Chapter 16


Chapter Sixteen

The shot caused everyone to jump, but the one who was the most shocked was Bryant, as he suddenly dropped his gun and stepped back a few steps screaming in pain, while clutching at his now bleeding hand. Using the distraction, Gina quickly elbowed Lance in the ribs and then as he doubled over, she used her knee to hit him in the face. As he fell to the floor still screaming, Gina turned him over and quickly handcuffed his hands behind his back.

As this was happening, Sam, Prophet, and Beth looked behind where Gina and Bryant had been standing a second ago in order to figure out where the shot had come from and when they did, they saw Mick barely standing as he leaned up against the back wall of the horse stall, with a gun raised in his hand.

Mick had somehow painfully made it through the woods to the barn and when he heard the argument between Sam and Bryant coming from inside, despite being in bad shape, he made his way around the back to the window and slowly climbed his way inside once he saw that it was clear. Then, he crept over toward the horse stall and saw that Lance was holding his own gun against Gina's temple and was about to fire.

Mick knew that he had to do something, or his friend was going to die. It was then that he saw the partially covered gun on the ground. Everyone was too focused on Gina and Lance to notice him as he weakly stood and took aim at Bryant. Despite the urge to kill the man, he needed to save him if he could.

Sam smiled, happy to see his friend again, but the happiness was short lived as Mick collapsed to the floor. Sam rushed over to catch him as he did so, followed by Beth. Jon ran over to help Gina with their killer, who was now thrashing around yelling and screaming, after seeing that Mick was still alive and had escaped.

Sam caught Mick before his head hit the ground and held his friend in his arms. Sam called out to him, pleading for him to keep fighting, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as Mick slowly fell unconscious. As Beth knelt down beside them, she straightened out Mick's legs and began to look over his chest at the knife wound and saw the burn marks left behind after being electrocuted.

Sam quickly shouted, "Call for the medics, now and get that dirtbag out of here! We need blankets and the first aid kit, quickly."

Jon and Gina pulled Bryant up off the floor and handed him off to the officers, who had stayed behind with them. Then, Jon quickly picked up one of the bags they had carried with them as the two of them rushed over to join their friends. Beth used the satellite phone to call for the medics.

"There's a helicopter on its way that will medevac Mick to the hospital," Beth said after a few minutes. "There's nowhere for the chopper to land, so it will be a tricky evacuation, but we'll do it. I've called Garcia to tell her to guide them here to our coordinates."

"Good," Sam replied as he kept his eyes trained on Mick, while both Prophet and Gina pulled out the first aid kit and began to work on their fallen teammate. "Stay with us, Mick!"

Prophet worked on cleaning the knife wound and keeping pressure on it so that he wouldn't bleed out so fast, as Gina worked on taking care of his hands and wrists and said softly, "Please, tell me he's going to make it, Sam."

Cooper looked up at the rest of his team and answered, "He'll make it. I made him promise that he wouldn't quit until I gave him permission to."

The leader of the team put on a brave face for his friends, but deep down, he wasn't sure that he believed that his friend could pull through. Though his skin was cold to the touch, his fever was raging and he could feel his body shaking uncontrollably in his arms. He wasn't sure how much longer he could fight before his body would shut down on him, despite his strong will to survive. He's been through Hell for over three days.

"Mick still owes me twenty bucks from dinner the other night," Prophet added in order to try to lighten the mood, if only for a second. "He's not going anywhere."

After they had taken care of his wounds the best they could and covered him up with the blankets they had brought with them, the team sat beside their friend in silence and waited impatiently for the medics to arrive. After a while, they could finally hear the sound of the helicopter in the distance.

Beth and Prophet stood and exited the barn as the helicopter hovered overhead. As they looked up to see what they planned to do, they watched as two paramedics were lowered down slowly. Once they reached the ground, they quickly unhooked themselves from the harnesses and Prophet guided them over to Mick.

While the two medics worked on their friend, everyone else stood and stepped away from him in order to give them room. Sam was hesitant, but he knew that Mick needed them to do their job without him in their way. Within twenty minutes, two more paramedics walked in carrying a stretcher.

