Chapter 11


Chapter Eleven

Like Beth had predicted, the team arrived at the house in Raleigh in a little over an hour. The helicopter landed on the street and as they all got out, they met up with the group of officers that had been assigned to go in and apprehend the UNSUB.

One of them walked up to Sam and the others as they approached and said, "I'm sorry, Sir. There's no one here. There's plenty of evidence showing that they were at one point, but…"

Sam interrupted, "Thank you. I take it the house is secured then?"

"Yes, Sir!" the man replied. "We'll leave your team to do your job. We'll be outside if you need us."

The team nodded and walked inside the house. As they did, they saw that it was dirty and completely empty, except for the wooden chair in the middle of the living room where they had seen their friend get tortured. A defibrillator, the ropes that bound him to the chair, and some bloody rags on the floor were left behind as well.

Prophet stated, "Lance must have fixed up this defibrillator up to the wires that he taped to Mick's chest and bandaged up the knife wound enough to prevent him from losing blood too fast. No doubt the wound's become infected by now. Dang it, Coop! Where'd that scumbag take him now?"

Sam began to pace around the room as he started talking as their UNSUB saying, "I'm angry that my father was killed when Mick promised us that he would do all he could to save him, but he shot him trying to save that family. Why were their lives more important than my dad's? I am still grieving for my father, but it's been over a year and things are not getting better. My life is just getting worse. I try to ease my pain by writing about my hate for Mick in my blogs, but my anger still doesn't disappear. I leave England and head to the states so that I can finish off what my father started. As if in a trance, I brutally kill the doctor and his family as I beat them over and over with a golf club. One of them tries to fight me, as they scratch my face. I take a knife from my pocket and stab them twice to finish them off. I have blood all over me and when I finally wake up from my rage, I see what I have done and I run, but I get caught by the police and arrested."

Beth continued, "So while he's in prison, Lance realizes that he took his rage out on the wrong people. He wanted to make Mick suffer instead. So he studies ways of committing murder and makes plans to kill him when he is set free."

"But I do not know how to get to him," Sam responds. "I know that he works with some special unit in the FBI and I realize that I need to draw him out somehow. I realize that I have to kill a number of people in order for the authorities to call Mick's team in. As my plan falls into motion, I imagine my victims as Mick to make it easier to take their lives. Eventually, killing becomes exciting and I do it more and more, in a number of different ways in order to throw off the police. I leave a message for Mick in each home to taunt him and to let him know that all of these deaths are his fault."

"Finally, after two weeks, Mick has arrived and he sees his opportunity," Prophet adds. "So, Lance hires thugs to take him down for him once Mick is alone, knowing that Mick would overpower him if he tried because he was a soldier with his father. When Mick is down, he kidnaps him, so that he can make him suffer. Killing Mick outright, would not have eased his pain."

Gina jumps in saying, "So Lance brings Mick back here to this house where all of his pain began and tortures him, first by shooting electricity through his chest using a defibrillator. Now what?"

"Lance wants Mick to suffer for as long as possible before he dies," Sam answered. "He didn't leave with Mick quickly as the police showed up. He wouldn't have gotten away from them, dragging someone who was unconscious along with him, as well as the camera equipment."

"So he left shortly after he was finished electrocuting him," Beth replied. "We assumed he was going to kill him here. Why take him somewhere else?"

Sam shook his head and responded, "I'm not sure. This guy's erratic. I don't see anything here that indicates where he would have taken him."

Gina said, "We're going to have to wait until Lance posts another video, aren't we?"

"We'll give a press conference to let the public know who we're looking for," Sam answered. "If we can ask people to be on the lookout for him, maybe we can find him before that happens. Let's head to the station. Lance and Mick are still here in Raleigh, I'm sure of it."

"I'll prepare the press conference," Beth replied.

Two hours later…

Beth held up a picture of their UNSUB as she stood on the podium in front of several members of the media and began their press conference saying, "Everyone has heard about the man who has killed several people within the last two weeks. About two days ago, a Federal Agent was kidnapped down in Charleston, South Carolina by this same man. We are here now to give you details of our killer and we are asking all of you to be on the lookout for him so that we can finally bring this man down and find our missing friend. If you have seen him, or have any information regarding his whereabouts, please call the Raleigh Police department. Do not try to take justice in your own hands if you should come across him. He is very dangerous and he will most likely kill you if you attempt to bring him down yourself. Thank you."

Beth walked away from the press without answering any of their questions and walked back into the station, where the rest of her friends were sitting quietly. As she sat down beside Gina, a phone that had been placed on the table began to ring.

Sam looked at his friends before he picked up the phone to answer it and quickly motioned for Beth to set up the trace, as he finally said, "This is Special Agent Sam Cooper with the FBI. Who am I speaking with?"

The caller answered, "Hello again, Agent Cooper. I remember who you are. You were the agent who came with Mick to my house the day he told us he murdered my father."

"Listen, Lance," Sam responded gently. "I promise you that Mick did everything he could to save your father that day. Against my orders, he walked into that house without a vest and stood with his arms up in front of him, pleading with him to let me and the doctor's family go. He didn't want to shoot him, but he had no choice."

"I know!" Bryant shouted angrily. "I've heard all this before and I don't care what anyone says, least of all Mick. He killed my father, even after he promised he would save him. It would have been one thing if it was you or someone else that killed my dad, but Mick did it himself. He lied to me! And he lied to my mom and brother. He was my dad's friend and he betrayed him!"

Sam knew that there was no talking this man down and said, "We saw the videos that you've posted to your blogs. We know what you've done to Mick. Can I talk to him? I want to know that he still alive."

Lance replied, "He isn't doing too well. You won't ever see him again, but I suppose I can let you talk for a minute. And by the way, if you're tracing this call, it's a pointless search. You won't get anything. Go ahead and say whatever you want to your friend."

Sam waited for Mick to say something, but all he could hear was heavy breathing as he finally spoke up saying, "Mick, can you hear me?"

"It's good to hear your voice again." Mick answered very quietly. "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"You know that I can always see through your lies, Kid," Sam responded. "Besides, we saw the videos. We are going to find you, I promise! You just have to keep fighting. Promise me."

"You know… me, Mate." Mick answered. "I won't let you…"

Sam shouted into the phone as he heard Mick begin to cough uncontrollably, "Mick? Mick? Hey, hold on!" Mick?"

Lance's voice came back over the phone as he said, "Sorry about that, Agent Cooper. As I told you, he's pretty sick. I am afraid I've got to go. You know things to do. Oh and by the way, look for a new video before too long. Goodbye!"

After Bryant had hung up, Sam slowly put his phone down. He stood there several seconds when suddenly, he angrily picked up one of the chairs and threw it across the room, causing everyone to jump. Then, he slammed his fists down on the table.

Prophet asked somberly, "He's in bad shape, isn't he?"

Sam shook his head as he replied, "Yeah, he is. Did you at least get a general fix on his location?"

"I'm afraid not," Beth responded. "He was calling from what looks like a satellite phone, but his signal was too distorted. Maybe Penelope can do something about it"

"He's going to be posting another video soon, which means he's going to torture him again," Sam said. "Call Garcia and have her do what she can. Also, tell her to keep an eye on Bryant's site so that she can inform us when he posts the next video."

Beth answered, "You've got it!"

Prophet asked angrily, "So, what do we do in the meantime? Are we just supposed to sit here and wait for the call that tells us our friend is dead?"

"No," Sam replied. "Penelope will come through for us. Right now, we'll just have to hope that someone calls in with some decent information that may help us find him faster. Don't worry, we'll find him."

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