Chapter 21


Chapter Twenty-One

Sam, Gina, and Beth worked together with other officers and members from SWAT in order to bring down the others who had posted a response to Bryant's hit on Mick, thanks to the information sent to them from Penelope and Kevin. Within a couple of hours, they had managed to capture two of the three hit men.

Sam had finally managed to tackle their first suspect, who was the shooter outside of their headquarters, as he tried to climb a fence at the end of a long chase. During the chase, Sam's cell phone rang at least twice, but he chose to ignore the calls in order to finish the task at hand. The second hit man wasn't home, but after a bit more digging from Garcia, they had tracked him down at his workplace. He tried to put up a fight, but after Sam, Gina, and Beth pulled out their guns and aimed them directly at his head, he gave himself up because he wasn't willing to die for anything.

The team was now currently on their way to capture their third hitter, who was turning out to be the most difficult to track down, since he was not at home, or at his workplace. Beth called Garcia to see if she could locate any of his known associates, hoping that they would find him among them. Finally after a few hours, they tracked him down to a bar owned by an old friend, where he spent a majority of his time playing poker with a group of high stake players.

Sam ordered the officers to wait outside all of the doors in case their suspect tried to run, while he and his teammates went in to apprehend their hitter, hoping to avoid a fire fight. They didn't want to risk any civilians getting hurt.

Sam, Gina, and Beth entered the bar cautiously and after a few minutes of talking with the bartender, whom they eventually had to bribe in order to get the information, they were eventually led to a private room in the back where their suspect sat with four other guys around a poker table. The man chose not to put up a fight when he saw that there was nowhere for him to run and certainly no way to fight off three armed FBI agents. The accomplice from the hospital was the only threat to Mick left.

As Sam, Beth, and Gina watched the card player get put into the car that would transport him to prison, Sam suddenly remembered he had received a call earlier. When he pulled out his phone to see who had called, he noticed that it was Prophet and that he had called a few other times as well. For Prophet to have called as many times as he had, Sam knew that something was wrong.


Mick carefully climbed into the passenger's side of their SUV, as Prophet got into the driver's seat and took off toward Sam's apartment once again. Prophet looked over at his partner and found that he was fully aware of his surroundings despite the pain that he must be feeling.

Mick could feel Jon watching him as he finally spoke up saying, "I'm fine, Mate. I'll be happy when this is all over, if only to feel relieved not to have all of you staring at me as if I were a leper anymore and not to have to watch my back twenty-four seven."

Prophet chuckled and replied, "I'm sorry, Man! I think I'd feel the same way if I were in your shoes. How are you doing?"

"As I said, I'm all right now," Mick answered. "Not that I would want to run a marathon, but I'm good."

"I am sure…" Prophet began to say as he looked over at Mick again after stopping at a red light.

However, before Prophet could finish, Mick suddenly shouted, "Prophet, look out!"

Mick looked over toward his friend just in time to see a blue pick-up truck coming straight at them. Mick shouted to warn his friend, but there was nothing either one of them could do in order to avoid being hit as it crashed into the backend of their SUV on Jon's side.

The force of the impact caused the SUV to flip over onto its hood as it hit a curb to the right side of the vehicle and then skidded sideways until it finally stopped after crashing through the wall and glass window of a building across the street. Most of the people around scattered in panic away from the vehicles as the SUV was hit. Others stayed behind to take pictures and videos of the crash. Numerous calls were sent out to 911.

Mick groaned in pain as the truck finally came to a stop. He looked over at his friend in the driver's seat and saw that he had fallen unconscious, probably from hitting his head during the impact of the hit. Mick tried to move to make sure Prophet was all right, but found that his seat belt held him tightly in place.

He reached up to unfasten the belt and after he did so, he fell against the roof, using his arms to take most of the weight from his fall in order to protect his ribs. Mick looked through the smashed windows toward the truck that had hit them and saw two men climbing out and begin to approach the SUV with guns in their hands.

As quickly as he could, Mick moved toward Jon and reached up to unfasten his belt in order to get him down and drag him from the car. As he did so, he felt for a pulse from his friend and when he found that Jon was only out cold due to a small gash in his forehead, he felt relief. However, the relief quickly faded when all of a sudden several bullets slammed into the SUV just above their heads. Mick kept low as he shouted for the civilians, who were still scurrying around, to run.

He grabbed Jon's cell phone and hit the speed dial to call Sam and his other teammates for help. When Sam didn't answer his phone, he slammed it closed. Mick suddenly reached down to pull Prophet's gun from his holster and fired several shots of his own toward the men, while staying behind the wrecked vehicle for protection as they slowly moved toward them and kept on firing shots. However, he knew he would have to move before they reached them, or he and his friend were going to die.

Mick quickly lay down on the ground and fired another round of shots at his attackers through the shattered windows of the SUV. Thanks to his sniper abilities, two of the bullets hit one of them, once in the shoulder and the other in the chest.

As the other stopped firing to help his accomplice, Mick used the distraction to rise and wrap Prophet's arm around his shoulders so that he could get him someplace to hide until the rest of their team or the police came to help. Mick didn't have a lot of strength, but he used his fear and adrenaline in order to do what he had to do to protect his friend. However, he knew that eventually he was going to collapse once again, just like in the woods.

Mick hid it from his friends as best as he could, that the stab wound in his abdomen had become infected and had been since the night before. A fever was once again beginning to rage throughout his body and he could feel it getting worse, the longer he forced his body to push past his limit.

Mick dragged Jon into the building their vehicle had crashed through and as fast as he could, went to the back door. Just as he was about through the door, several bullets slammed into the door directly above his head and behind his shoulder. As the door closed behind him, Mick saw he was in an alley and continued to run past a couple of dumpsters and a stairwell.

The shooter exited the back door of the building right behind them, but he moved more cautiously, after seeing how good of a shot his target was. He knew that if he was going to kill this man, now was the time to do it, while he was dragging his unconscious friend along and still trying to recover from his ordeal that the hitter had heard all about from the media.

After several more shots were fired from behind him as Mick ran, he finally saw a man exiting double doors of another building to take out some trash and dragged Jon over to him as he shouted for the guy to get back inside. As soon as Mick pulled Prophet inside, he dropped him as gently and quickly to the ground as he could and together with help from the other guy, they used a metal poll nearby to barricade the doors.

As Mick breathed heavily trying to catch his breath, he pulled out the cell phone he had taken from Prophet, handed it to the stranger, and said, "I need you to hit this button to dial our friends. Keep dialing until he answers and when he does tell him to get here as soon as possible. After the car crash and the fire fight, I am sure the police are already on their way as well. We're FBI and I promise you that we will protect you. Just stay with me."

Mick and the stranger could hear several shots being fired from outside the doors and then suddenly stop. The man nodded in response as Mick quickly looked around and pulled Prophet's arm around his shoulders once again. He saw that he was inside a large market and while the man was continuing to dial the phone they walked through several isles while several of the shoppers just stared at them as they passed by. Mick shouted for everyone to leave the store as quick as possible. After a few minutes, Mick finally sank down to the floor near the end of one of the isles, no longer able to continue on.

The stranger knelt down beside him and said, "You don't look very good. Were you hit?"

"No," Mick answered as he leaned over and began to try to rouse his friend. "Come on, Prophet. I need you to wake up right now. We're in real trouble. I need you to…"

Suddenly he and the grocer heard shots fired and the windows in the front of the market shatter. People began to scream and rush out the front door and through the windows, while the shooter ignored them as he walked past them and slowly began to walk around in search for his target.

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