Heart of the Team

Chapter 9

Danny and Becker searched for Connor for several hours now. Neither one of them could believe that he had disappeared in the short amount of time they had left after him from the ARC. Abby had called them three times to see if they had found him yet. Each time, they've had to tell her that they hadn't.

They searched places that were familiar to him, thinking that even if he had forgotten some of his memories, he may return to one of them searching for some answers. Connor was nowhere to be seen.

"Where on earth would he have gone?" Becker asked. "He probably does not even remember where he lives."

"You're right," Danny responded. "Maybe he isn't going somewhere familiar. Or maybe there is somewhere else that we don't know about."

Becker replied, "If he didn't go back to either Abby's flat or Lester's apartment, then what other places could he go that he would be familiar with?"

Danny thought a moment and then answered, "What about Cutter's grave site? Just because he doesn't remember him, doesn't mean that his subconscious isn't trying to help him do so."

"It's as good a place as any," Becker agreed. "Let's go."

After thirty minutes, they had finally arrived at the graveyard where both Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart were buried. The ground was pretty muddy because it had been raining most of the day. When they reached the professor's grave, Danny knelt down and pointed out footprints in the dirt and tracks that led away from the grounds.

"It looks like he's been here," Becker said to Danny. "The footprints look like they are the right size and the ground was disturbed very recently."

"We need to find him soon, before the rains starts again," Danny replied. "He may have been in the rain all this time and if so, he will get himself sick. He doesn't need that on top of everything else he's gone through."

Becker stood and followed after Danny as they followed the footprints. After a few minutes, they came upon an old office building that had been abandoned after a fire had broken out and destroyed it beyond repair. The tracks led into the building, so both Danny and Becker entered it, hoping that Connor was still inside and all right. It was then that it began to rain again, fairly heavily.

Becker asked, "Why would he come in here? There's nothing here."

Danny responded, "He probably just came in to get out of the cold, before the rain began again. Just be careful. The floors are rotten."

Before they got too far into the building, Danny's phone rang and discovered that it was Lester calling when he looked at the caller id. Danny put the phone to his ear as he pushed the answer button to reply.

"I need the two of you to come back to the ARC now," Lester said after Danny picked up. "It's been hours. Have you had any luck?"

"We think we've tracked him down," Danny answered. "We're in a burned down building near the graveyard where Cutter and Hart are buried. We think he may be in here. If he isn't, I'll send Becker back, while I keep searching for Connor. I won't come back until I've found him."

Lester replied, "I just received a call from Helen. She wants to meet you downtown in two hours to discuss a trade."

Danny looked at Becker and responded, "We'll be back in time, with Connor. Tell Abby not to worry."

"Very good," Lester said as he hung up.

"Helen's finally called," Danny told Becker. "She wants to meet us in two hours, somewhere downtown. We need to find Connor quickly."

Becker said, "If he's here, he's got to be on the top floor. We've already climbed three floors. There's only one left to search, that isn't completely burned."

Danny replied, "He's here. Look!"

As they reached the final floor, they saw from a distance Connor, who was standing on what looked like an outside balcony. He was staring off at a distance and didn't even notice them until they got within a few feet of him. They noticed he was drenched and shaking from the cold. They saw that he was also feverish. Connor was startled as Danny tried to get closer and then backed up toward the edge of the balcony in fear.

Danny called out, "Connor, stop! It's all right. It's me, Danny and Becker. Do you know who we are?"

Connor looked at Danny as he spoke and then turned around to look back outside as he answered, "No, I can't remember. You look as if I should know you, but I don't."

"We're your friends," Danny responded. "We've been looking for you to bring you home. Can you remember anything?"

"I know a little of who I am," Connor said quietly. "I know that I am some kind of genius, but what good am I if I can't remember the important things. I can't remember where I live, I can't remember my friends. This morning, I had forgotten Abby. How could I have done that? How could I be forgetting everything that makes me who I am?"

Danny looked back at Becker and then back at Connor as he replied, "Helen did this to you, Connor. You were poisoned, but we can help you get your memories back."

Connor turned back to face them and asked angrily, "How? How do you know if you can even get my memories back? Does this, Helen know how? What if you can't help me? I will end up with no memories at all. I can't live that way."

"We will help you, Connor," Danny responded as Connor stepped up to the edge of the balcony and held onto the only railing that was left. "I promise. Please, let us. You have people who care about you. Abby loves you very much. Don't give up on us now. Don't give up on yourself."

Connor turned his head to look at Danny, and then at Becker, both of whom were slowly inching their way closer to Connor. Connor saw that Danny held his hand out for him to take a hold of. After a few minutes, Connor finally turned back around and began to reach out for it until he suddenly collapsed. Danny and Becker raced to catch him as he fell backwards off of the balcony. Danny reached Connor first as he grabbed ahold of his left wrist. Becker fell down beside him quickly took ahold of Connor's arm, as they both worked hard to pull him back up. When they finally got him up, they lay him down on the floor inside of the building as gently as they could and knelt down beside him. Connor was unconscious.

"He's burning up," Becker said. "We need to get him back to the ARC right away."

"I'll carry him," Danny replied as he carefully picked Connor up in his arms and ran off as quickly as he could in order to get to the car that was parked outside of the cemetery.

Becker ran ahead of him and started the car. When Danny reached him, he lay Connor across the back seat and jumped in beside him. Becker drove back to the ARC as quickly as he could and as they arrived, Danny pulled Connor back into his arms and ran to the hospital wing. He lay him gently down on a bed and backed away slowly as the doctors quickly surrounded him.

"You need to do whatever you can to help him," Danny said firmly. "He was walking around in this blasted weather for several hours. He's really sick."

Becker stayed in the doorway in order to keep out of the way. Danny stepped back and stood beside Becker. As he did, Becker noticed a tear falling down his cheek. Danny quickly reached up and wiped it away after he noticed Becker looking at him.

Danny didn't cry ever. In fact, the last time that he did was when he learned that his brother had disappeared and was probably dead, back when he was pretty young. This was like watching his kid brother slip away from him all over again.

Becker didn't cry, but he was angry. Connor was the last person he thought he would ever see nearly commit suicide. He saw so much pain and fear in the face of a young man who always managed to laugh and joke around despite the danger they were in often.

Danny spoke up saying, "First, I'm going to find Abby and then I'm going to find out from Lester where I'm supposed to meet Helen to get the antidote. We are going to need all of us for our plan to work. Are you ready?"

Becker nodded as he answered, "Absolutely!"

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