Chapter 12


Chapter Twelve


When Mick came to sometime later, he found it very difficult to focus on anything that was around him. His chest and abdomen hurt greatly and his entire body shook, due to the raging fever that had begun to consume him. However, he wasn't about to let this stop him from fighting.

Mick finally managed to focus on what was around him and found that he was somewhere in the middle of the woods and when he tried to move, he discovered that he was no longer tied up. He saw Bryant standing not too far away, setting up his tripod and video camera once again. Down on the ground, he saw a shovel, but worst of all, he saw a coffin that looked like it was right out of an old western movie. It was the old, wooden kind and Mick knew that Bryant planned to have him dig his own grave and bury him alive.

When Lance saw that Mick was awake finally, he hit play on the video camera, picked up his satellite phone that he had brought with him, dialed a number, and when the other line answered, he said, "Hello again, Agent Cooper. I remember who you are. You were the agent who came with Mick to my house the day he told us he murdered my father."

Mick sat up slowly from the ground as he heard Lance arguing with Sam about something. He paid no attention to the camera as it continued filming. It was then that he heard him telling his friend that he would let him talk to him one last time as Lance walked over and placed the phone near his head. Mick was breathing heavily as he struggled with what he should say.

Finally, he heard Sam's voice as he said, "Mick, can you hear me?"

Mick answered quietly, "It's good to hear your voice again. Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"You know that I can always see through your lies, Kid," Sam responded. "Besides, we saw the videos. We are going to find you, I promise! You just have to keep fighting. Promise me."

"You know… me, Mate." Mick answered. "I won't let you…"

Mick couldn't finish his sentence as he suddenly doubled over in a coughing fit. He could hear Sam shouting his name over the phone, but he never got the chance to assure him that he was all right, as Lance pulled the phone away from his head and began to speak to his friend once again. Then, he finally hung up.

Mick slowly rose to his feet, as Lance walked over to him and said, "I think they got the direness of the situation. Good job."

Mick glared at the son of his old friend and without answering the question he stated, "You're going to bury me alive. If you expect me to dig the grave myself, you can forget it."

"You're right to the point," Lance replied. "I like that about you. I'm also impressed with your bravado. My dad did always say you were one of the more stubborn people he had ever known. I suggest you do what I want you to do, or not only will I put a bullet in your brain and leave you out for the wild animals, but I will also go after your teammates. I will kill them, as I have killed everyone else; brutally. You know that I can."

"How do I know that you don't already have that planned?" Mick asked again.

Lance chuckled and responded, "I told you before that no one will be worth killing after I finally kill you. Like all of your UNSUBs as you call us, we work up to killing the one target we have been aiming for since the beginning. Once we accomplish that, we either kill ourselves, or we go out in a blaze of glory; suicide by cop. Each of your friends will eventually let their guard down and go off on their own. If you do not cooperate with me, I will kill each one of them, beginning with that beautiful blonde and ending with that computer tech up in Quantico."

Mick looked into Bryant's eyes and said coldly, "You're bluffing."

"You know, instead of shooting you first, we could head back into town," he answered. "I can find a way to get your team into the open, open fire on them, and I'll make you…"

"All right!" Mick shouted. "I'll dig the bloody grave. You can do with me what you want. I don't care, but if you make a move on my friends, you'll end up becoming one of FBI's most wanted criminals. You'll be hunted for the rest of your life! Is that what you really want? You are twenty-one years old. I know that your dad wouldn't want this for you, despite what he had done. He loved you. Your father may have killed people, but he was sick and so are you. I can still help you, if you let me. Please, Lance!"

Lance was seething when Mick brought up his father and as he finished his plea, Lance pulled out Mick's gun from his jacket pocket, pointed it at Mick's head, and shouted, "Enough! Pick up the shovel and start digging. I will not listen to you any longer."

Mick slowly bent down to pick up the shovel and walked over to where Lance ordered him to begin digging. They both remained silent as Mick worked and when the grave was deep enough, the team's killer walked over to the agent and hit him hard across the back of his head with the butt of his gun. The force of the hit didn't knock Mick unconscious, but it was enough to keep him down on the ground as the pain and dizziness overwhelmed him.

As he remained on the cold, wet ground, Mick watched as Lance struggled with placing the coffin inside the hole. After he finally finished, he walked over to Mick, pulled him up from the ground by his hair, and forced him to stand over the spot where he was going to make the man who killed his father die slowly.

"As you can see, I placed an oxygen tank in the coffin, which will give you about twelve hours' worth of air, so that you'll suffer as you slowly suffocate," Lance said. "I just wish that I could see it."

"No doubt that the infection from my knife wound will kill me first," Mick replied. "You haven't changed the bandages since you wrapped them in the first place and my blood has been soaking through for some time. Killing me will not put you at peace. You'll suffer until you die an old man, or my team takes you down."

Lance Bryant looked at Mick in the eyes and answered, "I know, but at least I got the satisfaction of bringing down my dad's killer. Goodbye, Mick."

He shoved Mick hard into the coffin and quickly closed the cover. Then, he proceeded to shovel the pile of dirt back over the top of it. Once he was finally finished, Lance wiped the dirt from off of his hands and his pants and walked over to the video camera to shut it off. However, before he did so, Lance said one last thing directly into the camera.

He chuckled as he said, "Revenge is mine at last!"

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