Chapter 10


Chapter Ten

Once they got back to the station, Sam called Penelope up once again to give her and Kevin the description of their UNSUB and as soon as they described the scar, Kevin suddenly shouted, "Wait a minute! I think I saw that guy. I mean a guy that fits that description anyway. Just a sec, yep! I've got a Lance Bryant whose father was killed by your man about a year and a half ago after he took a doctor and his family hostage."

Penelope continued, "It says here that about a month after the case, Lance was charged with murdering that same family. However, he was set free some time later because of a mistake made by the prosecutor in charge of his case."

"How much later?" Prophet asked.

"About two and a half weeks ago," she responded.

Prophet nodded and replied, "That fits our timeline perfectly. This has got to be our guy."

Sam shook his head in confusion and said, "I met Lance when I went with Mick to talk with him and his family after his father was killed. Lance didn't have a scar then."

Penelope answered, "But he had a fresh cut on his face that matches the scar when he was booked the night of the murders."

"It looks like someone in the family fought back and must have scratched him somehow," Sam responded. "Thanks again you two. You've been a big help."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Penelope cried out quickly before they hung up. "There's something more that popped up. It's the reason why this information came up with the list of people involved in your old cases, who have a grudge against Mick in the first place."

Kevin said, "We found a blog of all things written by Lance that rants on and on about how much he hates Mick for killing his father after promising him that he'd save him, at least for the month before he finished his father's work and for the first few months while he was in prison. I'm sending you the site now."

Penelope continued, "After a few months, his rants become more evolved as he begins to write that he has dreams about one day killing Mick. He writes a number of different ways that he does so in his dreams. The sick thing, is that there are dozens of people, who respond to each of these blogs and think that what he's writing is pretty cool and some are even encouraging him to actually go for it. The blogs are updated pretty much every day."

"These dreams he's describing are extremely detailed," Beth angrily responded in disgust. "How is it that this site wasn't shut down while he was in prison? Aren't their searches and work done on the computers supposed to be screened by the guards? Why hasn't anyone said anything to the police about this since he's been released? Wait, it looks like there is also a video that was posted, yesterday not too long after Mick was taken."

"Can you pull it up, Beth?" Sam asked.

Beth nodded as she did so and they saw that it was a video of the fight between Mick and the gang members. Everyone leaned closer to the screen as the video began. They watched as the thugs constantly attacked their friend and despite being outnumbered, he was winning.

Prophet said, "It's no wonder that their leader pulled out a knife on him. Mick is totally laying them out to dry."

However, their astonishment of their teammate's fighting skills quickly disappeared as they watched the gang leader pull the knife from behind his back and thrust it into Mick's abdomen. Both Gina and Beth let out a gasp as their hands flew to their mouths in fear. They knew it was coming, but to actually watch it was horrifying.

They continued to watch sadly as Mick pulled the knife out of his wound and thrust it into the gang leader's chest, killing him instantly. A moment later, their friend collapsed to the ground, but the team could see that he did not fall unconscious. It was then that the video stopped.

Sam spoke up saying, "Lance was close enough to the fight so that he could video tape it. He wants to be able to watch this over and over. No doubt he's probably filming whatever he's doing to him now.

Prophet asked, "Penelope, can you trace these blogs and the video?"

"I'm already working on it, Handsome," she answered. "It will just take a few more seconds, there. It looks like the address of this site is coming from a house in Raleigh, North Carolina. The address is…"

"The house where Mick killed Lance's father," Sam interrupted. "He's brought him back there for irony. Mick killed his father there and it is where Lance will eventually kill Mick. Penelope, I need you to call the local police and have them go in. We're too far away. Mick may be dead by the time we reach him and our killer gone. Tell them to do all they can to make sure Lance is brought in, not killed."

"I'm on it," Kevin replied, but as he dialed the number he suddenly said, "Uh guys, it looks like we've got ourselves another video link. It was just posted."

Beth saw the link come up and hit play. They saw Mick gagged and tied to a chair in what looked like the middle of the room. His shirt was ripped open and they could clearly see at least four wires taped to his chest.

"Oh God," Beth whispered.

Suddenly they watched Mick throw his head back and his body writhe as the electricity began to flow through his chest. Gina and Beth both cried silently while they watched and listened to their friend moan in pain, as the torture continued on. Eventually, they had to turn their heads away, unable to watch him suffer any longer. Sam and Prophet were clenching their fists in anger, but they didn't say a word. Once Kevin finished making the call to the Raleigh police, he laid his hand on Penelope's shoulder as she too cried softly.

After she could no longer take it, Beth closed the link down and asked, "Penelope, can you tell us how long this goes on for?"

Garcia wiped the tears from her face and forwarded through the video, grateful that she didn't have to see or hear any more of it and replied, "Yes. It looks like this monster drags it out for over an hour before Mick finally falls unconscious."

"He must have been slowly turning up the volume of the electricity!" Prophet said as he stood up and began to yell. "I've never wanted to kill anyone more badly in my life! This was probably hours ago! Mick could be dead by now for all we know!"

"Lance wants Mick to suffer, which means he won't kill him this soon," Sam responded. "Believe me, I want this monster to pay for what he's done as much as you do, but we need to keep calm if we're going to find him. If we lose control, we won't be able to think clearly. Mick is strong. He'll pull through this, I know it! Now, let's get going. Beth, call for a chopper. I don't care how much it costs. We need to get there as soon as possible."

Beth nodded as she replied, "You've got it! We'll be there within an hour."

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