"He's going to be all right now, Sam," Beth said gently as she walked over to stand by her mentor. "Though he didn't get to finish what he was trying to say to you over the phone the other day, I think that he was trying to say that he wouldn't let you down. I listened to the conversation later on. I know that you're being brave for us, but I think that you're the one who needs someone to tell you that he'll pull through. Don't worry."

"Thank you, Beth," Cooper replied. "You're right."

The paramedics finally finished loading Mick securely onto the stretcher and carried him outside to be loaded inside the helicopter. As the last paramedic secured her harness to be brought back up, she stepped over to Sam and his teammates to let them know that another helicopter was coming for them.

About an hour later, Sam, Beth, Jon, and Gina arrived at the hospital where Mick had been brought. The officers and the team's killer were escorted from the woods as well and brought to the prison where Lance Bryant would remain until he was sentenced.

The RED CELL team waited impatiently in the waiting room for the doctors to come out to inform them of how their friend was doing. Sam kept pacing back and forth, as the others remained seated with their heads down. It had been over six hours since they had all arrived and there was no word on his condition. Each of them, because of their line of work, knew that the longer it took for the doctors to come out, the more difficult it was for them to get a patient stabilized.

Finally, a doctor approached them and they stood as he said, "I am sorry that it has taken so long. The injuries that your friend sustained were quite serious. I'm afraid that he is in critical condition, but I promise we are doing everything we can for him."

Sam asked, "What can you tell us? We need to know everything. Will he be all right?"

"It is too soon to say if he's going to pull through," the doctor replied sympathetically. "As I said, his injuries are severe. His heart stopped twice on the operating table, but thankfully we managed to revive him. His hands, wrists, and arms are severely cut up and bruised and we found multiple slivers embedded in them that we had to remove. He has sustained multiple blows to his head, causing a major concussion, his face, and his chest, causing several of his ribs to break or fracture. As for the worst of his injuries; the knife wound in his abdomen has become severely infected, causing his extremely high fever. The wound was deep, but we repaired the damage as best as we could. He was lucky that no vital organs were hit. Finally, there are burn marks on his chest from the wires he was electrocuted with. The electrocution caused damage to his lungs and his heart, that will cause major scarring, but we believe that if he survives, the scarring will not prevent him from functioning normally after he recovers. We've given him antibiotics to help lower his fever and bandaged up his wounds. We're doing all we can for him, I promise."

"Thank you, doctor," Sam responded. "Can we see him?"

The doctor answered, "He's being moved to a private room inside the ICU ward. Once we have him settled in, I'll send a nurse out to escort you there. Normally, we only allow one visitor at a time, but under the circumstances, I can see that having you all there will help him in his recovery. We'll talk again soon."

Sam looked back at his teammates and watched as Gina turned and walked out of the waiting room. Sam ran out after her, as the others walked over to a table to get a coffee. It has been a long four days and their worries were not over.

As Sam caught up to Gina, he found her standing outside the hospital, crying softly. He walked over to her and gently put a hand on her shoulder. Gina quickly wiped the tears away as she turned to face Sam, but she didn't speak right away.

Sam spoke up first as he asked, "You're upset about what happened between you and Bryant, aren't you?"

She nodded her head as she answered, "Yes. I thought that when that shot went off, I was dead. Bryant had the gun pointed right at my head and the gun was cocked. Mick saved my life, despite the hell he's been through. He willingly allowed himself to be buried alive, in order to protect us. I saw the videos, but after seeing him tonight and after hearing the doctor explain all of his injuries, Sam, how did he manage to save us after all of that?"

"Mick's got amazing strength," Sam replied. "It wasn't just his skills as a sniper that drew me to placing him on our team. He's the bravest man I know. You cannot blame yourself for letting our UNSUB get the drop on you. It could have happened to all of us. We found Mick and he's going to be all right. We all are. Now, let's get back inside. It's our turn to give Mick our strength to help him get through this."

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