Chapter 13


Chapter Thirteen

Lance had laid Mick and everything else, except for his video camera equipment, inside the coffin and tied it down to the back of a four wheeler; something he had purchased with one of his victims' stolen credit cards in order to carry everything through the woods. He placed his camera and the tripod in the seat next to him and had driven to the site where he had buried Mick alive.

Now, as he finally finished, he put his gear back in the seat next to him, tied the shovel onto the back of the bike, and drove off to where he had left his truck on the road that looped around the woods. Lance ditched the four wheeler and drove his truck back into town to a café where he could post the video he had just made to the site of his blogs.

Bryant took a seat at one of the computers that faced the cashier's work station, as well as most of the café, in order to keep an eye out for any cops entering, should he have to leave as soon as possible. He was careful not to draw attention to himself.

He sat at the computer for as long as it took for him to watch and download his newest video to his web site. As he finished and got up to leave, it was then that he noticed the press conference given by one of Mick's friends from his team. He could see that the story was not live, but that it had been the top story for however long ago this woman had given the conference. Then, he saw his picture come up on the screen.

Lance was wearing his hat that he had been wearing all day to cover his head, but as he looked around at the people inside the café, he noticed that one of the cashiers was looking directly at him, while he was speaking with someone on the phone. Bryant quickly ran out the door and took off down the street to where he had parked his truck, before any of the cops or FBI could find him.


Sam, Gina, Prophet, and Beth were still sitting inside the conference room where they were waiting impatiently for anything that would give them a lead to where their teammate was. It had been several hours since Sam had spoken with Mick and their UNSUB and going on three days since Mick had been taken. Their tempers were short and they were getting more and more scared for their friend as time went on.

They had received call after call of useless and false information about Lance Bryant being sighted and some of them even said that they had killed the man. Thankfully, each of these calls panned out to be just pranks.

After a few minutes of talking on the phone, Beth finally slammed it down and let out a frustrated scream, after which she said, "I cannot believe the audacity of some people who would call just to give us false information or play a prank! This guy claimed that he just shot and killed our UNSUB as he tried to break into his apartment. When the police investigated, they found that this moron was high on something and said that he was just trying to be funny. Don't they realize that there's a life on the line?"

Sam replied, "People don't think about the lives that are at stake when they call in to get their minute of face time. Sadly, there is nothing we can do to stop them from making false accusations."

"We should go back on the news and threaten anyone who does this again with jail time," Gina stated half joking.

"I wish we could do that, but the charges would never stick," Prophet responded. "They'd be out in no time and then would turn around and sue us for their wrongful arrest. It stinks, but it's true. Besides, I don't think Strauss would be too happy with us if we tried it either."

Sam chuckled briefly and the rest of the team did the same. It was then that Sam's cell went off and he discovered that it was Penelope calling once again. He placed his cell down on the table and put her call up on their video screen so that she could see and speak to the rest of the team as well.

Sam answered as he asked, "What have you got for us, Beautiful?"

Penelope replied, "Thank you, Handsome! Ah, anyway, I am afraid that Bryant just posted a new video to his blogs. I haven't watched it yet. I figured I'd watch it with you, not that I want to. I am afraid of what we're going to see. I don't…"

"It's all right, Penelope," Sam interrupted to keep her from rambling on. "You don't have to watch if you feel you can't. We understand."

"No, no," she responded. "Mick is my friend too. If each of you has to watch, then so do I. Don't worry, Kevin's still here to hold my hand. Are you ready?"

Sam looked at his friends and then answered, "Yeah, we're ready. Go ahead."

As the video began, they saw Mick lying on the ground as Lance picked up his satellite phone and made a call that they soon discovered was the one that he made to them. They watched as Mick's tormentor walked over and placed the phone next to his head so that they could talk. Then, he doubled over as he coughed, as Lance pulled the phone away and soon ended the call.

As the video continued, they watched and listened to Mick's conversation with Bryant and when the monster threatened him and his team in order to get Mick to cooperate, tears slowly began to fall down Cooper's face for the first time since Mick had been kidnapped. He quickly wiped them away as Mick continued digging, then get hit over the head once he was finished, and finally shoved into the grave.

They watched as Bryant filled the grave back up and walk over to the video camera as he chuckled and said, "Revenge is mine at last!"

As the video finally ended, Sam stood up and as calmly as he could, despite the anger he was feeling, he said, "We know that Mick has under twelve hours' worth of air. We need to find him as soon as possible. Penelope, can you tell us where these woods are located?"

"From the data that Kevin and I have gathered so far from the phone conversation you had with our UNSUB earlier and his latest video, we have discovered that the woods are surrounding a park just outside of Raleigh," she answered as she wiped the tears that were falling down her face as well. "I can't get a location of the site where the video was filmed though. From what I can tell, these woods are several miles big. He could be anywhere. I can't believe that that scumbag threatened me to get Mick to do what he wanted."

"Don't worry," Prophet replied. "We'll find him in time. Mick won't give up and neither will we. Then, we'll catch this scumbag and make sure that he can't hurt anyone else. We…"

Just then, one of the officers came running into the room and shouted, "Some time ago, we got a call from a café worker downtown, who claimed that they saw your killer sitting at one of their computers for over an hour. As he got up to leave, several witnesses saw the guy staring at the TV as there was a repeat of your press conference on. As the worker who spotted him got on the phone to call us, your guy booked it out the door and ran down the street to an old pick up truck. We've got officers out searching for it as we speak."

As the team stood and gathered their gear together, Sam responded, "Good! Do whatever you have to do to find and stop him. We need a search team to help us search miles of the woods near the park outside of town. Our man has been buried alive and he has less than ten hours of air by this point. We have to find him as fast as possible."

"I'll go give the word," the officer replied.

"Let's get going," Sam said. "Thank you, Penelope, Kevin."

Kevin answered, "You've got it! Let us know what you need from us,"

Prophet responded, "We will."

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