Chapter 22


Chapter Twenty-Two

Mick continued to try to wake his friend, but when shaking him didn't work, Mick tapped his face several times and finally slapped him. As Prophet finally woke, he quickly looked around and saw Mick and a stranger, but before he could say anything, another shot was fired from behind them.

As he struggled to breathe, Mick said, "I'm sorry about the slap, Mate, but we're in a lot of trouble. I had to wake you. There's too much to explain, right now. One of Bryant's hit men is in the store looking for us right now. It appears he's got lots of ammo and you're running out. You have to…have…"

Before Mick could finish, he drifted into unconsciousness as Prophet reached over to his friend and cried, "Mick! Mick!"

"Your friend's pretty sick," the grocer stated while Prophet picked up his gun from Mick's slack hand and held it against his chest as he lifted himself up to a kneeling position in order to keep an eye out for the shooter.

"What happened?" Jon asked the stranger. "Where are we?"

The stranger answered, "He dragged you in here while you were unconscious in order to hide from that maniac out there destroying my store. He said something about a car crash and ordered me to keep dialing your other friends. I don't know! Where are the police?"

Prophet reached up to touch where the pain in his head was and when he pulled his hand away, he saw blood and realized that he must have a gash on his forehead, obviously from when the crash happened. He didn't remember anything except for Mick shouting at him to look out and then nothing. He knew he must have fallen unconscious after being hit.

"The police should be here any minute," Prophet replied as he looked down at his friend and then continued to look out for the shooter as he could hear the shots growing closer. "Keep dialing."

It was then that several police cars surrounded the market, as the officers rushed toward the entrance. However, they stopped when they saw the shooter grab a hold of one of the shoppers by her hair. The woman fell to the ground and had frozen in fear once the shooting began.

The shooter fired several shots at the police as they tried to get closer, but they backed off and remained outside as the shooter threatened to kill his hostage, as well as any others who were still inside the market. He continued to walk slowly through the isles in search for his original target, as he kept his eyes on the officers and his gun trained on the woman's head.

"I've got 'em!" the grocer suddenly shouted as someone on the other end of the cell phone finally answered.

Prophet grabbed the phone and held it up to his ear as he said, "Sam, please tell me that it's you, Man!"

Sam shouted into the phone as he heard a shot being fired in the background from wherever Prophet was calling, "Prophet! What's going on? Where are you?"

"We're in some market..." Jon began to respond. "It's the large one down the street from your apartment. There are a dozen police officers surrounding it now. You can't miss it. One of Bryant's hit men is in here trying to kill Mick, who's really sick and out cold. You have to get here now!"

"We're on our way," Sam answered as calmly as he could. "Just hold on and do whatever you can to protect yourselves and anyone else there."

Prophet closed the phone and slid it back into his pocket as he slowly rose to try to see where the shooter was from above one of the shelves. As soon as he did so, a shot was fired, hitting one of the cereal boxes right next his head.

The hit man was at the end of a row, several rows over and when he saw Prophet put his head up, he quickly aimed his gun at him and fired. Now that he knew where the man was, who was trying to protect his target, he slowly moved toward them, while still holding onto the woman in order to protect himself. He knew that the agent wouldn't fire on him as long as he used her as a shield.

The officers outside had called SWAT for snipers in hopes that they could take the shooter out without any of the hostages getting killed. They didn't know how many people were still inside and they had no idea that two of them were agents with the FBI.

As soon as the hit man fired the shot toward his head, Prophet quickly ducked back down. He quickly told the grocer to run down to the opposite end of the isle, as low to the ground as possible so that he wouldn't end up in the shooter's line of fire. It was then that he realized how he was going to have to take the man out, but it was risky and if he failed, Mick was dead.

The hit man continued to cautiously walk toward the isle where he had seen the agent and when he finally rounded the corner, he found the agent he had been hunting, unconscious on the floor. His friend however was nowhere in sight. He took one look around him and then aimed the gun directly at Mick.

Suddenly, Prophet jumped out from behind him before he could take the shot and knocked the gun from his hand as he kneed him in the back. The woman quickly pulled away from the shooter as he was distracted with the fight and then ran toward the policemen waiting outside.

Both Prophet and the hit man fought hard as they threw several punches at each other. After a few minutes, Jon managed to knock the man to the floor, but the guy knocked his legs out from under him, causing him to fall to the floor as well. It was then that they both saw Jon's gun and tried to reach for it.

Despite Prophet's efforts to overpower the man, he couldn't and was suddenly knocked hard in the same spot as the gash on his head. The hit didn't knock him out, but it was hard enough to make him dizzy and the dizziness lasted long enough for the hit man to grab the gun, and once again take aim at Mick.

"No!" Prophet shouted as a shot was fired.

However, the shot didn't come from his gun in the hit man's hand. It was in that moment that the man slowly looked down at his chest as red blossomed out onto his shirt over his chest. The look on his face was the look of shock and sudden pain, as the man slowly collapsed to the floor, dead. Prophet looked to see where the shot had come from and when he did, he saw Sam standing there with his gun raised. Beth and Gina stood directly behind him, with their guns drawn as well.

Prophet never felt more relieved to see his teammates, than he did in that moment. However, he quickly shoved the relief aside and crawled over to Mick to feel for his pulse, as Sam and the girls knelt down beside him to help. Sam put a hand on his face and to feel how hot he was as he could see that he was burning up. Beth stood quickly as she pulled out her phone to call for an ambulance.

