Heart of the Team

Chapter 7

As soon as Lester answered his phone, Helen spoke saying, "Hello again, James. It has been awhile. I want you to call your team so that I can speak with the rest of them as well. What I have to say is for all of them."

Lester slowly lowered his phone and turned on the speaker as he replied, "They are all here right now. Go ahead."

"What have you done to Connor, you sadistic witch?" Abby shouted into the phone angrily.

Becker pulled Abby back as Danny said, "We want to know what you've done, Helen. We take it that is why you called us?"

"So you figured out it was me who attacked Connor," Helen responded. "I had a feeling you would. After all, who else would know to find him at the site of an anomaly?"

"Just get to the point!" Abby said angrily. "What did you inject Connor with?"

Helen chuckled and answered, "It is an algae that I found through an anomaly that took me to the early Proterozoic era. I took a sample of it and used it to create a toxin to inject into your boy. Connor was my husband's protégé and the genius of your group. I figured that he would be the perfect one to take out next in order to get what I want."

Danny replied, "Let me guess, you want the artifact. Does that mean you have an antidote for the toxin?"

Helen responded, "No, but isn't hard to make if you have a sample of the algae. I know where the anomaly you need to get it is. I will tell you, if you give me the artifact. Otherwise, you can watch your clever genius suffer and lose all sense of who he is. I take it his life is more important to you, am I right?"

"We will give you the artifact, but we need to know that the information you give us is kosher," Danny answered. "We have to know that Connor will be all right before we give you anything."

Helen replied, "I expected as much. We will be in touch."

With that said Helen hung up, while Lester lowered his phone and looked over at Danny. He wanted to save Connor as much as the rest of them, but giving Helen the artifact was out of the question.

Lester said, "You know that we cannot give her the artifact, Quinn? No matter what Helen says? I don't trust her in the slightest and from the smirk on your face I take it you have a plan?"

"Believe me, I do not trust her either and I don't even know her," Danny responded. "I don't have a plan yet, but we will come up with one before she calls back. I know how important the artifact is to us."

"Whatever we do, we have to make sure Helen tells us the truth about where to get the algae sample," Abby replied. "If the plan fails, we will lose Connor. I'm going to see him now."

Abby walked away from them and enter into the exam room where she found Connor. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, with his back to her and was staring straight ahead as if he were in a trance. Abby walked over to her and gently put her hand on his cheek in hopes of snapping out of the daze. It worked as he lifted his eyes to look into hers, then slowly looked back down to look at his hands in his lap.

"Connor, are you ok?" Abby asked.

"I'm fine, Abby," Connor responded sadly.

Abby sat down next to him and placed her hand under his chin to lift his head to face her and replied, "No, you're not. The doctors told you what was happening with you, didn't they?"

Connor shook his head and answered, "Yes, but they didn't have to. I am losing whole days and you told me I was attacked by Helen. I just had to put two and two together. Even that doesn't take a genius to figure out. She's injected me with something that is erasing my short term memories. In time, it's going to get worse and then I will end up forgetting everything that makes me who I am. I will end up forgetting you.

"You may be a genius, Connor, but that doesn't make you who you are." Abby stated. "You are the kindest, sweetest person I know and you are my best friend. That has nothing to do with why I love you. We will find a way to stop Helen. I promise. Danny, Becker, and Sarah are coming up with a plan right now."

"Did you just say that you love me?" Connor asked.

Abby looked into his eyes once again, leaned over to kiss him on his lips, and then said, "Shut up, Connor."

They continued to kiss, as Danny, Sarah, and Becker observed the scene through the window. Once Abby began to kiss Connor, the three of them walked away to leave them on their own. Lester had already left to go back up to his office to get back to work, on whatever it was that he did.

Two days later, Connor was once again sitting inside Professor Cutter's office going over his notes. He had three more memory lapses since the day he was told what was happening to him. The lapses were becoming more frequent and Connor was becoming more scared than he had ever been in his whole life. However, he kept on working inside the ARC in order to make himself useful to the rest of his team. Luckily, he remembered the conversation he had with the doctors and Abby about what was going on with him. At least, for now he did.

Everyone was getting frustrated waiting for Helen, who still had yet to call back. They knew she was making them wait on purpose, in order to make them feel more desperate to save Connor. It was working, especially on Abby. She kept a close eye on him, but her being there was becoming more and more uncomfortable for him. It just reminded him of what was happening to him.

Lester had overused all of his contracts to try to locate her, even by trying to track down the cell number that showed up from the first call she made. He came up empty. Helen was very good at not wanting to be found.

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