Chapter 6


Chapter Six

Mick kept running down the streets in the direction that he took off from, but after about a mile, he finally stopped and took a look at his surroundings. He knew that Detective Franklin must have taken off in the direction that Prophet had gone.

Mick stood there for a few minutes to try to catch his breath. As he did, he pulled out his cell phone and noticed that he had missed several calls in the last ten minutes, since he left the station, from each of his teammates. Mick was about to call Sam back, when he suddenly turned around to see several thugs come from around the corner and start to walk toward him. He kept up his bravado, but inside, Mick knew he was in trouble.

Mick spoke up first saying, "Look boys, you really don't want to do whatever it is you are planning on doing. I'm with the FBI. If you mess with me…"

The man whom Mick figured to be the gang's leader interrupted in a mocking tone, "It looks like we've got ourselves a Brit who thinks the Feds will care about what happens to him. My name's Theo. Tell me, what's yours?"

Mick answered, "My name is of no concern to you, Mate. You really want to fight me? Let's go then. I've got somewhere I've got to be."

"Sorry tough guy, but you don't anymore," Theo responded as he ordered his men to attack.

Mick fought off the thugs as they attacked him and Theo was surprised at the ferocity that the man fought with. He was tougher than he looked, but despite the gang leader's men getting beaten badly, he was enjoying the fight. However, when he saw that they were about to lose, he knew that he needed to bring the Brit down. So, he pulled out a knife and slowly walked over toward him.

Mick was too busy concentrating on the rest of the thugs as they continued to charge at him, that he didn't notice the knife until it was suddenly shoved into his lower abdomen. The pain was agonizing, but it didn't cause him to fall to the ground right away. Mick used what little strength he had left, as he quickly pulled the knife from his wound and thrust it upward and into Theo's chest.

The smirk on Theo's face turned into shock and surprise as he fell down to the ground dead. Mick tried to focus on the rest of the men as they remained, surrounding him and their fallen leader. He knew the fight wasn't over, but he could no longer stay upright as he finally collapsed to the ground. However, he remained conscious as he struggled to fight through the pain.

Two of the gang members both pulled a gun from their pants and aimed them toward Mick to finish him off, until someone suddenly shouted for them to stop as he approached the group. The thugs lowered their weapons, but did not put them away.

One of them spoke up as the new guy joined them and walked toward Mick saying, "This Fed just killed Theo. He deserves to die. Let me finish him off."

The newcomer nodded his head and replied, "You're right. He does deserve to die, but not yet. He's going to suffer for what he's taken from me. Here's the money I promised your friend there."

"For this kind of money, I'm happy with taking over where Theo left off," Theo's right hand responded as the stranger standing near Mick handed over what looked like a large wad of cash. "It's a pleasure doing business with you, Bro."

The gang ran off, leaving their old leader's body on the ground with the knife still sticking out of it. The man, who had paid the thugs to bring Mick down, knelt down over him in order to enter into Mick's eyesight. Mick tried to concentrate on the man's face and it was then that he recognized who their killer was and why he had been the one he had targeted from the beginning.

Back at the Station…

As soon as Prophet returned with Detective Franklin, he handed him off to a few of the officers that worked there and then walked over to where he saw his friends putting on their gear as he asked, "Mick hasn't come back yet? Not even called?"

Sam shook his head and answered, "No, not yet. It appears that Franklin was working with our UNSUB to lure us here because he was after Mick all along. We've got to find him. He may not have come back yet because he ran into some other trouble, but my gut is telling me that that isn't true."

Prophet slammed his fist into the wall as he shouted, "We never should have split up. It was my idea."

Gina walked up to her friend and replied, "This isn't your fault, Prophet. You had no way of knowing that this would happen."

"Gina's right," Beth added. "We didn't think to consider the possibility that one of us could have been his target. We just assumed that it was one of the detectives here."

"Garcia, it's Coop," Sam said as he heard the computer genius pick up after dialing her number. "I need you to do me a favor and track Mick's cell, right now!"

"Is that handsome hottie in trouble?" she asked somberly as she began to type madly on her keyboards.

Sam sighed and responded, "Yeah Penelope, we think he is. I need you to find him. Also, I need you to bring up all of our old cases. Find out if any of our criminals we've put away are out and who might have a grudge against Mick. Work your magic and find us anything that will help us to discover who this monster is."

Penelope worked as fast as she could to track Mick's cell phone as Sam had asked. While she did, Sam, Prophet, Beth, Gina, as well as several other detectives and officers left the station and began their search for their missing friend. Prophet led them to the corner where he and Mick split up and headed in the direction that he had last seen him take off from. Penelope guided them from there.

In about a mile, they came to another street corner and as they moved around it, they all stopped suddenly, then slowly walked over to where a dead body lay alone on the ground, with a knife sticking out of its chest. Mick's cell phone lay on the ground beside it.

The team felt a small relief when they saw that it wasn't Mick who was dead, but the relief didn't last long. It was then that they saw what they dreaded most; a message on the wall of a building nearby from the team's killer, no doubt written in Mick's blood. The message said, "He's Mine Now."

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