Several of the officers walked into the store and came over to them in order to find out what had just happened. As Prophet and Sam concentrated on taking care of Mick, both Gina and Beth, once she was off the phone, stood in front of the officers to get them to give the others room. Beth assured them that they would find out everything they needed to know soon enough.

As they helped their friend while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Sam saw that Prophet's hands were shaking hard and looked at him as he asked, "Prophet, are you all right?"

Prophet replied angrily, "No, I'm not! I almost got Mick killed. I left him alone and defenseless in order to tackle that scumbag from behind. I couldn't shoot him because he was holding a woman in front of him. He overpowered me. If you didn't come when you did, he would have killed Mick."

"We protect each other as a team," Sam responded somberly. "You did everything you could and Mick is still alive. This isn't your fault. Now, what happened here?"

"I wish I could tell you," Jon answered. "I was driving Mick back to your apartment and when I stopped at a red light, he suddenly shouted at me to look out. There was some kind of car crash. The next thing I know, I am waking up here in this market beside Mick and some clerk, with this gash on my head. Mick tried to explain a few things before he passed out. The clerk said that he had dragged me in here, while being chased by the shooter. He's in bad shape, Cooper."

Sam put his hand on Prophet's head near the gash and said, "He was protecting you until you came to. He'll be all right, just like before and when he is, we'll have to teach him not to push himself beyond his limit."

Prophet chuckled and replied, "It's what we do in our line of work. You couldn't stop him any more than we could stop you. Please tell me you guys caught everyone else trying to kill him. He needs to stay in the hospital this time until he's fully recovered."

"We got them," Sam answered. "And I'll bet if Garcia does some digging into the hospital surveillance tapes, we'll find that our dead guy here is the accomplice we've been searching for. This case is finally over."

Inside a hospital room…

For six days now, Mick lay in a hospital bed inside a private room. He had come in and out of consciousness for the last two days, but hadn't fully woken up. As he finally did, he found Sam, Beth, Prophet, Gina, Penelope, and another guy holding her hand, who he assumed must be Kevin, all sitting in chairs beside him, watching over him to make sure he was finally safe.

As Sam saw that Mick was trying to remember things, he spoke up saying, "All of the hit men Bryant sent after you are now in prison, except for the shooter at the market. He's dead. You're going to be all right now."

Mick softly responded, "I know. What happened? Everything is kind of hazy."

"You saved my life when you dragged me from the SUV and into the market," Prophet answered. "I don't know how you did it, but I owe you."

"It turns out that the guy chasing you was the guy we thought was the accomplice at the hospital," Beth said. "However, the fake doctor was the accomplice instead. The shooter was one of Todd Bryant's friends, who was also a member of the Special Forces. Lance hired him to go after you as a favor and he hired himself some help to track you down."

Gina continued, "According to the fake doctor, who decided to rat his boss out for a deal by the way, the soldier told him to go into your hospital room to plant a camera in order to film your death for Lance. However, he got greedy when he learned of the $500,000 reward and tried to kill you himself. He told us that his boss planned to kill you some other way. He didn't elaborate."

Kevin spoke up saying, "Dude, you are totally my new hero. You are awesome after everything you've done! I mean…"

"Mick, I'd like to introduce you to my fiancé, Kevin," Penelope said as she and the others laughed. "He's a bit of a geek when it comes to superheroes and guys like you, who totally kick butt."

"I see," Mick replied. "It's a pleasure to meet you and congratulations, to both of you again!"

Penelope nodded her head as if she bowed as she responded, "Why, thank you, Handsome!"

Mick looked at Sam and asked, "So, it's really over, then? Once I am released from the hospital, things will finally be back to normal?"

"You'll have to take it easy for a while, but once Director Fickler declares you fit for field duty, things will be back to the way they should be," Sam answered.

"I am sure he and Strauss especially, weren't too happy that you all took time off in order to protect me all this time," Mick said half jokingly.

His teammates smiled as Prophet responded, "Fickler eventually understood why; Strauss, not so much. She's a bit ticked off with Cooper right now."

Everyone laughed and after a few more minutes, as his team shared a few of the things he missed while he was in the hospital, Mick finally began to fall asleep because of the drugs still in his system. The pain was still there, but he was finally beginning to heal and knew that nothing was going to keep him from doing so again.

The girls each leaned down to give Mick a kiss on his cheek, while Prophet and Kevin gently shook his hand. Then, together the four of them turned and walked out of the room in order to give Sam a few minutes alone with him.

Sam leaned down and patted Mick gently on his shoulder as he said, "I don't want you to keep blaming yourself for what happened anymore. You should be proud of yourself for everything you've accomplished. Just promise me that you won't ever do it again."

"Thank you, Coop," Mick answered softly. "Thank you for everything."

Sam smiled, as did Mick. Then, Sam turned and left the room to join his other friends. Things definitely were going to be getting back to normal very soon and he couldn't wait. All they had left to do with this case was testify against Lance Bryant to make sure justice would be served, not only for Mick, but also for the number of people he hurt and killed. In the end, his team won.

Three months later, inside a courtroom…

"Mr. Donovan, will you call on your final witness please?" a judge asked as he looked around the room.

"Thank you, Your Honor," the prosecutor replied. "I'd like to call, Special Agent Mick Rawson to the stand."

As the man standing in the front of the room said this, the doors in the back opened to reveal Mick, who began to walk toward the box next to the judge's seat. As he arrived, Mick turned to face the court and saw his friends and teammates smiling at him from the audience in front of him.

The bailiff walked up to Mick with a Bible in hand and as Mick raised his right hand and placed his left over the book, the man asked, "Do you, Agent Rawson, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"

Mick softly smiled as he answered, "I do."

The End

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