Chapter 20


Chapter Twenty

The next morning, Sam, Mick, Gina, Beth, and Prophet all sat around the conference table inside their headquarters, while speaking with Penelope and Kevin on their video screen. Sam tried to convince Mick that it would be better for him to stay behind until this was over, but he wouldn't listen. Everyone could see that Mick was beginning to get worse despite the aspirin he took and that he hasn't been sleeping for more than a half hour at a time, but Mick refused to lie in bed while the rest of his friends worked to find the people who were trying to kill him.

Sam spoke up first as he asked, "Have you found anything useful for us, Penelope? We could use anything to help us end this once and for all."

Penelope answered, "Well, it turns out that those who decided to take Bryant's offer for the money were required to post their information, as well as proof that the deed has been done, to his site in order to get paid."

"Information, you mean their bank account information to make the exchange?" Prophet asked.

"Yes, that's right," Garcia replied. "Their bank numbers were required first and then, if Bryant was satisfied with the proof of Mick being killed, he supposedly would have routed the $500,000.00 into their account."

Beth responded, "Then, those who are trying to kill Mick are required to video record their kill so that Lance could have the sick satisfaction of watching him die once and for all. But his attacker at the hospital didn't have a video camera or recorder of any kind on him."

Gina added, "Which means he had an accomplice, who got away. How could we have missed him?"

"There are a number of ways he could have been recording the fight and slipped out unnoticed," Sam said. "The hospital became pretty chaotic once the attack took place. Garcia, can you track down those who have responded to the hit?"

"It wasn't easy because each of their responses and information were heavily encrypted, but between the two of us, we managed," Kevin answered. "We've got three others who responded to the hit, but chances are the accomplice at the hospital probably isn't one of them. He may try to finish what his friend started."

Beth responded, "We'll have to worry about that later. Do you have addresses for the others?"

Penelope replied, "Of course! Who do you take me for?"

"Send the information to our phones," Sam said. "Thanks again you two. Keep digging and let us know what you find. We want anything and everything."

"You've got it, my Darlings!" Penelope answered. "Just take care of yourselves, especially you, Mick."

Mick nodded and softly responded, "Thank you, Penelope! And congratulations to you both!"

Garcia nodded and said, "Thank you, My Dear!"

Beth turned off the video screen as Sam said, "All right, we've got a few addresses. I want these men and women taken down before they even make an attempt to kill Mick. Gina and Beth, you're with me. We're going to go after them, with help from SWAT. Prophet, I want you to take Mick back to my apartment."

"Coop, I'm coming…" Mick began to say as they all stood to leave.

"You are in no shape to bring down anyone, Mick," Sam interrupted. "You are pushing yourself too hard and it is beginning to show. You are not sleeping and you're hardly eating. I never should have agreed to let you come this far. Prophet is taking you back and you are going to take it easy. Let us do our jobs and protect you. We will end this. You'll be free soon enough, I promise."

"Fine," Mick said solemnly. "Just promise me that you will take care of yourselves. I'd rather be dead than live knowing that any of you died trying to keep me safe. After what happened to Gina because of Lance, I can't…"

Sam looked in awe at his friend and replied, "So that's what all this is about? You're not just refusing to take care of yourself in order to be stubborn. You're trying to make sure we are taken care of. You don't have to do this, Mick. We'll be all right."

Mick was about to say something in response as they stepped outside the building, but before he could, a shot was fired from a distance hitting Mick square in the chest, causing him to fall back against both Sam and Prophet. Beth and Gina pulled out their guns and surrounded their teammates, as Sam and Jon quickly dragged Mick back inside the building. Other agents and police officers in the area began to run around looking for the shooter, while Mick's teammates stayed behind with him.

All of them believed the worst, when Mick struggled to breathe, but as Sam ran his hands across Mick's chest to find the entry wound, he found that the bullet had been stopped by a bullet proof vest. Despite the pain from the force of the bullet, Mick finally opened his eyes and smiled.

"You clever fool!" Sam said as he chuckled. "You figured someone would try to kill you if you stepped out in public."

"You said back in the beginning to trust my instincts," Mick replied. "I insisted that I come along because I had a feeling that someone would try and at least then, we could get at least one of the scumbags."

Beth responded, "You do realize that he or she could have taken a head shot, don't you?"

Mick turned to look at her and answered, "I never said it was the brightest idea, but these people trying to kill me are not smart enough to think these attempts all the way through. The guy at the hospital should have waited until I was asleep and all of you had actually left. This guy here, the trajectory of the bullet came from the roof of the restaurant directly across the street, where there are a number of officers eating an early lunch. Now that everyone is searching for him, he won't get far. I don't know about the others, but since we've got a lead on them, they shouldn't be too hard to find either. The one we are going to have a hard time finding is the accomplice of the guy at the hospital. He managed to slip by everyone in the chaos because he was cautious."

"I think your right," Sam replied. "How are you feeling, really?"

"I feel like I should take it easy," Mick responded. "You can take it from here. Just be careful."

Gina answered, "We will. You go get some rest."

As his team helped Mick stand, Sam turned to Prophet and said, "Take him back to my place and make sure he sleeps. I don't care how you do it, even if it means you have to drug him."

"I don't think that will be a problem," Jon replied as he looked over at her friend and saw how exhausted Mick had become. "He'll be out before we even make it there. Just find these scumbags before any of them try again. Hopefully, this ghost from the hospital will back off when he sees that everyone else is done for."

"I agree," Sam responded.

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