Chapter 5


Chapter Five

Gina and Beth pulled Detective Daniels into one of the precinct's interrogation rooms so that they would be able to talk in private. Sam followed after them, but was interrupted as Captain Grayson walked in front of him, demanding to know what was going on.

"We found Detectives Daniels and Franklin arguing and as soon as my team began to walk toward them to find out what the argument was about, Franklin took off running," Sam said. "Mick and Prophet went after him. The rest of my team and I are going to have a talk with Daniels. If he hasn't done anything wrong, then he'll be just fine."

"Detectives Daniels and Franklin are good men," Grayson replied. "I can't believe that either one of them are involved with this psychopath we're after."

Sam held up his hands in order to restrain the captain from following his friends and Daniels in the room and responded, "If that's true, they'll be fine, just as I said. You can watch and listen behind the two-way if you want to, but we need to speak with him without your presence in the room. Daniels may not be so willing to give up what he knows."

Captain Grayson finally nodded and Sam walked into the room and closed the door. He found Daniels sitting in one of the chairs, while Beth and Gina both stood waiting for Sam to ask the questions. Sam took a seat directly across from Daniels and began.

"What is it that you and your partner were arguing about?" he asked. "You said that you are not willing to go down trying to protect Frankiln. Talk to us and we will help you and him if we can."

"Ever since we got assigned to this case, Will has been acting strangely," Daniels answered. "I mean, he's been acting nervous. So, I tried to talk to him a couple of times and he assured me that nothing was going on with him. I didn't believe him and so I started to investigate a little. He started getting these odd phone calls and when he did, he would always sneak off to talk somewhere privately. He never used to do that. So, I had one of our techs get me a copy of his phone records. All of the secret calls were made from a satellite phone. Yesterday, I went to confront him about the calls. I suspected that he was working with the killer."

Sam asked, "What did he tell you?"

Daniels replied, "Nothing. I mean, I didn't get a chance to talk to him. When I went to see him, I overheard him arguing with someone on his phone, but before I could walk over to him, our captain called us both out to explain something about the case."

"What did you overhear Franklin saying?" Beth asked.

"I heard him say something about lying to our captain in order to convince him to call you guys in to help us to solve this case," Tim responded. "He assured whoever he was talking to that your team would be here this afternoon."

Gina looked at Sam and Beth, then back at Daniels as she asked, "You mean that Franklin convinced your captain to call our team in specifically?"

Daniels nodded and said, "When you guys talked about one of us possibly being a target of our killer, I saw Will get really nervous and then he confirmed to me what I was beginning to suspect as we started talking."

"You mean that your partner is working with our UNSUB and that he did all he could to get our team here because one of us is his target," Sam finished for the detective.

"He killed all of those people just to lure one of us out into the open," Beth stated.

"Did you hear Franklin say who it is that he's after?" Sam asked.

Tim answered, "I tried to ask him just before you interrupted us. Will swore to me that he didn't know who the killer is after. I didn't believe him because of all the others lies he's told me in the last few days."

Sam looked over at Gina and Beth and said, "Call Mick and Prophet. Tell them to get back here with Franklin right away. I don't want any of us to go off alone for any reason until we catch this guy."

Gina dialed Prophet's cell and after a minute she said, "Prophet isn't answering."

"Mick isn't answering either," Beth added. "They may still be chasing after Franklin."

"Keep trying to call them," Sam ordered. "I want them back here now!"

"Prophet, thank God!" Gina shouted into her phone as her friend finally answered. "You and Mick need to get back here right away! We just learned that our UNSUB is after one of us. None of us should be alone until he's caught."

Sam and Beth saw Gina suddenly look scared as Prophet said something in response to her plea to get him to come back to the station. Then, she hung up and tried to dial another number, praying that he answered.


Mick and Prophet chased after Franklin as fast as they could, but they soon lost sight of him as he turned a corner. When they came around the corner themselves, they found that the street split two different ways and the detective was nowhere in sight.

"I'll go left, you go right!" Prophet shouted as he headed off in the direction he had just said he would go, while Mick went in the opposite direction.

Prophet ran fast in hope of trying to catch up to the detective, but after a few minutes, he came up to dead end and was about to give up, until he suddenly heard someone come up from behind him. Jon quickly swung around, catching his attacker by surprise and knocked him off his feet. Then, Jon pointed his gun straight at the detective's head. Franklin quickly raised his hands in surprise.

"I give up, don't shoot!" Franklin cried. "I'm sorry. I was only going to knock you out. I didn't want to hurt you. I just can't go back there. I can't go to prison. My family will never forgive me."

"Perhaps you should have thought about that before you did whatever it is that you did," Prophet replied as he pulled his cuffs out from his pants pocket. "Now, put these on and walk in front of me. Our leader's going to have some questions for you."

After Jon put his gun back in its holster and they began walking back toward the station, he quickly pulled out his phone and tried to call Mick in order to tell him that he found Franklin. However, Mick didn't pick up. After a few minutes, Jon tried again, with the same result. Jon saw that Gina had called him a few times while he had been chasing the detective, but he was too busy trying to call Mick afterwards to call her back. It was then that he suddenly received another call from her, so he answered, realizing that whatever she was trying to get ahold of him for must be pretty important.

"Prophet, thank God!" he heard Gina shout. "You and Mick need to get back here right away! We just learned that our UNSUB is after one of us. None of us should be alone until he's caught."

"Mick and I split up to find Franklin," Jon replied. "I've tried to get ahold of him to tell him that I found him, but he isn't answering. I'm on my way back to the station. Once I drop off this dirtbag, we've got to find Mick. Keep trying to call him."

Franklin begged, "He said he'd kill me if I didn't do as he said. I…"

Jon hung up his phone, shoved Franklin forward in order to get him to pick up his pace, and said, "Shut up! You better pray that our friend is all right because if I find out that he's not, I swear to you that I will make you wish that I shot you."

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