screaming. It was then that they spotted the first of the creatures that had come from the anomaly.

Connor shouted, "It looks like a microceratops. It's a cousin to the triceratops and is the smallest of all the horned faced dinosaurs. They are not going to be easy to catch."

"The three of you go after that one," Becker ordered a few of his men. "Use your tranquilizer guns, unless you have absolutely no other choice. We need to try to get them back through the anomaly alive."

As they ran off, another microceratops came running out of the club. Danny grabbed a gun and ran off after it, followed closely by Abby with her own gun. Connor stayed behind with Becker and Sarah and followed them into the club. As they went in, they found two people down on the ground and there were broken tables, chairs, and glass strewed everywhere.

Becker checked on the people and discovered them to both be unconscious. One of them was bleeding pretty badly from a shoulder wound and the other seemed to have fallen into one of the tables. Sarah went to work on helping them as best as she could and then once they were awake, guided them to an ambulance waiting outside.

Connor just stood back and seemed to stare at the scene in front of him. Becker didn't really notice as he spotted the anomaly in another room of the bar. He moved toward it leaving Connor alone. However, before Becker got too close, a triceratops came thundering out from the anomaly and headed toward the main room of the club.

Becker ran after it, trying to shoot it with the darts, but two of them didn't seem to take effect. The large dinosaur came charging directly at Connor and Becker shouted for him to get out of the way, but he didn't seem to hear him. Instead, he just continued staring ahead, frozen in fear.

Just as the dinosaur was about to run over Connor, Danny suddenly threw himself at Connor and managed to push him and himself out of harm's way. As the triceratops came outside, Becker's remaining men fired several more darts at it. Becker ran past Connor and Danny on the ground and joined his men in bringing the creature down. It finally went down hard. Becker nodded at his men, as he ran back inside the club to check on Danny and Connor.

Connor stood quickly and backed away from Danny slowly as he cried, "What on earth was that thing?"

Danny looked at Becker and then back at Connor as he answered, "That was a triceratops, I think. You are better in that field than we are. Are you all right, Connor?"

"No, I'm not all right," he replied. "What is going on? Where are we?"

"We are downtown," Becker responded. "Another anomaly just opened not too long ago. Don't you remember?"

Connor looked terrified as he stared at his friends and said, "No, I don't. The last thing I remember is being in the hospital wing. Abby was there making sure I was all right after… after something. I had just woken up feeling dizzy. Where's Abby? Is she all right?"

Danny answered, "Abby's fine. After we brought down the microceratops we chased after, she stayed behind with it to make sure that it was ok. We need to get you back to the ARC. Something is definitely wrong. You are not fine."

"You take Connor back," Becker said. "I'll stay here to help put things back in order. We still have another microceratops to find, maybe two."

Danny helped Connor calm down enough as he guided him to a car. Becker watched as they drove off and then headed off to find Abby. He wasn't sure how he was going to tell her what had just happened to Connor. He knew she wasn't going to take the news well at all and would surely become even more determined to kill Helen for whatever it is she had done to him. The truth was, he was even more determined to kill her as well. Connor was his friend.

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