Chapter 18


Chapter Eighteen

Mick read a few more articles in the paper before he finally set it back down on the dresser and then started to drift off to sleep. However, he was interrupted by a doctor as he came into the room and began to look over the fluids that were being pumped into his system. After a few minutes, the man pulled out a syringe from his pocket and squirted a bit of the liquid out before injecting it into one of the tubes in Mick's arms.

Mick was about to say something, but as the doctor reached up to inject the needle into the tube, he noticed the handle of a gun sticking out of the man's pants. Mick knew this man was not a doctor and that whatever he was about to inject into his system wasn't antibiotics to help him heal, but some kind of fatal drug instead.

The stranger stuck the needle into the tube and began to pump whatever was in it. Without thinking, Mick quickly reached out to grab a hold of one of the poles that held some of the fluids and with as much strength as he had, swung it at his attacker. As the man was caught off guard, Mick ripped the tubes from both of his arms and pushed himself from his bed and down onto the floor.

Mick's arms were bleeding from the tubes being ripped out and the strength he used to move the pole was now gone. Mick could hardly move as he struggled with just trying to remain conscious.

Once his attacker got his balance back, the man pulled his gun from his pants and aimed it at Mick's head. Just as he was about to fire, the man was suddenly tackled by Sam, who went on to fight the guy until Sam had him in a chokehold and he could no longer breathe. Beth begged Sam to let the man go before he killed him, while Gina and Prophet quickly rushed to help Mick. As Gina held him up against her chest, Prophet quickly ran to the bathroom to grab a couple of towels to wrap around Mick's wrists in order to stop the bleeding, at least until the real doctors and nurses came in to re-bandage his arms.

Once Sam got control over his anger, he shoved Mick's attacker down to the floor and roughly handcuffed his wrists around one of the legs of the hospital bed. Beth ran out of the room to get a doctor, while Sam left the stranger cuffed to the bed to join Mick, who was breathing hard and kept his eyes closed tightly against the agonizing pain that flared up even stronger than what it was when he first woke up earlier.

"Hang on, the doctor will be here in a minute," Sam said as he placed one hand around Mick's neck in a supporting manner and the other on the side of his face.

"I'll be all right!" Mick responded harshly as he finally regained control over the pain. "No more doctors."

Gina quickly replied, "You need a doctor to help you, Mick. You're hurt pretty bad. Coop, what on earth just happened? What did Penelope say that made you realize that Mick was still in danger?"

As Beth came back into the room, followed by a doctor and a nurse, everyone except Gina moved aside to let them help their friend while Sam answered, "She called to warn us that Bryant somehow posted another blog to his site, saying that he would pay anyone $500,000 if they are successful in finishing Mick off."

"He put a hit out on Mick's head?" Beth asked in shock. "He just won't quit!"

"Garcia also said that there have been thousands, if not millions, of people reading his site because of how popular the media has made this story," Sam added.

Jon responded, "Which means that anyone could attack Mick at any time. What are we going to do? We can't stay here at the hospital with him every minute of every day and we certainly can't trust any doctors, nurses, or even security officers to protect him."

Sam looked down at Mick and then replied, "Then, we'll have to bring him somewhere where we can protect him. Mick, do you think you're up to being moved to a safer place?"

"If it means getting out of here, I'm up for anything," Mick answered. "But I can take care of myself."

"I have no doubt you'll be able to before too long, but allow us to take care of you now," Sam stated. "How is he doctor?"

"He belongs here in the hospital," the man still kneeling in front of Mick responded. "He's in no condition to be moved."

Beth spoke up saying, "I don't like it either, Doctor, but we don't have a choice. He's not safe here and we won't trust anyone else besides the four of us to protect him."

As the doctor and nurse finished bandaging Mick's arms, the man stood up in front of Beth and said, "You're going to need the medical supplies and the proper antibiotics if you go against my better judgment. His knife wound can become re-infected and if that happens, his fever will come back again."

Mick shook his head and replied, "No drugs. I'll be fine as I said earlier. If I'm going to make it through this mess, I need to be fully alert. I won't be helpless!"

"All right then," Sam answered as he smiled and admired Mick's stubbornness. "Get him fit for travel the best you can. We'll leave as soon as I have a little chat with our fake doctor here."

"We know why he tried to kill, Mick," Prophet responded. "What more do you think he can tell us?"

Sam knelt down in the attacker's eyesight and as if expecting him to answer asked, "We know you're not a real doctor because you wouldn't have felt you needed the gun. You would have been perfectly confident just with injecting the drug into his system. How did you expect to get paid if you were successful?"

The man replied, "I want a lawyer. I know my rights."

"No lawyer can protect you now," Sam answered as he turned back to his team. "Call the police to have them take this thug to where he belongs. Once we get out of here, I'll give Penelope a call to see if she can give us any more information about the hit. Then, I want to go have a chat with Lance himself. Beth and I will take a helicopter down there, while Prophet, I want you and Gina to stay with Mick."

"You've got it!" Gina responded.

Prophet nodded and said, "Give him hell for me."

Sam replied, "You know I will!"

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