Chapter 4


Chapter Four

Sam, Mick, and Detective Daniels arrived back at the police station and found that the rest of team and Detective Franklin had yet to come back from talking to the other victims' friends and families.

So, while they waited, Sam and Mick began to write out the new information that they had received on the dry erase boards that they had placed in the front of the main room of the station. Captain Grayson walked over to them, hoping to gain some more information about their killer.

Sam replied to the captain saying, "We'll be able to give you and the rest of your men a full profile on our UNSUB once the rest of our team comes back. They may have some important information to add and it will much easier to tell everyone all at once, rather than give a little at a time."

Mick added, "The point of a profile is to allow everyone working on this case to learn everything that we can about the killer, as well as the victims, in order to determine our killer's traits and whereabouts. It saves time and trouble if we are all on the same page."

The captain nodded and stood back to read the details that were written up on the boards, while Sam and Mick turned around in order to talk quietly amongst themselves. Detective Daniels walked over and stood next to Captain Grayson.

While they waited for the others to return, Sam and Mick observed the men and women who worked throughout the station, including the captain and Detective Daniels. Sam noticed that the detective who had gone with them to the latest crime scene seemed nervous or upset about something.

"Do you see Daniels' nervousness?" Sam asked Mick quietly so that no one else could hear them.

"Yeah, I do," Mick answered. "He's obviously hiding something. He may be the one that our killer's after. Something could have triggered the realization that these messages were written to him."

Sam nodded and then responded, "You may be right, but it could also mean something else. Keep your eyes on him, just in case. Once we finish the profile, we are going to ask each of the detectives, the captain, and anyone else who works here, if anything stands out to them. Observe their reactions. If any of them suspect that our killer is after them, their reactions might give them away."

Mick turned to look at his friend and replied, "You got it."

It was then that Prophet, Gina, and Beth walked in, followed by Detective Franklin. They walked over to Sam and Mick and as the girls wrote their information down on the boards, Jon began to explain what they had learned.

He said, "There was nothing new that we have learned from our interviews with their friends and families that links our victims together in any way. However, we did learn from one of the guys that we talked to, who was a friend to one of the young couples that were killed a few days ago, that they had gone to a street carnival together the night before they were killed. While they were there, a man bumped into the couple and just walked away without saying a word."

Gina continued, "He said that they didn't think anything of it until they reached their cars and discovered that their keys were gone and that his friends never once took out their keys while they were there, so there was no way that they had left them somewhere."

"He seemed to believe that the guy was a pickpocket and had stolen their keys to get into their home, but they never reported it to anyone because they had an extra set of keys," Beth added. "The guy said that they were planning on changing the locks and getting another set of keys two days later because the next day was a Sunday. This explains how our UNSUB was able to get in without breaking in."

"Did your witness give you a description of the guy who bumped into him at all?" Sam asked.

Beth nodded her head and responded, "Yeah, he said that he was the guy was wearing a baseball cap that covered his face so he couldn't see what he looked like, but he did say that he knew the guy was pretty tall and white. It doesn't really help us to narrow it down much."

Mick looked at Coop and replied, "Two witnesses at our crime scene gave the same description of a guy who bumped into them at the mall, before discovering that one of the latest victims' had lost their wallet, except they also said that he was somewhat muscular. It still doesn't really narrow our search down much. "

"Perhaps he somehow managed to pickpocket all of our victims before he killed them," Jon said. "None of the homes were broken into. Our killer is very clever."

"No he isn't," Coop replied. "He's only very skilled. If he were clever, he never would have killed anyone. Chances are, with a sadistic such as this guy, we are going to have to kill him in order to bring him down. Murderers never think everything through to the consequences of their actions. If they did, then I have to believe that there would be less killing."

"Coop's right," Mick agreed. "Our UNSUB is obviously doing these killings in order to draw out one person in order to kill him for revenge. He is pretty stupid to believe that killing several people is worth it just to kill one person."

Once they were finished talking, they gathered the precinct together in the main room and went on to give their profile on their killer as Beth began, "After looking over the details of the cases that we have been given, we know that our UNSUB has killed a number of people within a two week period, which means this guy is extremely dangerous and angry. He's a spree killer, meaning that he will keep killing, either until we catch him, or killing no longer satisfies him because he has finally decided to go after the target of his anger and then kills himself. The only difference is that he is stalking his victims. He is very careful with leaving nothing behind for us to find that will give us a clue as to who he is."

Mick continued, "He purposely chooses random victims and brings with him various weapons in order to throw us off. The fewer the things that he does the same, the harder it is for us to discover who he is. However, he wants us to know that each of these killings is done by him alone, so he leaves us one clue that links these deaths together; the bloody message on the walls."

"How do we know that different killings are not done by copy cats?" asked Detective Daniels.

"Because the detail about the messages on the walls was left out of the media coverage," Prophet answered. "Good call by the way. Also, each of the victims were killed in their homes and the messages are always the same, in the same place. This is his MO and there is no indication that he has an accomplice."

Finally, Sam said, "He is killing these victims to draw out one final victim, which leads us to believe it may be one of you, since we are the only ones who know about the messages. We need to either find him or find out who this killer's target is, before he decides to pull off his endgame. I'd say that from the rage he shows from his victims so far, his last victim is in serious danger."

Each of the detectives and officers within the precinct dispersed and began to quietly talk amongst themselves. It was then that the RED CELL team noticed Daniels pull Franklin aside and walk to somewhere private. Sam, Mick, and the others slowly followed after them and when they finally found them, they saw that they were arguing. However, as they approached them, Franklin took off running out of the building.

"We got Franklin!" Mick shouted as he and Prophet took off after him down the streets. Sam, Beth, and Gina stayed behind to talk with Daniels, who didn't exactly look too keen on talking with them. He hadn't done anything wrong, but he had recently discovered that his partner had.

Daniels finally spoke up saying, "I'll tell you guys all I know, but I promise you, I had nothing to do with this and I will not go down trying to defend my partner."

Sam replied, "We'll see."

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