Heart of the Team

Chapter 8

The next morning, Connor sat in one of the many labs inside the ARC, working on some of his own research. The more lapses he went through, the more frustrated he was becoming. The team had gone off to close off at least two other anomalies that he knew about and because of what was happening to him, he was not able to join them. He was no longer of any use to them.

He had been reading through several of his journals he had been keeping since he joined their crime fighting team, hoping that the information would help to jog his memories that have escaped him. He wasn't just losing hours over the last few days anymore. He was beginning to lose whole memories, such as the day he traveled through his first anomaly to save Abby from some future creature and told her he loved her when they believed they were going to die, he had forgotten about something they called the artifact, and he had no memory of who Stephen or Nick Cutter were.

Everything he knew of these and other memories forgotten were just from words he had written down in a book. Connor read how much the professor meant to him and grew more and more unsettled as he tried to remember the things that he knew he never should have forgotten.

Suddenly, another headache began to come on, as he put the journal down and stood up to head to the infirmary. However, as he did so, he was interrupted as Abby walked into the room. Connor looked at her with a blank face, whispered the words excuse me, and stepped alongside her to try to exit the room.

Abby grabbed his arm and pulled him around to face her as she asked, "Connor, what's wrong?"

Connor answered, "I'm fine. I was just going to lie down. Do I know you?"

"Of course you know me," Abby answered as she looked into his frightened eyes. "I'm Abby. Don't you remember who I am? You don't, do you?"

"No, I…" Connor stuttered as he struggled with trying to remember who she was. "Abby, I can't… Wait, I remember you now, sort of. I have forgotten lots of things, but I can't believe that I am forgetting you. I'm so sorry. According to my journals, this Professor Cutter seemed real important to me, but… Abby what is happening to me? I…"

Before Connor finished what he was saying, he ran out of the room to get away from her as Abby shouted, "Connor, wait!"

She tried to go after him, but she didn't get too far before she lost him. Abby ran back to the room to look at the books he had left opened on the table. She saw that the books were full of Connor's handwriting and as she read the words he wrote, she realized what he was trying to do.

As she read, Danny came in and walked up beside Abby to look at the books she was reading over as he said, "Connor just ran past me in the hall a minute ago. Is he all right? Are you?"

Danny saw that something was terribly wrong as she answered, "No, Danny. Connor has forgotten who Cutter was. He's beginning to forget who I am and probably you and everyone else too. He's really scared, Danny. What is taking so long for Helen to call us back? She wants Connor to forget us."

"She's only trying to make us feel desperate so that we will give her what she wants," Danny replied. "She also knows that if it is too late to help Connor, then she will never get the artifact. She will call us anytime now. I'll go and find Connor. Try not to worry, Abby. The doctors are still working around the clock to try to come up with an antidote for him. We will save him."

"We have to, Danny," she cried. "I love him."

Danny responded, "I know."


Captain Becker walked up to Lester's office and knocked on the open door as he entered. As he did so, he noticed a few files on his desk. Lester was on the phone and as soon as Becker came in, he hung up very quickly as if he was trying to hide something.

"Did I interrupt an important phone call?" Becker asked.

"No, not really," Lester replied.

Becker picked up one of the folders and said, "These look like new prospects that may be qualified to work here. Are you looking to replace Connor?"

Lester sighed and responded, "I am only preparing ahead. It isn't like I believe we won't be successful in restoring his memories, but I need to have someone in place in case it should happen. We need a brain on our team."

"Connor is the heart of this team," Danny said as he walked into the office. "He isn't just a genius you can replace because he is no longer able to function the way you want him to."

"I had no intention of just replacing him," Lester answered. "If we are unsuccessful in stopping Helen, I assure you that Connor will remain a part of this team, no matter what."

Danny nodded and replied, "Good. Now, have either of you seen Connor run through here? Abby said he's pretty upset. He's beginning to forget us and he's really scared, she said. I'm trying to find him."

Becker responded, "I haven't seen him, but we can track him down with the surveillance cameras."

Lester began to type some commands on the keyboard hooked up to his computer, while Danny and Becker walked around his desk to take a look at the screen. It took him a minute to pull up the camera feeds that ran throughout the building. As soon as it was up, they saw Connor running through the corridors and then watched him exit the ARC on foot.

Danny and Becker left Lester's office and headed toward the garage so that they would be able to drive around to find him. He shouldn't have been able to get too far yet. The trick was going to be in trying to figure out where he was heading.

Back in the lab, Abby was still reading Connor's journals. The more she read, the more she was amazed at the detailed notes he had kept throughout the years they had been together. It was interesting for her to read about certain events that happened from his point of view.

Suddenly, Abby came to the entry Connor had made about the day she was taken and nearly killed by the beasts from the future, when he had saved her after proclaiming that he loved her. She realized then, that he truly loved her as she was hoping that he did because she loved him just as much.

He wrote, I hate myself for fighting with Abby before I thought I lost her. The moment I found out she was alive, I was relieved. Then, I told her I loved her when I thought we were both going to die. I stupidly told her it was just because we almost died, but it wasn't true. I do love her. I am just afraid that she won't love me back. I can't tell her how I feel because I am a coward. I just hope that one day, I will have the courage to do so and not right before we might die either.

Abby put the book back down on the table and closed it. Tears were falling down her cheeks for what seemed like the millionth time she's cried since this whole thing began. Abby stood and exited the room to go try to find Sarah. She knew that Danny would find Connor and talk to him. Then, she would stay with him until all this was over.

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